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it's overall a good school with people want to thrive just like you.however it does have its downsides to it, like fights and drama all over the school.
I believe I would have striven a lot better in a different environment. I honestly don't believe this is a good school , work can definitely used here. However as a student it's also up to you to make the best of the situation and environment your in , that should never be an excuse to stop learning.
My experience has been an okay one . There’s a bit of nonsense that goes on but it’s mainly the people not the school itself. It’s really what you make of it .
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Academy Park High School is a tremendous institution. However, it gets a bad rep due to a select few of the students. The teachers care about the students and their education. However, they will only help those who want help. Many of my peers were disruptive and disrespectful. Perhaps this is due to the socioeconomic status that several of us were in. Nevertheless, I think AP does a phenomenal job of teaching students and setting them up for post-diploma success.
I've been attenting Academy Park High since the 9th grade. I am currently a senior. I love the recognition I get as a captain on the cheerleading team. I've been a cheerleader for 3 years now. The support I provided and receive is amazing. High school can be overwhelming and challenging. But I know in the end it'll be all worth it. Academy Park is a diverse school. I love that about my school. We get to learn so much about each other. The way we look different
and learn differently. I appreciate the differnt cultures.
Academy Park is a great school, I attended this school for my entire high school semester. The teachers are very caring and the atmosphere is very friendly. I can say from experience myself that when a teacher see's something wrong action is immediately taken! They make sure each student feel comfortable enough to open up about personal issues. I like that my school is very hands on and caring when it comes to teenage pregnancy. They have a program for young teenagers who are expecting, this program informs new parents on how to fill out paperwork such as WIC. This program also provides clothing, food, strollers and many other things to help the new parent. One thing I believe they should improve is helping students find a job and teaching them how to fill out applications.
The principal cares about his students . Academia is definitely an important part of the the school . Sports are amazing. Theater department is something straight off of broadway NY . I enjoyed my daughter’s full high school experience.
My experience at Academy Park I would say is very good. I learn everything I need to and all the teacher do everything they can to help support you. There are also a lot of different clubs and athletics you can get involved in.
The sports are fun experience, you meet so many people just for them. Academic wise the majority of the teachers really care about you success and help you to the best of there abilities.
Academy Park is a good school. It's not the best, but I like how the Honors and AP classes offer challenges. I also love the school band. I do wish that there were more electives to choose from. The school should also serve better quality food to the students.
Great principle, guidance counselors and teachers. The teacher do their jobs and much more for the students.
I️ loved everything about Academy Park High School. The teachers and staff were amazing! The school was well put together as well.
Academy Park High School is by far one the best high schools I have ever been at. With the best teachers which are hardworking and serious about their work. You can easily talk and understand them.They try their best in teaching us and correcting us. Our administrative staff members like the guidance staff are very easy to talk to and understand whenever you have a question or something is troubling you, they make sure to listen and solve your issues. It's also one of the safest schools, environmental friendly and clean. It's also serves breakfast and lunches everyday.Transportation is also not an issue in Academy Park High School the busses takes you in and out of the school.Academy Park also involves itself in activities like , going to educative tv shows, field trips, and whole lots of things.
One of the I would like them to change is, themy involving themselves in less popular sports like girls soccer, field hockey etc.
great school for your family, very diverse. Great graduation rate for students. Sports teams for the school are very good. If you are
I love how the teachers push us (the students) to do our best. I feel like the after school help that NHS hosts on Tuesdays is wonderful for students to be tutored for free by their peers. The only problems I have had with Academy Park High School is the lunch and the bathrooms. The lunch is not very good at all and the soap is not properly stocked daily in the bathrooms.
Academy Park is a very good highschool. Even though there ratings may not be the best, if you just give it a try it's really a fun and friendly school. It makes you feel as though your apart of a family and it becomes your second home.
To be completely honest, my school isn't as terrible as other people think it is. I just wish we had better food and more electives.
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I liked the fact that a lot of teachers we helpful. Most of the teacher in particular that I had did there job well and showed that they cared. I islike the fact that a lot of the teacher simply just didn't care and the were just there to be that, not to help. A lot of the students at the school acted how they acted In response that how the teachers treated them. If feel as though if the staff them selve were in our shoes, thing would be different.
What I liked about Academy Park High School is that the faculty challenges you to be the best you can be. In order to succeed you have to want you. Things I would like to see change at Academy Park are the students ambition and drive. I believe no matter who you are if you want to succeed you have to remain focused and determined. Other things I would like to see are more sport clubs. Academy Park lacks an swim team and also, a males lacrosse team. My four years of Academy Park High School positive and made me want to strive even harder to become something great.
I liked how each I had over my school year made the person I am, without them giving a head start in life as an adult everything would be so hard, But thanks to Academy Park I’ll be attending Harcum College for Expands Functions Dental Assisting and completeing my Dental Assistant program at DCTS. It’s an overall delightful school to attend. I loved band class, rising scholars and even the talent shows that we had.
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