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What I liked about Academy Park High School was that it wasn't too big. Our school was one. We all knew each other and were close and we never really had dull moments. All the kids basically grew up with each other so their was always memorable times whether we were outside of the classroom or inside learning and helping one another out.
I enjoyed my time here. Over the years it has gotten stricter at this school though. I understand that it was all for the students' safety but it made the school feel like a prison. Teachers and students had great relationships. Teachers were approachable and it was obvious they did care about their students, as long as the students were respectful. In regards to academics, I yearned for more of a challenge at times.
What I like about Academy Park High School is that they have good sports to play and to be involved in. What I would like to see change is the fights they have there and the food there could be better as well.
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Academy Park forms young studetns into leaders, with the help of teachers who points out your right and wrongs, different clubs or activities to join, lost of school spirit, and plenty of diversity! With the help of their best club, Rising Scholars, this school is shaping students for college.
Good public high school, many people look down upon it but it's a really good school, good teachers and students. Great place to be
Academy Park High School is a wonderful school and I’m glad to be a part of the 2017 graduating class. The staff has been kind, helpful, and understanding throughout my four years attending. Academy Park High School offers a few programs for students that may need a more flexible learning path such as the Cyber Program, which I’m apart of. Being a part of Academy Park’s Cyber Program has allowed me to work when I can without worrying about being late for school which I had an issue with freshman year. The Cyber Program has also allowed me to bring my GPA up which I’m grateful for.
attending academy park is overall life experience, like everything in this world it has its flaws and it also has it's fine points.
Academic Park is not the best of schools in PA but it's definitely not the worst . They have great sports team but their academic level is 75%. The student are "okay". On a rate of 100% I'll say they're 60% good .
We have a really good football team. We don't wear uniforms which is good i guess. We have decent fundraisers and we get to raise money for good causes. In the rising scholars programs, you get to go on cancer walks with this program. We have a nice staff.
Academy Park is excellent high school that cares for the staff and students. They have many courses such as psychology, Biochemistry, and introduction into law. My experience at Academy park has showed me respect, honor, and to push myself further to accomplish my long term goals.
Teachers in this school tend to give students the amount of work they thinkn colleges give to their students. I say this because they want to prepare their students for college so college won't suprise them.
students are very involved when it comes to school, because we have so many diverse students and religious belief we have so many different clubs that students can join. For me I didn't join any clubs because I had a job that starte right after school.
i gave extracurricular a five star because it is the best thing that happened to this school. First I say this because students are committed to what they do, and by that it's keeping a lot of kids off the streets and keeping them busy! My favorite activity was cheerleading, I love to cheerlead even though cheerleaders don't get the respect they should for the the most school spirit, committing their time and energy into learning exotic stunts to get the crowd rallied up. Most important cheering the football team on when they have the biggest crowd and even when they don't have a crowd at all. We cheer and practice rain, snow, and on the hottest days. I believe extracurriculars is a big deal in Academy Park High School.
I wouldn't want to change school because i grew so close to Academy Park High School that it's like my second home. I would not dare to change my high school because the teachers are determind that their students learn and be kids of the future, so can be legendary and make a difference.
The teachers in Academy Park High School are determined that their kids do well so they can be someone in the future.
There are many academic classes offered at Academy Park. These classes are diverse and can be changed to fit a person's intellectual level. The teachers expect a lot out of students that are in higher level classes such as honors or AP classes. the scheduling process is good, if a student wishes to change a class, all they need to do is go to their guidance counselor and request a different class for any reason. The workload varies depending on the class you take but i feel that it is very manageable. There are also Vocational Tech classes which are available at DCTS, the local public trades school. Popular classes are usually the easier classes which gives students a break in their day.
Students are not very involved in much except sports. As for acceptance, nobody cares about your differences as long as you are a relatively good person, the students here are pretty mature and accepting on that topic. Peer pressure is also not an issue. I am well aware that drugs are very easily attainable here, and have seen people buying/selling them. In my experience nobody is going to force you to take drugs, if you say no, they'll accept that and move on. there aren't really any challenges that i have noticed in my time here. The school is not very ethnically diverse, either. There are many more students of African and African American descent than there are of white, Asian or Hispanic descent. Diversity in sexual orientation is also not a problem here. There are a few students that have different sexual orientations and all the students here are pretty accepting of that.
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The extracurricular opportunities at this school are average. There is a range of clubs to choose from but many lack intellectual discussions. The clubs are usually sports, acting, or video game clubs. These are an okay range but they lack intellectual diversity. I know that several students have tried to form chess clubs and debate clubs but were unable to due to the general lack of interest in these areas.
The experience that I had at Academy Park is somewhat mixed. I wanted to go to Cardinal O'Hara, a private school a few towns away, as I had a scholarship to go there and the cost would have been very low. The main reason why i didn't was because it would have been very inconvenient for me to go to a school so far (the schools are about 6 miles apart) away when there was a school that would be more advantageous for me to get to. Something that made this school feel unique to me was the differences between the students. Even though Academy Park had such a diverse student body, I noticed that many students were open minded and accepting. Honestly, I feel as if i had the choice to start over, I would try to go to a different school such as O'Hara.
The teachers at this school do what they need to do and do their best to help their students. Usually, these teachers have busy schedules that they must tend to, as many have families. Whenever they are unavailable, I find that teachers will always try to schedule a time to talk with the student that is convenient for both parties. In my experience, teachers grade work well but can get held back on some of the grading due to their busy schedules. Their teaching styles vary and i find that many teachers are able to handle the classroom and a few are unable to do that, making the learning environment more challenging. I do know, that the teachers are very knowledgeable in their fields and can help students with questions in said fields. Overall, the teachers in Academy Park do their best to teach, accommodate, and encourage their students, but sometimes lack the free time necessary to do so.
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