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ASH is an incredible school. The moment I walked in the doors I knew this place was something special. The sense of community is, without a doubt, my favorite part of being a part of this school. We are not Catholic and are treated no differently as a result. Everyone gets to know everyone else and is genuinely interested in the well-being of others. Academically, they are amazing as well. The school’s focus on educating the “whole child” is not just a marketing slogan. They focus on each child as an individual with their own strengths and interests instead of treating every lesson as a means to obtaining the right test score. One of our children is struggling with reading and this school is bending over backwards to find ways to help her find confidence and success. The additional focus on service and communication is also incredible. The fact that we have found a school that emphasizes the values we want to instill in our children is worth every penny.
Girl centric.... Traditions are carried over from the once all girl school. Boys are an after thought.
Amazing academic program, including a science lab for lower school classes, 1:1 devices across all grades, French and Spanish are both taught, music, art and PE every day for every student!

Religious education helps children to build their relationship with God and offers the chance to put their faith in action through meaningful service.

Beautiful campus, Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne is connected to the school. Teachers and staff know the students and support the needs of each child.

Athletic programs, band, chess, robotics offered and there is a summer program.
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One of the best in the St. Louis metro, this school has accelerated academics, a supportive environment and a beautiful campus. The faculty understand the academic needs of the children and foster their spiritual growth. I highly recommend this school.

I cannot say enough about how The Academy provides my three children with an education of the mind and the heart. My children are TRULY critical thinkers; they are flexible; they are HEADS ABOVE other children their same age, and this is COMPLETELY BECAUSE of THE ACADEMY.

I cannot say enough marvelous things about how The Academy prepares my children - ALL children - to be life-long learners; to be curious, inquisitive, and socially responsible.

As a parent, if you want the VERY BEST EXPERIENCE for your child, then YOU MUST CHOOSE THE ACADEMY!

I apologize for my capital letters, but it is my genuine passion and appreciation for this most sacred, magnificent school that compels me to do so.

You will LOVE The Academy of the Sacred Heart!
Hands down the best education for my children that money can buy in the St. Louis metro/St. Charles county area. The superior academics, the focus on the whole child (emotional and spiritual development), the small class size, the individualized attention, the emphasis on personal responsibility, generosity and focus on molding the hearts and minds of my children to create a better world and instilling a desire to make a difference in the world--how can you put a price on that? Our children are our future. I'm going to give mine the best foundation possible, and I'm doing that through the fantastic teachers and community at ASH!!
Our family currently has two students enrolled at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and 5 stars are not a high enough rating for this wonderful school. The academics are superb and that reputation is what drew us to initially consider the school. But there is so much more beyond the measure of the classroom that the school has to offer. It is the education of the whole child through subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) character education activities; emphasis on faith and traditions; service projects beyond the "canned food drive" where students truly understand those they are helping; instilling and insisting upon good manners and respect for teachers and adults; etc. etc. There is a purpose to every day and every activity.
Our son has been at Academy of the Sacred Heart since pre-primary (pre-K) and we are very happy and continually impressed with the academics, engaged and caring teachers and staff. We originally chose ASH for two reasons, first I met some of the graduates at our church and children of my coworkers and they were consistently well mannered, articulate and confident. After more research, I learned the program teachers to the whole student- academics, faith, readiness to help and empathy for others. Once you get there though, and begin to be part of the tradition, the best part starts. Its a village where you find your second family.
I love how excited my daughter is to go to school every day! She has learned so much in such a short time. The teachers are wonderful and knowledgeable! Best school around!!
As an alum, there is no other place I would send my children. A fantastic education, tremendous sense of community and a commitment to educating the whole child including development of leadership skills, social justice knowledge and the importance of giving back. A tremendous value with immeasurable return on investment.
My wife and I currently have two children at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and we could not be happier. Watching how much our two have grown and learned the past couple years has been incredible. The Pre-Primary program is truly one of a kind, and was instrumental in building the educational foundation the kids needed moving forward.

The Academy doesn't just educate kids, they help develop them into caring, compassionate, responsible people. Walking the halls, every child you pass greets you while maintaining eye contact. Our kids constantly say "yes please" or "no thank you", because those types of manners and values are reinforced at school and not just in our home.

Lastly, you'd find it difficult to find another school with as strong of a community. The relationships we as parents have developed are just as important as the relationships our children have developed.
My husband and I send our two boys to the Academy. We are extremely pleased with the well-rounded education they are getting. We've gained a second family with this school that will be carried with us even after our boys have graduated.
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