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Achievement House Cyber Charter School, is a very nice and breezy home school. If you're looking for less social interaction, and more of an academic focus this school is for you. The teachers are very kind and helpful. They do not mind when you ask questions, they will help. It's a very flexible school.
I liked my excperience at AHCCS because it worked around my schedule. In addition it prepared me for success at pennstate university. I am approaching my second semester of college and couldn't be happier due to the wonderful preparation Achievement house cyber charter gave me.
Cyber school did not set me on the right track to the future.
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The staff, principle, guidance counselors and office staff, at the school center in Chester that I go to are extremely overwhelmed. They have their titles but then find themselves trying to manage the kids because their are so many behavioral issues. But the staff online is great! The counselors and teacher all respond fairly quickly.
There are a few extracurricular activities for my school BUT most are online. They do offer trips and other things, dances here and there, etc, but most of the clubs like prom committee, yearbook, etc, are online.
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