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I have attended the academy of the sacred heart since I was a preschooler. I will finish my senior year in June. The academy prepared me to be independent in many ways. You travel away from your home without parents beginning g in fourth grade. They teach you service at a young age too. They do a great job teaching you about the wider world. I feel confident about continuing my education out of state because they prepared me so well. The education was hard but not beyond my capabilities. They have prepared me for higher education.
The Upper School gives great opportunities beyond the classroom. Although the administration needs some work, the faculty is an amazing group and I was lucky to have them as teachers and friends.
The small school atmosphere creates a close, loving community which becomes your home. The individual attention from teachers in class enables students to excel in academics.
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I came to this school in sixth grade and t was the best decision I have ever made. I love the atmosphere and how welcoming the community is. I am best friedns with all 28 of my classmates, and that is something not a lot of people can say. I hihgly reccommend this middle/high school.
My experience is fair. That's why I'm moving to another school after staying for 1 year.
The school lunch is great. I hope there is organic option available though.
I don't know much. My daughter just does after school tutoring.
My daughter is in 3rd grade (there is 1 3rd grade classroom here.) She is new this year and she was struggling at the biginning for a few months trying to fit in. She didn't have any friends to pair up with when the teachers asked them to for some activities. She came home crying often because she was left out all the time. I was mad because this not supposed to happen. The teachers needed to help and assigned the pair for the students. But from what I have know, they still did ask the students to pair up by themselves although I emailed and actually went in to talk with the teachers. My daughter is okay now because she finally has her best friend to pair up with. Otherwise, she might have to cry all the way through 3rd grade.
All around, I felt very safe there.
The extracurricular experiences at this school are what you make of the them. If you choose to have a fun and positive attitude, you will definitely enjoy yourself.
Academy of the Sacred Heart is an amazing school. It is so hard to put into words what the community there is like; you'll have to experience the greatness for yourself.
All the teachers are willing to provide help when you need it. Don't be afraid to contact a teacher to tell them that you need help; they want you to succeed just as much as you want to!
It's pretty much good, except if you've been here all your life you get away with doing anything.
We are only allowed to be in one, kind of odd
It's overall a good learning atmosphere, but socially it can get very cliquey.
All the teachers really care and go above and beyond to ensure everyone gets the information.
The teachers care about us.
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We have too many unnecessary rules.
One very unique thing about Sacred Heart is Project Term. Project Term is a week long "semester" that allows students to travel to places throughout the country or world with classmates and teachers. One trip I went on was to San Francisco and Silicon Valley to learn about tech start-up companies and entrepreneurship. Another was a service trip to Nicaragua to teach children English. This year, as a Senior, I will be traveling to the Peruvian Amazon with 12 other students and two teachers. The experiences offered are once in a lifetime and incredibly life-altering.
Our college guidance counselor is the best. She's very knowledgeable about the admissions process for college and frequently checks in with all of us. For technology we all use Windows based tablet computers which allows for writing on the screen in order for taking notes. It's very nice!
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