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I like my experience at Acadiana High school. The teachers and administration is great. I just wish they would prepare us better for our college classes
I’ve learned a lot From attending Acadiana high school it change me me mentally,physically, and emotionally and I couldn’t have completed my courses with out my counselors and my teachers
Acadiana was a very fun and uplifting school. It helped me become who I am today. I would love to see it become a cleaner school.
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I have attended Acadiana High School since my freshman year, I am now a senior! I can very well say that I was helped to get where I am now. I enjoyed all years attending Acadiana High being apart of the clubs and extracurricular activities, attending the football games, etc made my journey at Acadiana High great . If I was asked to Recommend a school in Lafayette, La, I would recommend Acadiana High School.
What I liked about Acadiana High School, were the academic opportunities. I felt like I was given plenty of open doors to explore my possible career choices. This is a very safe and healthy environment and many people enjoy this high school including me.
I have had a relatively good experience at Acadiana High. Many of the teacher seem to care about my well-being and help me to be better. I have been prepared for the world outside of high school.
Although I have only been at Acadiana High School for a year a believe that the school is well developed. Most of the teachers will reach the extra mile to make sure that you are getting the help you need. The teachers take pride in seeing there students succeed. No matter who you are or what you have gone through they are there to help you prepare for the outside world.
What I like Acadiana is that there are multiple opportunities to grow. There are abundant resources that can boost up your education. During these trials, you have resources such as: Math 105, Psychology, Mass Communications, etc.
Acadiana High School is a great school. The people over there are like family and make school a safe and comfortable place to go. The only thing I would change about Acadiana are the subs that attend.
THe school is full of bullying. It is swept under the rug and the victim is always the one that ends up in trouble. Especially if the bully is in sports or very socially active (popular). There are teachers that even bully the students that are less than par. I was never notified of failing grades, the counselors do nothing to help a child in need. To top it off, the so, called band "family" is the worse. The volunteer band parents talk down to kids that are not socially acceptable, not financially up to par. The whole band is judgmental. The band teacher downgrades and curses the students out, Allows others to bully to a point where students are afraid to say anything to anyone.
They school, certain teachers, office personal, and students will give you grief if you have any kind if disability. If I wanted this treatment to my child I would have sent them to a private school. It is all about their image, sports, band, and social status.
The thing that I like about Acadiana High the most is all the travel opportunities I have had. Some teachers put together educational trips to different places around the world and that is an experience that has changed my life. Those experiences have also changed the way I view the world. In a way, Acadiana High has changed my life. There are excellent teachers, some better than others. I have been fortunate to have been taught by the excellent ones, but I have also been unlucky a few times and have gotten okay or average teachers. I have never been fussed at by a teacher for asking a question, it is quite the opposite. The teachers want to help you and want you to ask questions. Some teachers provide afternoon tutoring for different subjects and you don't have to have them as a teacher to go to their tutoring. There are many resources to help yourself. Overall, my experience at Acadiana High has been great.
Acadiana High School is a great school overall. Most sports programs at the school are well lead and successful. Although the academics are favorable for advanced placement students such as myself, who are naturally keen to picking up material, students in regular placement classes aren't pushed or challenged in class. This is an issue within my school because only a certain demographic is being educated properly in the way of college readiness. While the facilities are not poor there are many improvements that should be made but the overall environment is always kept clean. Acadiana also has many clubs and activities including Beta, National Honors Society, FBLA, Students for Christ, French Club, Battle of the Classes, talent shows, etc. These different activities keep the student body active and engaged in the school and community. Acadiana has left a permanent imprint on my life and I'm very proud to say that I am a Acadiana High Wreckin' Ram!
What I like about acadiana is all the extra curricular activities they offer. I'd like to see then change fights at school
Throughout my high school experience at Acadiana High, I have found that the overall environment is exceptional. Every day I wander the halls staring around at many friendly faces. Though there is such a diverse number of people, we remain social and excepting to all, both students and teachers. The honors program is well taught by teachers who are willing to go above and beyond to teach their students. Their first priority is their students' success. Knowing this, I am able to rely wholeheartedly on my teacher's help. It has been an amazing experience. Although the honors program is successful, I am unsure if I am fully prepared for college. One issue I would like to see change would be the Honors teacher's pushing the students harder. The reason the students choose the honors program is to well prepare for college, therefore, teachers should treat us as college students. However, I would rate the honors program a six on a one to ten scale.
I like Acadiana. We are really big in sports and I love to watch sports. There is not anything I would really change.
Everyone is really friendly and they all help each other out; at least in the honors and AP classes. There is plenty of drama yet I’m sure that’s true of any high school. It focuses a lot of academics, yet the principal focuses a lot of his time on football more than anything. The uniform and tardy policies are alittle intense, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.
Great school, great academics, great teachers. Football team is awesome. Safety is really a priority at this school which makes my parents feel comfortable. School could be alittle updated with construction
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Acadiana has a very positive learning environment for their students. There is slim to no bullying. It is very big on their football team and academics.
I spent an entire four years at Acadiana High School as an student. Even through ups and downs we were all a family and the school made sure to keep us that way. I also believe it takes a great staff to make an great school. High school gave me four crazy, stressful, and beautiful years. Not only did I grow from a kid to a young adult a long the way I learned a lot of new things.
What I loved about being able to attend Acadiana High School was the amount of school spirit that is present and how the teachers and administrators actually want you to do well. If I could change one thing, it would be for the teachers and administrators to focus more on preparing students for the ACT. Overall, Acadiana High School is a great school to attend.
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