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Achievement First Hartford High is not for everybody. The strict rules keep us responsible and independent. We are so big on college readiness that we have a class dedicated to it. Also our basketball team just won championships in our league.
Achievement First is a place where students of unrepresented backgrounds find their academic potential with each other. There is an emphasis of hard work that helps students find their inner scholar and allows them to excel not only academically but also character wise.
AFHA is a great school because the teachers really care about making sure that you as a student goes to college. All the teachers makes sure that you do not get stuck and will always help you. As well they prepare you for college since it's a college pre school. The teachers are willing to have office hours for students and that so how much the teachers really care because they are not force to stay after school but they choose to because they see hard working students that are not going to giving up with times are diffcult. The connect between students and teachers are great and seeing the bond and getting to know them because in college we as students will need to do but they are getting us the skills to use in college and when we go that we won't be struggling with work load because we seen similar work in high school and it wouldn't be new in college. I had great experience at AFHA and that teachers, staff, and the principal listen to us to help make the school better.
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Overall I am very thankful for the academics that Achievement First has provided me from 5th to 12th grade and I am completely sure you will not fine this support and dedication to sending your kids off to college like how AF does. However, the intensity of it can be overwhelming and overbearing as you progress at the school to where it becomes "all work no play." Granted the academics are good but I believe there should be more to it, sports and other activities take a huge backseat to everything at the school which is why we do not have a lot to take part in. If you just want the education than this is the school for you, I believe that if more people demaned for fun things to take place then the school will respond with time.
AF definitely prepares all of its students for college. If you as a parent make it a priority for your child to go to school, you should send them to AF. However, the overall high school experience that you get at AF is poor because of the poor sports programs, food, and its small community.
Achievement First prepares students for college and pushes students to expand their knowledge. They love to challenge students' learning by making the learning engaging and interactive. Achievement overall is a great school and works to make the community better.
My experience with AFHHS was amazing. I've started attending AF when I was going into the 5th grade. I came from a school where I was reading at a 1st grade level. However, soon as I started AF by the time I was in 6 grade I was reading at an 8th grade level and I continue to grow as a reader. My school is a college prep school and they teachers are always there for you. The academic is great but the rules are not the best. However, students always have the ability to voice themselves and teachers are always there to listen. We are honestly a team and family. If it wasn't for AF I would not be where I am today. A smart independent African American who is on her way to college with so many college experiences already.
This School prepares us for college with the work load.
The staff wants the scholars to feel safe as possible.
Basketball is an intense and hard working sport.
Could be more suitable for students social life.
The teachers care deeply for their scholars and for them to attend their college. They want the absolute best for us to grow our characters and as a person to learn how to be independent.
This school is a great school. It has set me up for great success in the future. The work is tough but it is very manageable. I love attending this school and I hope that future generations will appreciate this school as much as I do.
AFHHS is unique because it encourages students to take initiative and advocate for themselves. Moreover, it provides an amazing support system for everyone in the school. I wouldn't want to change schools ever again because I realized that a lot of other schools do not push the students as much as the staff does at AF. I also realized that AF builds up life skills that will help us build up our confidence. The core values at AF are: grit, independence, curiosity, empathy and integrity. These core values are emphasized throughout the school even in the littlest ways. AF teaches it's students to truly "sweat the small stuff," and that is what I love about Achievement First Hartford High School the most.
The discipline is unfair and harsh. They're just kids. They forced one kid to withdraw.
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