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Achieve Early College High School Reviews

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Very good school. You get to take college classes and come out of it with an associates degree. The scheduling is very flexible, and you can apply for any class that south Texas college has.
I have had an overall great experience at my high school. Everyone is nice, and the teachers are very involved. I like how the teachers here make sure to have a one on one relationship with their students, and go above and beyond to make sure we succeed. The only thing I would like to see change is the extracurricular activities. It would be nice if Achieve had more of those, especially sports so we can get the full high school experience.
What I really like about Achieve Early College High School is the environment and the high academic demands it meets. Since the school requires of an application in eighth grade, the school selects up to a hundred some students. So per class, there is about a hundred twenty students. From what I’ve seen in my class, everyone knows one another, and that isn’t seen in other schools. We are also challenged with many AP classes and we are able to earn an associates degree by attending our local college.
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I enjoy the small class size and environment provided for us students. The teachers always go above and beyond for the students due to them taking college classes at the same time. The college and AP teachers are always there for tutoring. The benefit of a small class is that students can start their own extracurricular clubs and form a strong bond between the other students.
Achieve Early College High School was a great school that allowed you to prepare and focus on your higher education. They allowed each student to experience what college life would be like. They gave us freedom to search within our own education and allowed us to grow and mature to be ready for any obstacles we would have in a higher field of education. It was difficult at first, but through out the years you can really start noticing how the school prepares you for what to expect. there was lots of hard work expected, but it was all worth it at the end.
Achieve Early College High School is a blue ribbon school. We have some of the best faculty, and the smartest students. In order to become a student at Achieve you have to apply and go through an interview process. When we graduate our senior year, we also graduate from South Texas College with an associates degree. So by the time I graduate and move on to a university I will be walking in as a junior instead of a freshman. Being able to have the opportunity at my school is something that I am honored to have.
Achieve Early College High School is very unique especially because of our facility. My school is made up of portables and side walks, and we have to walk a few blocks to get to our college classes at South Texas College. I would like to see an upgrade on our facility and try to get an actual building. Another improvement that would benefit our school would be transportation that is easier to access to get us to our classes.
AECHS is the best school In the Rio Grande Valley and the thing I like about this school is everyone in this school are friendly and there’s no bullying. This school is not like the traditional high school because after graduating high school we not only earning high school diploma but also earning college associate degree. We have been experienced the college life earlier. I’m a incoming senior and I love that every students will talks to each other and became a big family. There’s no beef or argument between students in our grade. I really like this high school and if I can choose my high school life again, I will definitely choose AECHS again!
My experience has been incredible. In this school they is only a minimum number of students they accept so when everyone gets to know each other we are a family. On our team building exercises we always do them and at the end we dance all in a group. Everyone is really helpful and the teachers teach us everything they have to and help us if we have any problems.
Achieve Early College Highschool is a very good school. It is highly recommended if you would want to advance in your studies both in Highschool and College. You are able to graduate with an associates degree, with hard work and determination. Throughout the years, there has not been any major or minor troubles within the school.
What I liked about Achieve Early College High School is that I have the opportunity to take college classes and will be able to receive my associates degree and high school diploma. Some improvements could be the protection we have on campus.
I like the freedom and sense of responsibility that we get. We also get to experience a college environment and it is very helpful for navigating colleges or universities in the future.
I love the family environment and amazing academic opportunities that are offered at AECHS. What Achieve is lacking are actual facilities that belong to the high school to help create a safer learning environment.
It was a unique experiance that provided me the guidance to succeed in further schooling. The intimate setting ave me the opportunity to create bonds that would assist in building the foundations of my character. The balance of rigorous coursework and genuine assistance is just the push we needed to improve to become well rounded individuals.
Achive Early College is a great school for students because it prepares us students for our future and to have a taste of what college would be like. It also helps usdevelope bigger ideas because it makes us think of what we want our future.
This school is definitely like no other out there. Not only is it a tight-knit community of students and staff, but everyone is extremely helpful and very supportive of everyone. Till this day, I keep in communication with many classmates and staff members.
I loved the fact that my tuition to take advanced college courses was paid for. I would like for this school to be a building and not portables.
The teachers are great and the unity you form with other students is awesome however, my experience with the counselor there wasn't so great. Heard the same problem with other students and that the switching of principles wasn't that so great either. The only thing that's keeping it together is the effort of the teachers.
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The teachers care about their students. There is a drive and passion in every one of them. This is a very friendly campus that focuses on preparing you for the academic college life.
Gives students the ability to be responsible and experience a true college experience. Teachers offer tutoring to help those taking college classes. They also have tutoring everyday of the week in order to make sure that the students have the ability to attend tutoring for subjects they struggle on.
I like some of the teachers they are really helpful. You learned a lot. My experience was really nice. I had ups and downs just as any high schooler .
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