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I love the family environment and amazing academic opportunities that are offered at AECHS. What Achieve is lacking are actual facilities that belong to the high school to help create a safer learning environment.
It was a unique experiance that provided me the guidance to succeed in further schooling. The intimate setting ave me the opportunity to create bonds that would assist in building the foundations of my character. The balance of rigorous coursework and genuine assistance is just the push we needed to improve to become well rounded individuals.
Achive Early College is a great school for students because it prepares us students for our future and to have a taste of what college would be like. It also helps usdevelope bigger ideas because it makes us think of what we want our future.
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This school is definitely like no other out there. Not only is it a tight-knit community of students and staff, but everyone is extremely helpful and very supportive of everyone. Till this day, I keep in communication with many classmates and staff members.
I loved the fact that my tuition to take advanced college courses was paid for. I would like for this school to be a building and not portables.
The teachers are great and the unity you form with other students is awesome however, my experience with the counselor there wasn't so great. Heard the same problem with other students and that the switching of principles wasn't that so great either. The only thing that's keeping it together is the effort of the teachers.
The teachers care about their students. There is a drive and passion in every one of them. This is a very friendly campus that focuses on preparing you for the academic college life.
Gives students the ability to be responsible and experience a true college experience. Teachers offer tutoring to help those taking college classes. They also have tutoring everyday of the week in order to make sure that the students have the ability to attend tutoring for subjects they struggle on.
I like some of the teachers they are really helpful. You learned a lot. My experience was really nice. I had ups and downs just as any high schooler .
This School was absolutely amazing I wish high school would have never ended. The teachers and staff were all very helpful the whole four years I was there. Academics were tough but we always had someone there to help us.
The teachers at our school are really knowledgeable in the subject they teach. Whatever question you ask them, they will have an answer.
The student involvement is great because we're a small school so everyone gets involved in everything.
Attending Achieve has been a wonderful experience. You meet extraordinary people, including the staff, and for the first time view your school as a second home or family. There is no other school that is as united as Achieve's staff and student body. My favorite experiences occur in and out of the classroom. In class, every one is professional and makes sure the lessons are enjoyable and interesting through comments and questions. Outside of the classroom, we treat each other as family and make sure that others are caught up with their classes and responsibilities. I would surely attend Achieve all over again because it would guide me through a bright path once again.
The academics of Achieve are certainly rigorous. Teachers challenge their students in order to prepare them for college. Furthermore, the curriculum is unique and holds high expectations. Many students do not hesitate to attend tutoring since the help will place them in a higher position. Achieve's schedule processing is greatly appreciative because the counselors accommodate our high school classes with the college classes we chose (along with the times we choose to take the college classes).
Students at my school seem to be very close. You see students interact with others without taking to notice their grade year. Overall, the student body is very social, friendly, and interactive. There is great acceptance at my school. Once, a student wore a banana costume to school, and no one judged or questioned the student. Students care little for other's sexual orientation. Most students at Achieve are Hispanic, but those of a different race are treated and loved the same.
Every student is free to create or join any type of club. There is a variety of clubs that other traditional schools may not have, like the Debate Club, Encouragement in Christ Club, or Gardening Club. There is a long list of organizations from which to choose from so nobody is left out. Many teachers also create their own clubs, usually clubs that deal with the community, which help students acquire community hours. Whenever one of these community dedicated clubs plan and invite students to an event, an overwhelmingly amount of students participate!
One can easily tell Achieve Early College teachers are passionate about teaching. They greet their students full-heartedly and make sure that every student is listened to. Students become intrigued with the lessons because the teachers actively teach. My teachers always encourage students to question, comment, and share insightful thoughts. They create a happy classroom environment since they are happy to do what they are doing. They grade properly and are always free to consult with their students over their grades.
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It has been really good.
They are good. Some better others than others.
The school is very strict of no bullying at all, and it will not be tolerated, and as always safety always first.
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