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everything at this school is pretty amazing. Every student has the support of their teachers 100%. It isn't like any other school where certain students that don't do their best get neglected by teachers.
I had two of the best teachers in my class. They honestly helped me so much with my last few year of high school. I appreciate them so much. We need more teachers like them.
Going from a regular school to Achieve K12 was a change for me. I loved it. The environment was peaceful and the teachers I had were amazing and so supportive. You don't find teachers like them throughout your school years. They changed my life and encouraged me to go to college. I thank them for everything.
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Staff is very helpful and does a great job.
The academics are good, but nothing exceptional
I love this school. I have learned a lot and had as much help as I needed throughout my high school career.
Everything is pretty well put together except for the condition of the building.
I love my teachers, they are beyond helpful and really just want the best for the students.
There really is not a lot to choose from. When there is, there isn't a lot of students involved.
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