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I enjoyed how Academy of the Sacred Heart places wise freedom and community as their number one values. They provided a great preparation for college and interacting with others.
The school has made many positive changes in the last several years to educate the whole student. From a synthetic human to a portable planetarium to an outdoor sports complex where multiple sports can train and share resources ... Academy of the Sacred Heart is truly educating to the life and times in which we live.
This a historic, private, catholic school located in a very important and iconic part of the city. The campus is beautiful. However, this school lacks diversity in teachers and students. It is a very tight knit community which makes it wonderful but also hard to relate to the girls who've been there forever. As a minority in the school, it was very stressful for me most days due to the ignorance and insensitive behavior of the teachers and students at times.
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Overall, I really like Sacred Heart. I like what it stands for. I like the small, Catholic school environment. I went for thirteen years. As a high school student, I have to admit, my life sucked. The administration, which they currently have, is some of the worst people in charge. When you tell the school about your problems, they definitely don't care. They talk down to you and treat you like it is your fault. They don't understand the amount of stress they put on students and they simply do not care about students.
Sacred Heart is a hit or miss. It truly depends on the class, my class was extremely cutthroat and catty. But, some classes, everyone is friends. The campus is beautiful, and in a nice area of Uptown. The administration can be difficult to work with when it comes to teacher to student conflicts. It has many traditions that are very nice, and they will give your child catholic courses throughout their time there. Overall, it’s a good school, but the child’s class will determine some of your child’s well being.
I love the Academy of the Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart helps girls become women of faith, ready for the world.
A very dedicated staff. Many with experts in the field. Always willing to assist students.
Teachers for the most part are great!! There are definitely several that are not the best, which is why I gave it a "great" review.
Definitely can use some improvement. Some areas of the school are dingy, but for the most part, the school is very nice.
I would say that bullying and fighting is not a prevalent issue, but there could definitely be better education with regards to these issues. I think that the school is safe, but I did not always feel the safest in the surrounding neighborhood
Too strict on uniform--it was unnecessarily enforced by some teachers
I feel that it prepared me quite well for a Liberal Arts education, but I know friends who are pursuing Engineering or the Sciences found that their high school education was inadequate in certain subjects once arriving to college.
Pretty nice variety of clubs and organizations, but there is definitely room for more of them. Also, the existing clubs could definitely use some funding as well, which I think would make them more integral parts of the school community.
Above all things, Sacred Heart is a safe place. As in all all-girl schools, there is some cattiness, but never physical abuse or violence. The relationship between teachers and students is incredible and there is great comfort between students and even students among different grade levels.
Sacred Heart is full of extra-cirriculars. They excel especially in athletics, but are developing their fine arts programs with new dance, theater, music and art programs. They have a variety of academic clubs, such as quiz bowl, mock trial, etc, and also some fun ones, like improv. They have yearbook club, nutrition club, science olympiad, language clubs and a variety of others. There is also National Honor Society and a lot of student-to-student tutoring before and after school in the library.
The school is going through a series of changes within the administration. A new headmistress, dean of high school, dean of middle school -- the school is working to find the best and most fitting people to lead the students. However, the staff and faculty are always caring for their students. There is, and always has been, a unique bond between students and faculty at this school.
Sacred Heart is more than just an academic environment. It is a school that cares about all aspects of the girls who go there and develops the whole student - not just educates them. The comfort and love that I feel at this school is unparallel to any other school in the city. The girls who go through Sacred Heart are proud alumni; they value what Sacred Heart has done for them. The academics are challenging, especially compared to some other all-girl schools in the Greater New Orleans Area (this coming from a student), and they have an exceptional athletic program. The cross country team, the soccer team and the tennis team have been frequent state champions over the last decade. The school is making progress to develops its arts program and improve all aspects of its school: the new fine arts building, a new soccer stadium, an increased number of teachers/educators as well as an improved administration. As a student, I love this school and am forever grateful for the education and experience it has given me.
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The sports teams are good apparently, but no one really pays attention to what's going on with athletics.
I feel like I never learned anything in class. The teachers go far too slowly, and they hardly cover anything over a one year span. Classes are very monotonous. Yes, the teachers care about their students, just not their education.
The administration get's over involved in things that don't concern them; things that happen outside of school. They are also stupid things. The administration made a huge deal over students going on twitter in class, which they found out not by seeing someone do it, but by looking at student's accounts and seeing when they posted things. It is extremely invasive and unhelpful, especially when it comes to bullying. If anything, they only make bullying worse.
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