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ACE has been a very helpful school that pushes every student to succeed. The teachers are always trying to find new ways to help the students. Me having a disability of ADHD they worked with me and helped me not letting my disability being in the way. Now being one of the top students in the school. They have helped me and many more. Its a great school that cares about the students and not every school does that.
There are not many after school activities and usually many students do not participate in any. However, the school forces students who are failing to stay after school.
When I first started there, the school did not have all the classes we need. Now that were are on our senior year, we have to finish all the classes we missed from the beginning of the school year which adds a lot of pressure to the students.
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Teachers are able to get students attention. However, I feel that some favor students and most of the lessons are boring.
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