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Academy of Tucson High School Reviews

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I enjoy the school's small class sizes. Since the school is small, teachers are readily available to help students. Academy of Tucson offers many AP courses and honors credit opportunities. Despite some differences, everyone usually gets along. Even though people tend to stay in their own group, AoT is not huge on cliques. Although it is a small school, there are many extracurricular opportunities. I also feel safer here than if I were to attend a TUSD school. However, there should be an indoor cafeteria for rainy days. Whenever it is rainy, the students have to continue eating outside or go in one of the available classrooms. There should also be a cover for the outdoor hallway. Whenever it is rainy passing period, the rain pours on everyone since there is no overall cover. This is troublesome when you are trying to get items out of your locker. The umbrellas over the lunch tables are the only cover.
Academy of Tucson is an excellent college prep school. Not only do you receive one on one help from teachers but there is also a sense of equality. Students from many different backgrounds come to this school and are welcomed with open arms. With a total number of students of about 160, this small school environment is perfect for the developing of minds. The teachers actually care about the performance of each student as well as their health. When I don't understand a concept or start to fall behind, I can immediately go to a teacher and they make time for me. The only thing that needs to improve is the resources. The school lacks certain resources in order for students to be more prepared once graduated. I have been in this school district since kindergarten and am now senior so I am confident to recommend this school to anyone looking for a challenging and stimulating high school.
This is a small school with huge expectations. I am about to start my senior year here and everyday I become more and more thankful to be a student here. The teachers genuinely care about the students, both mentally and academically. AOT challenges students, but sets them up for success. Overall, this is an amazing school!
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My favorite part about being a student here was the excellent academic programs which I felt help prepare me for going to college. One thing that I would have liked to have seen is more focus on Sports achievement.
All the teachers were there to help you learn and grow. If you ever needed extra help or just someone to talk to the campus had plenty of great teachers willing to do so. I would love to see the campus grow so that we had more space to sit at lunch or a gym for a P.E program.
The good thing about this school is that the teachers care to see you grow as a student and a person. The school is rather small and lacking in certain student activities, but the small environment provides a good education.
Academy of Tucson allows students to get a great education. Classes are small and teachers can show students the time they need. Advanced classes are also offered.
This is an absolutely great school. I am prepared for college and have a scholarship because I went to this school. Thanks AOT!!
The teachers are really nice. All the teachers are more then willing to spend the time to help you one on one. The students all get along, there is a enforced no bullying tolerance. For the most part all the students get along.
I have enjoyed attending the Academy of Tucson for my high school career. The small campus and class sizes makes for a personal learning experience.
There are different clubs that anyone can be a part of. They all have teachers that help run them but it is mostly up to the students what they want to do. Because of this, they are not always the best organized.
The only thing that I did not like about this school is how small it is. I would have liked a larger school more because there are more opportunities for harder classes. I do like the fact that this school is very close, similar to a family.
All of the teachers care about the students. The teachers do their best to make sure that the students are passing the classes and understanding the materials. Most classes are lecture based but they stay very interesting. It is easy to contact a teacher when help is needed and they respond within a day usually.
The students at the school are about average, you have your average people and you have the wannabes as well
We do not have a technical nurse at school. We have never had a lock down drill since I have been here, and only a few fire drills every year.
It was okay for the most part. There were times were I planned on transferring out but I just did not do it
There is no cafeteria we sit outside, not sure how the food is because I pack a lunch
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The administration is average, there are a few that are fair and a few that some people have had issues with
There are only a few sport teams. I was disappointed that there was no baseball because that is what I play and there is not many other teams as well.
Most of the teachers you are able to tell that they care or that they are willing to help the students. A few of the teachers some do not find very helpful or who they appear to be towards people.
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