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Achievement First - Bushwick School Reviews

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If you are looking for a good high school do not choose this one. All this school focuses on is academics and having a good reputation. Other than that it does not allow you to find yourself and your talent. This school is not recognized and does not have a lot of good extracurricular activities.
Achievement First Bushwick School did a fantastic job in making sure students were academically prepared for college. However, I feel like they didn't prepare students as well financially and socially given that there were many things to pay for and they stressed the behavioral system more than anything else.
Achievement first is a very strict charter school that is all about academics for minority students. In this school everything we do revolves around academics in order to decrease this achievement gap between students of color and white students we work extremely hard and take the most rigorous classes provided to fully prepare us for the works of making it to and through college in 4 years. Besides the academics this school is small although we don't go on trips as often, we are a tight community we all support and uplift all the grade levels of the school. Overall, the experience at the school was tough but it was worth it and i know it will only benefit me at the end.
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Through out my high school years, it has been hard for me. But, from being a 9th grader not paying a lot of attention to school and not taking it seriously. Growing up to being a 12th grader, i have changed incredibly alot. I have been passing all my classes with high grades. My GPA has been increasing a lot, in the first quarter i had a 3.28 and my second quarter i finished with a 3.66 which makes me an honor roll student. For these coming quarters, i would want to maintain and get a 4.0. This high school have shown me a lot as i grew older. I matured a lot and have shown me right and wrong actions to take. On top of that, its a challenging charter school, the work is more harder than other schools and i have found my way to deal and not procrastinate as much and teachers are always there to support you. Having a great relationship with your teachers is also important. My high school name is Achievement First University Prep High School.
Overall, my school has done a lot to ensure that the students in the school are doing their best academically, and are prepared in their plight to graduate college. We have very dedicated teachers and college councelors, who all have the same goal: ensure that their students are all execpted to college, and are fully aware of the things that being in college entails. Although they do well in their education portion of being in the school, the disciplinary system in which the school abides by seems to want to force students into an almost robotic nature. The school does a great job at educating its students, not with understanding them.
Alot of he same people that are going to graduate highschool with me soon are alot of the same people I have been with since I was in elementary school. My school has shown be what it feels like to be a real family. All of my teammates have eachothers back and teachers emphasize that we are one team and family. The only thing I would change about my school is that it is very strict and sometimes it feels like the students do not have the freedom to express themselves.
I really appreciate the effort the teachers and counselor put into supporting the students whether academically, socially, or psychologically. I also enjoy being a part of a very supportive community, where students are celebrating each other for academic achievements and pushing each other to be their best selves. The pre college programs offered to sign up for in the summer is my favorite part about my highschool because I have been able to experience the college life at Columbia, Cornell, and Brown University. These experiences have molded my inquiry and passion that I plan to encounter during my college experience. While the food is not the best, the most important things that matter like support, guidance, opportunities, and quality of learning are provided by my highschool which is why I enjoy being a highschool student of Achievement First University Prep High School.
I have been in the charter school system for a while now, and I am glad to say that this school has helped me establish my path to college. The programs offered and the help teachers and counselors provide are amazing. However their strict rules and disciplinary codes have made high school more stressful.
I likethat it was a privent school. Theyseriousr about pushing thier students to all be on top. They treat students who are in middle school like high school students when it comesto academice. Each week studeent would be given GPA as to see where they stand if there were to be in High School.
I love how Achievement First academically challenges students. Rather than having teachers just come to school to learn, each and every teacher shows an engagement in helping every student learn. Students can genuinely tell that teachers love the job that they do; this sense is hard to find at other schools, but at Achievememt First, this presence always exists. Additionally, there is a dedication to college readiness. Students have a class set aside for college readiness to learn about financial aid, prepare their lists for schools they want to apply to and even work on their personal statement before senior year. Students come to school everyday knowing that their college future is in good hands.
Achievement First schools, are trying to get students of color ready for college. However the schools lack diversity which creates a negative culture.
Achievement First Bushwick truly focuses on closing the achievement gap on minority groups. This charter school is predominantly Hispanic and African American which creates a safe space for many people of the same background to talk and empathize with similar experiences and situations that we as minorities go through. There is also a strong support system with the staff helping students build critical thinking skills as well as building up our character to problem solve situations outside of the classroom that is faced.
Achievement First University Prep challenges students to take ownership in their education especially when it comes to AP courses. No student in this high school has opted out of an AP course because we are taught to expect more from ourselves. However, outside activities are not as focused since sports and extracurricular activities are not emphasized.
College readiness is amazing, they prepare you by giving you AP classes starting in 10th grade. The parent involvemnet is also good because they make sure to always keep in contact with the parents of the students Students receive detentions for missing or incomplete homework in addition to their grade being hurt which teaches them responsibility.
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