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My experience at Acceleration Academy, was a life changing experience. I say this because me being a former student, had met my girlfriend and we have now been dating for almost five years. Not only did this school give me a partner in life but also a new perspective on the education system. This is because the teachers there were terrific and truly cared for the students. However, one thing I would change is the exterior of the building.
Acceleration is a small school but that's a good thing because everyone gets to know each other and it feels like a home. It's a great way to accelerate in your studies if you're looking to graduate early. The teachers are also helpful. It only if you make it clear you don't understand something.
My experience at Acceleration Academy high school was one of a kind. There are amazing teachers that will help when yo need the help. You have a guidance counselor who will be on you about scholarships and FASFA.
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Acceleration Academy High School focus on academics and the progress of your success. Relatively you would complete high school in four years but this accelerated program allows you to graduate early or simply catch up to your correct graduating year. This school does have a strict dress code that promotes students to focus on the academics more than their attire. It is also a small school with few teachers but this makes it more easier to know everyone and to have a close bond with teachers that wanted to see you succeed. The disadvantage about this school is the few teachers they have and the subjects you have to cover before you get to graduate high school. This school has online classes. Which this could be a disadvantage for some students who can't discipline thier attention span for online classes. From the administration to the success you will recieve at the end from all of the hard work you dedicated.
There is a variety of academics there and you could learn a lot from each one.
I like it because it gets everyone interacted with each other and everyone learns.
My experience was great. I was able to meet new people who are now close friends and teachers to are amazing role models.
The staff memebers are very nice and easy to talk to you. They treat everyone as if they were a big family.
Acceleration has a variety of after school clubs that are available to every student. Students are even given the chnace to start their own club if a teacher can sign off as club leader and enough students are interested in the club.
Overall my experience at Acceleration Academy High School has been amazing. This school not only has well involved teachers and parents but they have so many opportunities for the students. This school makes sure each grade has events for both parents and students. Acceleration makes sure that every parent and student are updated with any new information, upcoming events, test, etc.
The teachers here are wonderful with involvement to the students education, personal lives and overall well-being. I've never had such an amazing experience at a school like this before. I feel cared for here, and I feel like an actual person and not just another student or just another test score.
Many of the members support me threw my journey in high school. That's how i made it to senior year.
The teachers take the time to teach you and break down the lesson if you wouldn't understand it.
we never really had any sports
It was a fun way to help us stay out of trouble.
It was amazing for an accelerated high school.
This school focuses mainly on the students and helping them graduate as soon as possible.
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Not much of a variety of courses but most teachers are helpful, let you make up and turn-in late assignments, and try to provide individualized learning. Scheduling is not really your choice.
our track is circling around the school, through the bus loop and by the road.
The nurse is never in the nurses office and even if she is the door is locked! If your bleeding and need a band-aid good luck! If you want have a super bad headache you only option is to go home from the front office or go back to class.
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