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Academy Park High School Reviews

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Academy Park is a very good highschool. Even though there ratings may not be the best, if you just give it a try it's really a fun and friendly school. It makes you feel as though your apart of a family and it becomes your second home.
To be completely honest, my school isn't as terrible as other people think it is. I just wish we had better food and more electives.
I liked the fact that a lot of teachers we helpful. Most of the teacher in particular that I had did there job well and showed that they cared. I islike the fact that a lot of the teacher simply just didn't care and the were just there to be that, not to help. A lot of the students at the school acted how they acted In response that how the teachers treated them. If feel as though if the staff them selve were in our shoes, thing would be different.
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What I liked about Academy Park High School is that the faculty challenges you to be the best you can be. In order to succeed you have to want you. Things I would like to see change at Academy Park are the students ambition and drive. I believe no matter who you are if you want to succeed you have to remain focused and determined. Other things I would like to see are more sport clubs. Academy Park lacks an swim team and also, a males lacrosse team. My four years of Academy Park High School positive and made me want to strive even harder to become something great.
I liked how each I had over my school year made the person I am, without them giving a head start in life as an adult everything would be so hard, But thanks to Academy Park I’ll be attending Harcum College for Expands Functions Dental Assisting and completeing my Dental Assistant program at DCTS. It’s an overall delightful school to attend. I loved band class, rising scholars and even the talent shows that we had.
May have a bad reputation but the teachers and students really do care about what they do. Teachers are always available to help meanwhile students also try their best to become involve with many clubs and extracurricular activities.
Teachers are okay, somewhat stern. There is some diversity among the school.The students are okay, but most are ghetto and disrespectful. Most of the students are African American, but there is some diversity to it. I just don't like the fact that some students have gym as a first period. Your'e barely awake, it just doesn't make sense. The teachers motivate you to complete your classwork.
My experience at Academt Park has been alright so far. Nothing too crazy going on. Some of the teachers are pretty cool and understanding, activities are fun for the most part when they come up. The academics aren't easy but not too difficult; really helps you develop a strong and optimistic mindset for the future.
AP really prepares you for the world and the staff are willing to help or give advice based on personal experience to make sure you reach your goal.
I enjoyed the introduction of many clubs through the later years of my high school experience. The teachers working at this high school really care about their students and want to see them succeed.
I graduated from the school it’s had it’s ups and downs not all of the teachers are the best some just sit around. But they were improving when I was leaving. The students are not the best as majority but has long as effort was put into the work it was good.
My experience at Academy Park was fairly okay. But the school doesn’t really help us with the college process.
Academy Park is really fun when it comes to sports and activities. The food isn't that bad, and the academic aspect is excellent. Most of the people that go to the school are friendly; although not everyone is. The principal is really good at his job, and tends to make sure that the school is a very safe place for us to be in. The school has been really bad for decades, but it is now improving a lot. The safety in the school is really good; there are security guards, cops, and all the students are required to wear an ID at all times.
What I liked about Academy Park High School was that it wasn't too big. Our school was one. We all knew each other and were close and we never really had dull moments. All the kids basically grew up with each other so their was always memorable times whether we were outside of the classroom or inside learning and helping one another out.
I enjoyed my time here. Over the years it has gotten stricter at this school though. I understand that it was all for the students' safety but it made the school feel like a prison. Teachers and students had great relationships. Teachers were approachable and it was obvious they did care about their students, as long as the students were respectful. In regards to academics, I yearned for more of a challenge at times.
What I like about Academy Park High School is that they have good sports to play and to be involved in. What I would like to see change is the fights they have there and the food there could be better as well.
Academy Park forms young studetns into leaders, with the help of teachers who points out your right and wrongs, different clubs or activities to join, lost of school spirit, and plenty of diversity! With the help of their best club, Rising Scholars, this school is shaping students for college.
Good public high school, many people look down upon it but it's a really good school, good teachers and students. Great place to be
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Academy Park High School is a wonderful school and I’m glad to be a part of the 2017 graduating class. The staff has been kind, helpful, and understanding throughout my four years attending. Academy Park High School offers a few programs for students that may need a more flexible learning path such as the Cyber Program, which I’m apart of. Being a part of Academy Park’s Cyber Program has allowed me to work when I can without worrying about being late for school which I had an issue with freshman year. The Cyber Program has also allowed me to bring my GPA up which I’m grateful for.
attending academy park is overall life experience, like everything in this world it has its flaws and it also has it's fine points.
Academic Park is not the best of schools in PA but it's definitely not the worst . They have great sports team but their academic level is 75%. The student are "okay". On a rate of 100% I'll say they're 60% good .
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