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This school is not very big when it comes to school security. I think this is because the school is very small.
I was taking pre calculus my senior year and some of the material was a little difficult for me, so I would stay after school with my math teacher and she would go over problems with me until I mastered the subject. This is how I ended the class with an A+.
This school is differnt than any other school. People actually care about you and they will help you get through hard times.
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I learned a lot while I attended this school. I felt mostly prepared for college, but I felt there were some things that I wish the teachers had elaborated more on.
The students at this school are very welled disciplined. Most of the students have a very close relationship with the principal and superintendent.
This school offers many clubs for students. One of them was New Global Citizens. This club gives students an opportunity to eduacte their community and to help out the community as well. They not only help their community, but they also help people around the world. One year they made homemade ovens for people in other countries.
This school is so small that it does not have a cafeteria. They used to serve hot meals for the students but the funds were not enough and so that had to stop. All the school has now is a couple vending machines for drinks and snacks. The good thing about that is that the school gives students an open campus lunch. It gives them the chance to go out to eat wherever they choose for a whole hour.
The teachers at this school are spectacular. Teachers will do whatever they can do help students pass and understand the curriculum.
This school does not offer very many sports because it is very small and they have insufficient funds, but there are many different clubs that students are encouraged to join. Many of these clubs involve community service, and that is something that students at this school are very fond of. The students love to reach out and help out the community with whatever they can help them with.
I could not have chose a better high school to attend. I went to three other high schools before I went to this one and none of my other teachers ever cared about me. The other teachers never pushed me or encouraged me. It was like I was invisible to them, but when I started school at Academy with Community Partners I felt important and appreciated. This made me want to work hard and get straight A's. I loved this school and I am sure many other will too.
This school was very helpful in mailing my transcripts and offered a lot of scholarship options for local schools. My schooling options were much different, considering I wanted to go to university, but my community college was very easily set up. I did not feel prepared to go to university right after, but community college was a highly recommended option.
Academy with Community Partners offers a wide variety of classes to take, the teachers are friendly and involved, and the classes are small enough for each student to get the attention they need. The block scheduling allows students to have breaks and even out their workload and make sure they graduate on time. Students that attend ACP are given the ability to enjoy going to school and get a good education.
Though the school is very small, there are great opportunities for each student to be involved in a sport or in volunteering. Each club consists of a very large portion of the students and is highly recommended by students and teachers alike.
This is a great school. the teachers meet your needs & everyone is super friendly. I learned so much at this school.
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