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At Achievement First Hartford High School, they prepare you for college by offering AP classes and gives you load of work. The only problem I had was the behavioural system, but other than that, it's a good school to send your child(ren) to if you want them to be prepared for college.
Achievement First taught me independence and how to be a responsible scholar. Before I came to Achievement first, I never knew what it meant to go to college, I also never knew the importance of college.
My experience with Achievement First has been very good because they help prepare me for college and help me take challenges in my academics. It is easy to build a one on one teacher and students relationship here because the teachers are very friendly and cool, even if your having a bad day and they see you acting not like yourself they check on you to make sure your okay.
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Our school has the best intentions for the students academically. However, it can feel very restricting at times. The teachers do respond to students when they provide feedback but it is always on their terms. In other words, we don't have as much influence over our school culture than we think. It would be nice if we had more of a voice.
One thing I enjoyed about attending Achievement First was the programs that students were sent on every summer. These programs gave us a taste of the college life before we actually went. This allowed students to decide the type of institution they wanted to attend.
Overall, my high school experience at Achievement First went well, however, It wasn't a walk in the park. The Academics were great. Many of the teachers wanted the students to do well. They would constantly push us to try our best, which is one of the many things that I liked.

Attending Achievement First did in fact prepare me for college. Starting in 9th grade we had a large work load. Thus, I was able to manage the work load once I started college. They also taught us to advocate for ourselves, which has helped me in college as well. I take it upon myself to seek help from professors when it is needed. If I had to do it over again, I would still choose to attend Achievement First.
I like the education of achievement first but I dislike how the days are structured. The rules are just a bit to strict for the school itself. The staff members are just to focused on such little things that's not important and its just a waste of time.The school really don't have good clubs and activities because they put a limit on things if they feel its not interesting. I personally feel like they don't really ask much about our opinions.
Achievement First Hartford High is very good academically. However, even though they claim to be a college prep school, there are other schools out there that help you picture yourself as a college applicant with the rest of America, rather than just an applicant with other students at the school. Also, the merit system(detention, deductions) is useful for freshman, but after a while it seems tedious, and frustrating.
Achievement First is mainly know for a schools that provides college readiness education and experience academically. The teachers at our school help provides a community that is supportive and small knit. However, because the school is in a urban community, there is mainly african- americans that attend our schools. And because the government funds our food its terrible
This is my fourth year being in Achievement First and I would say overall, it was an average experience. The academics is very riguous and college level work and former students states that AF really prepare them for college and how to handle the workload. The academics is mainly the great thing about Achievement first. There isn't a wide range of diversity and we don't get enough funds for sports.
Achievement First has been my home for 8 years now. The school's mission is to get as many kids as possible to get to college. I have already been accepted to a 4-year university and I haven't even finished school yet. I believe that if I went to another school in Hartford, a college wouldn't be so clearly envisioned. The school's culture is very liberal and accepting of all people. This accepting nature is shown through the diverse makeup of the staff at Achievement First. I have grown to appreciate all people because I attended Achievement First. Seeing as the school is so accepting, I would recommend Achievement First to all students who want to go to college after high school because the school will ensure that you get there.
What I like about Achievement First Hartford Academy is that this school really pushes you to thrive better, as the classes are rigorous from day one of school, from freshman to senior, it only gets 3x harder from my opinion. And each grade, all you can do is try and compete with your last year self to try and do better. Although we're a public high school, we're one of the few in Hartford that's pre-college based and guarantee a 100% graduation rate into a at least a 2 year college. But because we're in Hartford, majority of our students identify as African-American/Black with a few Latino/Hispanic, but majority of the staff is Caucasian, so we don't really feel a connection between the students and teachers. Also, we're not that well funded so we don't have a lot of clubs/sports, only football with capital prep, volleyball, cheerleading and basketball our school offers. But overall, in my opinion, I think this school is very great because it's student run, so our ideas are heard.
As a 12th grader in this school, it is simply wonderful, as most teachers attempt their best to push students towards learning how to be better people overall, and supportive and give back to their community. There is also an added bonus, of learning how to be a productive scholar, even though one could seem distracted throughout the day, as the school does intent to get us to and through college.
As this is my last year here attending the school, I feel very prepared for college in terms of academics. However, I wish we learned things that conncted to the real world like how we do taxes and things like that. We need more social time as students abrely have that
Achievement First Hartford High is not for everybody. The strict rules keep us responsible and independent. We are so big on college readiness that we have a class dedicated to it. Also our basketball team just won championships in our league.
Achievement First is a place where students of unrepresented backgrounds find their academic potential with each other. There is an emphasis of hard work that helps students find their inner scholar and allows them to excel not only academically but also character wise.
AFHA is a great school because the teachers really care about making sure that you as a student goes to college. All the teachers makes sure that you do not get stuck and will always help you. As well they prepare you for college since it's a college pre school. The teachers are willing to have office hours for students and that so how much the teachers really care because they are not force to stay after school but they choose to because they see hard working students that are not going to giving up with times are diffcult. The connect between students and teachers are great and seeing the bond and getting to know them because in college we as students will need to do but they are getting us the skills to use in college and when we go that we won't be struggling with work load because we seen similar work in high school and it wouldn't be new in college. I had great experience at AFHA and that teachers, staff, and the principal listen to us to help make the school better.
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Overall I am very thankful for the academics that Achievement First has provided me from 5th to 12th grade and I am completely sure you will not fine this support and dedication to sending your kids off to college like how AF does. However, the intensity of it can be overwhelming and overbearing as you progress at the school to where it becomes "all work no play." Granted the academics are good but I believe there should be more to it, sports and other activities take a huge backseat to everything at the school which is why we do not have a lot to take part in. If you just want the education than this is the school for you, I believe that if more people demaned for fun things to take place then the school will respond with time.
AF definitely prepares all of its students for college. If you as a parent make it a priority for your child to go to school, you should send them to AF. However, the overall high school experience that you get at AF is poor because of the poor sports programs, food, and its small community.
Achievement First prepares students for college and pushes students to expand their knowledge. They love to challenge students' learning by making the learning engaging and interactive. Achievement overall is a great school and works to make the community better.
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