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ACGC Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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ACGC has many academic opportunities that benefit you and the school. Although, sports and clubs are very limited.
What I like about ACGC High School is that our teachers are great. They really try and help you throughout school so you can succeed. We have many different activities to do. If you are not interested in being in sports as in, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, etc., you could join Math League, YES Team, Knowledge Bowl, etc. One thing that I recommend that they change is the school lunches. But overall, I have loved my experience at ACGC.
I liked how you can get to know everyone's name. It's a small school and I like it like that. The teachers are good for the most part, but there are a few that don't have the talent for connecting with students. They may have a lot of knowledge, but not the know how to convey it to other people.
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It was nice knowing everyone since it was such a small school. Alot more opportunities for sports. Otherwise the teachers weren't very considerate of students. Only a few sincerely cared about their students well being, while most just picked favorites.
In my school we hold a lot of conferences for grades that cover bullying and cyber bullying. Our school has excellent security and I feel very safe while attending classes and activities in the school.
The whole sports program works hard and has a lot of fun.
They involve the whole school in activities.
My teachers work hard to give students the best.
The classes they did have were good and engaging, the teachers were friendly and helpful, and the workload wasn't too bad. However, in my opinion there was a severe lack in class options. Mainly the basic classes and a few elective opportunities. Most free time was filled with study hall.
I guess there were a few sports to be involved in and there was quite a bit of school spirit. They younger grades would have fitness programs every year and the gym classes had a lot of diverse activities. I wasn't really involved in the athletics, so I can't give a good review on that particular area
There aren't an extreme amount of options, but the food is healthy. There is always the main course of the day, plus a salad bar where you can pick and choose. And if you have your own money to spare, there is always ala carte.
Our school has almost no diversity in any way, and once you get into a group of friends, it's relatively difficult to get into any others. Acceptance is hard to win and if anybody had different sexual orientations, you didn't hear about it. you didn't tell people.
The faculty is very helpful in dealing with any problems that arise. The dress code is not overly strict and the guidance counselors are very helpful.
My school wasn't terrible. But it was very small and didn't have a lot to offer. I had great friends and the teachers were nice, but there weren't a lot of elective classes and no AP classes or any clubs that I was particularly interested in were available.
It's a small school, so everyone gets needed attention. People notice if someone is missing We also have fire drills, tornado drills, lock down drills, and evacuation drills fairly regularly, so everyone knows what to do.
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