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They motivate us to be greater and try to make us succeed. Teachers are very good and always help us along the way.
I would like to change the lunches,the dress code ,and that’s about cause other than that it’s overall a excellent school and very experienced school
I like how the staff and administrators ar very accessible. If you need them they are there for you.
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I like that I get to graduate earlier that expected. The changes I would like to see is more electives and clubs.
I've been at this school since August of 2015 and It has made my academics and life overall improve.
Acceleration Academy West is not your average Highschool, we are more connected and enthusiastic than other schools. What school would have both highschool and middle school on their campus?
It's okay and it really helps catch you up and even boost you grade level because if your on the right track you can leave in 3 years. But overall it only focuses on academics.
the teachers care a lot about you and everybody else that works here does to. the classes are small and teachers will talk to you if you need it and will help you understand no matter what. it is an awesome, intriguing, and mysterious walk of high school life that you will love if you come to this school.
Acceleration Academy West has been a really great school to me because it has a low population. Each student gets more attention than they would at a regular public school and their needs are more personalized. On top of that, the purpose of this school allows you to either graduate early or catch up and graduate on time.
What I like about Acceration Academy West is that there is a half of the students than there is at a regular public high school. What I would want to change is the counselors needing to have that attention to be more focused on the students more not just when they need them.
Ever since I got accepted into this school I said yes to myself ,because my school isn't like most.This school has a combination 2 grades levels. The things I admire at this school is that I have always wanted a challenge ,and that what I received .I as a 10th grader is taking 11th grade work and passing them all with flying colors.As a results of that I earned a 3.8 grade point average!Then changes I would like to see happen at the school would be adding more activities like volunteering to get more people active.
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