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Acalanes High School Reviews

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The classes were very challenging and mentally stimulating; I was constantly challenged by my classmates and peers to deliver exceptional work. The school also prepared us for college extremely well by demanding high-quality work and instilling great study habits in us. The teachers were all extremely approachable and supportive.
It is quite a competitive school as most students go on to study at top colleges. If you are looking for a school that promotes low stress amongst its students, then you might want to look elsewhere.
There are some major issues with the culture and diversity at this school, but I generally found a great group of artists and theater students who I've become friends with. The sports are heralded to a problematic extent, but there are definitely spaces for other interests within the school. Award-winning school newspaper, great teachers in english, science, and the arts.
There is too much change at the school. In my four years there, i had three different principals. Also, staff need to get tougher with the student, and parents, about acceptable behavior.
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I liked all the opportunities I was given to excel. I did think it was a little competitive, but overall they gave me many options to succeed.
My years at acalanes was good, it was very challenging to get through though with all the tough classes and the workload, but overall I enjoyed it with my friends along with the spirit at our school as well
Acalanes is an amazing place to strengthen your academic skills, along with distinguished athletic and leadership programs. All of the teachers at Acalanes have a passion for teaching and strive to make the most out of a highschooler's 4 years.
The academics are very challenging and definitely prepare students for college especially the AP classes. Foreign language is not so strong in French or German. Teachers vary in their level of being able to teach the students their respective subjects. The music and drama department are strong and much support comes from parents.
Acalanes is good school overall. Most teachers are nice and passionate with their work. The homework loads are higher than the average high school, but it prepares students for college.
Acalanes High School has an amazing, safe, and humble environment where the students thrive on and off campus. The access to accelerated learning and advantages over students from other areas is evident. Acalanes has fostered a school where the intellectual opportunities for students are limitless, with access to advanced technology, a catering staff, and a safe, structured environment. Although, the diversity is low at Acalanes, everyone is welcomed and celebrated for their differences. Acalanes is creating the leaders of tomorrow.
I really like this school, its been a lot of fun. The teachers for the most part are really good and truly do care about their students success. Of course just like at any school some teachers suck. One of the really great teachers is Freeman, he's crazy but you learn and ton and theres never a boring moment. We have a lot of fun things that happen on campus and there is a lot of support for students. Theres a lot of support for the freshman to make them feel welcomed, especial for district transfers and non-stanley students. Theres also really great support for seniors and helping them get ready for college or whatever their next steps are.
I liked the teachers because they were all nice and easy to talk to when you need help, but teaching wise most of them were not that good. In addition the facilities could have been better. One thing that I would like to change about Acalanes would be diversity because as a school it doesn't have that much diversity.
Acalanes had a great environment that was welcoming and inclusive. It would be great to see more school spirit at football games and other sporting events, as well as plays, musicals, and other shows.
Being a minority in the school, it was hard to relate to others, since I lived in a different city and did not attend the same middle school as the others. Most kids and teachers are friendly, but there are a specific few that are terrible. Some student groups are incredibly exclusive and judgemental, and some are just plain fake. Most teachers are helpful, but others are plain lazy and enjoy making students miserable by not providing them any help at all but piling on the homework.
Acalanes prepares you for college. Many teachers really care about your education although there are a few, and you will hear stories about them, that don't. Although there isn't that much diversity on campus, this is compensated for by the abundance of clubs and the welcoming environment of the community, students and faculty. Overall, while there may be a few issues with this school, they pale in comparison to the safety of the students and their education.
I throughly enjoyed my time at Acalanes, except for the lack of school spirit. Few people are spirited at this school, and it was a real shame.
Acalanes is a great school with teachers that really care about their student's education. The school provides several activities to keep students interested and involved on campus.
I had an interesting experience at Acalanes High School. There are some truly amazing and inspiring teachers at this school that want nothing more than to see their students succeed. However, there are also some exceptionally horrible teachers here as well. I've enjoyed going to school here for sure but some teachers have tarnished my experience and made me absolutely hate coming to school. I would definitely like to see some teachers fired that deserve to b for obvious reasons.
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We have had two of our children attend Acalanes and had a very positive experience overall. The school does a terrific job preparing students for college while also providing school spirit through it's sports and performing arts.
I like the ranking categories. If you can add a comment section or subcategories, more insight might be gained. Thank you!
During my entire high school career so far, I've come to really appreciate the school district I was able to enroll in. Comparing to friends and cousins who go to other schools, I realize how different school education and communities can be. At Acalanes, almost all my teachers have been extremely helpful and kind. Everyday we make use of class time to actually learn. I've also noticed that we don't have any serious bullying going on and have a very strong LGBTQ community and acceptance which I also am very proud of. I always feel safe at school and classmates aren't afraid to debate about serious topics during class without fear which they might feel at other places. Something I would like to see changed though is just overall school spirit. I know this isn't something that can be changed by choice, but if our student leaders found a better way to announce our activities and excite students more I think it could make the overall school experience a lot more fun at school.
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