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My experience was amazing and many lessons on teaching me to become an independent young adult and ready for life after high school.
As a former student of AUP, located in Bushwick Brooklyn, I am very grateful having attended that school. AUP has a variety of entertainment for both teachers and students in the school. They celebrate all diversities and welcome all students regardless of race, disability, religion, etc.
It's a small school so everyone is focused on helping one another. Teachers really help you and not just teach.
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I went to the Academy of Urban Planning and the staff members really care about the children's education and what they're doing after high school. The try to accommodate everyone who comes and makes you feel welcomed.
The teachers at the Academy of Urban Planning are diligently. They always plan their lesson in a coherent manner where the students can be able to understand the lesson. They answer any questions that the studetns may ask for basic understanding. They care a lot about the students, that they attend after school as well as saturdays days to help the students success in the state exames; in any work that they have to do. Also, they make activities where the studerns can be engage in the lesson. Those teachers are the best because they care about the educaion of the students.
The bond that students create wit teacher is what makes this school unique. This is not a school is a family.
Teachers and students became my second family
Many students are known to start their own clubs and the teachers support them 100%.
Everyone is known to be open minded which makes it easier to get along with almost everyone. I learned to be open to others and myself in politics, behavior and decisions. This school offered me so much programs that I regret not choosing any. I did pick an internship which helped change my life since I lived with a couple of strangers and had to live with them for a month, during the summer. The goal was to help prepare a benefit and oyster restoration.
This school is small so its not recognized well. Many teachers go beyond to help students even if the don't teach them. many would stay after school to help on homework or the day's lesson.
Many who come late to school would get warnings but lately this school offers detention to those who comes late to school. The policy has been enforced which improves lateness in the school.
This school offers different sports team. Most students are into staying after school to watch these games since the next day many would talk about it. I'm not into watching them but I like to give support to my friends who play in the team.
They only offer basketball, cheerleading, softball, and volley ball.
Some teachers care and others don't.
The food in my high school were very poor in quality
Ordinary classes were offered at my high school
My high school had alot of bullying, gossip, and drama
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Nothing makes my high school unique.Everyday was filled with drama,fights, and staff who didn't care.
I didn't feel like my high school prepared me for "the real world" at all.I am prepared because I prepared myself.My high school was very careless and disorganized. Most students drop-out or transfer to another school.
Not much options, a basketball team that isn't good.
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