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I like Acadiana. We are really big in sports and I love to watch sports. There is not anything I would really change.
Everyone is really friendly and they all help each other out; at least in the honors and AP classes. There is plenty of drama yet I’m sure that’s true of any high school. It focuses a lot of academics, yet the principal focuses a lot of his time on football more than anything. The uniform and tardy policies are alittle intense, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.
Great school, great academics, great teachers. Football team is awesome. Safety is really a priority at this school which makes my parents feel comfortable. School could be alittle updated with construction
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Acadiana has a very positive learning environment for their students. There is slim to no bullying. It is very big on their football team and academics.
I spent an entire four years at Acadiana High School as an student. Even through ups and downs we were all a family and the school made sure to keep us that way. I also believe it takes a great staff to make an great school. High school gave me four crazy, stressful, and beautiful years. Not only did I grow from a kid to a young adult a long the way I learned a lot of new things.
What I loved about being able to attend Acadiana High School was the amount of school spirit that is present and how the teachers and administrators actually want you to do well. If I could change one thing, it would be for the teachers and administrators to focus more on preparing students for the ACT. Overall, Acadiana High School is a great school to attend.
Acadiana high is the number one school you would be afraid of when playing against any of our sports. They have great teacher who will take their time and try to get u better.
I like the teachers and staff interacting with the students. However, I think they can improve on helping the students better at preparing for college and scholarships.
As a junior at Acadiana High School, I can say that it is one of the best high schools in Lafayette Parish! Whether you want to participate in sports or clubs, there is a wide variety of both offered here. From French club to golf, our school is amazing for any personality. Not only are there multiple opportunities for sports and clubs, but the academics here are outstanding. Of course, nothing is perfect and there are faults in our school, but with no doubt in my mind, I can say the good outweighs the bad at Acadiana High School.
Acadiana High School is an amazing school. This school has won many "Cleanest School" awards multiple years in a row. The football team is great. The marching band is phenomenal. The teachers help their students with anything and everything. The administration is wonderful. Overall, Acadiana High School is one of the best high schools in South Louisiana. My experience here has been great.
I had a vey good experience at AHS. My teachers were wonderful. I am diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, but no one made me feel different. I was treated with respect and kindness just like everyone else.
My experiance at this school was okay. The school offer a strong omy sports program and wonderful AP and honors practice practice program.
i give Acadiana a 2 because this school is so unprofessional. this is supposed to be a business school but the way things are ran around here doesn't seem like it. The principal is supposed to be the head of the school but when you go an ask him things he has no clue. All he is concerned about is sports as the teachers told me an as i seen. I dont like it here at all, the restrooms never have toilet paper one time the janitors said we had to wait until next week to get toilet paper thats nasty.
I feel that Acadiana High School offers a top notch educational experience. The teachers are awesome and take pride in educating their students and staying on top of the latest opportunities for the students. Weven are Acadiana proud!!
For the most part my entire high school experience was good. I met friends that today I still remain close to. And, I have had a few influential teachers. It was literally everything high school represents.
The school is overall okay to me. There's nothing too exciting about it and all that goes on there. Most people would rate the school as an average type environment.
My school is very much like a family. We all hate and love each other at the same time. Like brothers and sisters we get into fights yet, at sporting events we stand as one.
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Over the many high schools offered in Lafayette parish, Acadiana High School is by far the best choice one can make. Not only does Acadiana High offer many choices academics wise but it's clubs and organizations offered make your high school experience one to remember. I'm glad to say that I will actually miss learning at Acadiana High School
Great music department, Being involved in different activities and with different departments really helps you to fit in and I always feel like family in whatever area I'm at. And I think the AP classes have immensely prepared me for college
The school encourages people who are smart to be smarter. A lot of things revolve around the honors students. Being an honor student, i'm not sure what it's like for regular students or if they are encouraged to do their best.
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