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I had transferred to Achieve Online in my second semester of Senior year after having endured a difficult three and a half years at my previous high school. My anxiety deprived me of the courage to attend my classes, resulting in low grades and little hopes to graduate. When I had transferred, my grades had greatly improved, I was able to complete tasks at home in my own time, I had teachers who genuinely cared and wanted to see me succeed, and I was no longer enduring any feelings of anxiety! To see the massive improvement I had made overall, by merely switching to Achieve Online, it conveys how exceptional of a school it is. The teachers there offered a comfortable environment for me to work in when needed. They always made certain to demonstrate problems when explaining a subject. They offered chances to re-do tests or quizzes so that you can ACHIEVE a better grade, and that further authenticates their name! Thank you, Achieve Online for having allowed me to be your student!
everything at this school is pretty amazing. Every student has the support of their teachers 100%. It isn't like any other school where certain students that don't do their best get neglected by teachers.
I had two of the best teachers in my class. They honestly helped me so much with my last few year of high school. I appreciate them so much. We need more teachers like them.
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Going from a regular school to Achieve K12 was a change for me. I loved it. The environment was peaceful and the teachers I had were amazing and so supportive. You don't find teachers like them throughout your school years. They changed my life and encouraged me to go to college. I thank them for everything.
Staff is very helpful and does a great job.
The academics are good, but nothing exceptional
I love this school. I have learned a lot and had as much help as I needed throughout my high school career.
Everything is pretty well put together except for the condition of the building.
I love my teachers, they are beyond helpful and really just want the best for the students.
There really is not a lot to choose from. When there is, there isn't a lot of students involved.
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