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I love how Achievement First academically challenges students. Rather than having teachers just come to school to learn, each and every teacher shows an engagement in helping every student learn. Students can genuinely tell that teachers love the job that they do; this sense is hard to find at other schools, but at Achievememt First, this presence always exists. Additionally, there is a dedication to college readiness. Students have a class set aside for college readiness to learn about financial aid, prepare their lists for schools they want to apply to and even work on their personal statement before senior year. Students come to school everyday knowing that their college future is in good hands.
Achievement First schools, are trying to get students of color ready for college. However the schools lack diversity which creates a negative culture.
Achievement First Bushwick truly focuses on closing the achievement gap on minority groups. This charter school is predominantly Hispanic and African American which creates a safe space for many people of the same background to talk and empathize with similar experiences and situations that we as minorities go through. There is also a strong support system with the staff helping students build critical thinking skills as well as building up our character to problem solve situations outside of the classroom that is faced.
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Achievement First University Prep challenges students to take ownership in their education especially when it comes to AP courses. No student in this high school has opted out of an AP course because we are taught to expect more from ourselves. However, outside activities are not as focused since sports and extracurricular activities are not emphasized.
College readiness is amazing, they prepare you by giving you AP classes starting in 10th grade. The parent involvemnet is also good because they make sure to always keep in contact with the parents of the students Students receive detentions for missing or incomplete homework in addition to their grade being hurt which teaches them responsibility.
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