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My experience was mostly positive, but since it was a new school, the organization and personnel was not up to par.
I went to achieve when it first opened. I liked it very much: meeting new people, the supportive staff and faculty, and the great emphasis of academics. I also liked the fact that they also stressed the importance of moral focus and character. The school, although was small, gave a lot of individual attentions and provided many resources for additional support, which facilitated and promoted self-growth.
When I was at Achieve, I really liked the academic system and the goals. Currently, I know they switched to a more common core and generic curriculum which is a little bit dissapointing. I really liked teachers being able to form their own plans and use their creativity to the fullest and not just read out of a textbook.
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This is one of the safest schools I've been too. We didn't have security guards or anything but the staff was more than prepared for any situation. There is a strict ant-bullying policy, which makes the students a lot more comfortable.
Most of the clubs and extracurriculars are either sports such as soccer and basketball, or academic such as math Olympiad or Robotics. These aren't bad clubs and are often very successful, but there is a lot to be desired for students who are not interested in these limits. A lot of the same students participate in these clubs and they're only a minority. The student council and NJHS chapter mainly fundraise for small-scale events. There is definitely more to be desired in these programs.
Achieve is an amazing school. I learned so much about the real world from finance to how to be successful in finding jobs and being a leader. When I first went to Achieve, I struggled with turning in my homework and focusing in class, and I continued to struggle with that, but I had teachers who were more than willing to help me through those hard times. Now, I'm a straight A student and I'm in an early college program. My time at Achieve was far from perfect, but those mistakes I made and the things I learned from them helped me become the person I am today. I would not change one moment of it, because my time there defines who I am today and who I will become.
I have been fortunate to have a few teachers who went above and beyond their job descriptions, and truly cared about every aspect of student life. There are some teachers who aren't as involved, but are still good at what they do. The communication was incredible for middle schoolers. I could email some of my teachers with academic or personal problems and they would help me through every step of the process. A lot of the teachers, especially as you go into middleschool, are very passionate and opinionated about their subjects making classes more stimulating and interesting. Overall, the teachers are pretty outstanding.
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