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There is one small playground for all grades. Guidance counselors and educational specialists are stretched so thing (1 for 2 schools) that there is virtually no support. Parents are mostly rude, clicky, and judgmental. Bus drivers are unresponsive to feedback.
The administration was unhelpful and difficult to work with. If your child isn't average, they don't have the means to help. If your child is very smart and/or needs extra help, you're on your own. Every child is expected to sit, be quite, and learn the same way, but children don't all learn the same way. Children shouldn't have to conform to one teaching style, schools should work to teach their students in the ways that will benefit them the most.
The nurse was not understanding of my son or any problems he had, which were completely normal run-of-the-mill kid issues. They do require all visitors to sign in and it is not possible to get into the school without going through the main office after morning drop-off.
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My son did OK here, but we moved him to another school where he is doing much better. He didn't get the specialized attention he needed.
The parents are very clicky. I never felt welcomed by many parents. They are very judgmental.
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