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Achievement First - East New York School Reviews

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This school really prepares students for high school and beyond with college always being the goal. There could be more clubs and sports and also better funding.
I was student there for about 2 years. Everyone was nice and respectful. AFENYMS is a very good, safe place to transfer into.
While academics was the main goal, they also allowed us to have so much fun! From Frosty fridays, to summer block parties, It was always a great time.
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Overall Achievement First East New York was a great School, I mean the most of the few resources started out with. Educating all students unbiasedly allowing us to form our own opinions about the world. The academics of the school or extremely strong. The only thing I would like to change is the food provided at the school. The options were healthy and nutritionally sound, however, they were unfortunately not filling sometimes.
It was a school that was strict but it was for our benefit. We got disciplined to prepare us for the future which was great,
The teachers in this school expect the best from us and there for give us fair lengthy challengung homework, each ;abeled with a CFS, ot Criteria For success, that must be followed. The teacher allows us to resubmit if not but for a lower grade.
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