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ACE Technical Charter High School Reviews

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This is the best experience i have ever have in my life and i am so happy that i got a chance to go to this incredible school.
I have been attending ace tech since i was a freshman and its been great there are good staff member good community a nice area and its in a good environment
My experience at this school has been very influential. The students here are very unique and the staff members are very encouraging. If I could change one thing about this school it would be having no uniform, so student can express themselves more.
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During my time at Ace Tech, I had a somewhat strong work environment, and was always able to get work that would challenge me. This school also made me have high expectations in life.
My experience at ACE Tech Charter High School was challenging. The classes were moderately difficult, and some administrative staff were extremely unprofessional.
If our school had a nurse, I never knew it. Mostly when kids were sick, the school call 911 and had an ambulance take them to the hospital.
We have to have a free after school program at our school called Fighting For success. They were there for my Freshman and Sophomore year. At the end of my sophomore year it was decided that FFS was no longer needed for our school, which left the FFS staff and participating students heart broken. FFS was a place where kids at my school could go to do homework and stay off of the streets. After they left there was not anything after school for the kids to do, which means more kids on the streets.
I am not sure about someone else's parent(s), I can only tell about mine, and my mom was very involved in my academic and school behavior
The teachers at my high school did the best they could do.
I feel very safe at my school.
I'm not really in active person. I don't play any sports.
I think this is a nice school. In i learned a lot since i arrived to this school.
The teachers are great they make sure everybody is learning. They make sure the students are on time. They make sure every student is on track to pass.
ace tech is a great school because it has a verity of career option such as construction, architecture and engineering, it help you find out what interest you. also it ace help you with your basic skills such as good speaking skills, communication skills and more, they help you get ready for college and the real word
I would chose this school again if I had the chance to do so because the teachers here really care about the students and make sure they like the . Also they do want all of their students to succeed and they do play a huge part in doing so.
I feel like my experience in this school is fine. More students should be more respectful to staff members and teachers. The school can be a little bit more clean than the way it is. Also, the food can be a lot way better. They should not force us to get food because there is a lot of long and we hardly get a chance to eat. .
I enjoy the people who attend the school and the teachers as well.
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my school has alot to offer . they help us get prepared for college and doesnt put as much presure on us as we woul doing it by our seleves.
The School is Great And Helps Me Out Alot especially when i need to get my grade up.
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