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I graduated from Academy of the Redwoods last year and truly believe it is the most exceptional high school in the area. As an early college high school, the school offers unmatched college readiness skills, allowing students to complete their General Education requirements for a four-year-university or even graduate from College of the Redwoods with an Associate's Degree. The student community is small but extremely close-knit with little to no bullying, unlike most other high schools. The teachers and administration are extremely personable and accessible, always available to help, and extremely supportive. The only sports accessible are basketball through the coast league and assorted PE classes offered by CR - this proves to be a disadvantage to most kids interested in playing sports in high school, but the basketball team allows a good connection with CR Basketball players and coaches.
Amazing. Not only did I get 2 years of free college, but I got to work alongside some of the most amazing people I have ever met.
Academy of the Redwoods is a small and friendly school. Not only is it a high school with classes that are accelerated, it is also a dual enrollment high school. AR is situated on the campus of College of the Redwoods and students are allowed to take up to 11 units a semester of college credit. It really feels like a large family. Everybody knows everybody and the teachers want you to succeed. I think deciding to go to AR instead of a traditional high school was one of the best choices I have ever made.
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During my time as a student at Academy of the Redwoods, I was blown away by the commitment of the staff to their students. The teachers really care about you as a person, not just as a student. AR can connect you to so many resources and the staff are always willing to help you or redirect you to someone who can help better. Obviously, the chance to get college credits is a pretty big deal, but I was pleasantly surprised at how tight-knit the community is. I found myself enjoying AR for the community and the incredible support from staff I received, not just the chance to take college classes. AR has a very positive and supportive learning environment and you don't have to be the best to succeed at AR.
Academy of the Redwoods is a fantastic school full of college opportunity and readiness, including an extra push into success. Though it may lack certain sports or activities, it is truly a place of learning and support. The teachers and staff are incredible, and you truly find your way.
Academy of the Redwoods really is an amazing school. The staff and students are really just one big family. The campus and college coursework gives students a heightened sense of respect and responsibility.
Academy of the Redwoods is a great school for students who are interested in getting a head-start on earning college credits. Because the school is on a college campus, students get to learn and gain experience from a variety of people. The classes are rather small and students gain great relationships with students and staff.
The tight scholarly community at AR is one that is not easily found elsewhere. Each staff member cares about all of the students not just as students, but as individuals; every student knows that they can come to a staff member for support, whether it be in academics or in another area of their life.
Being an early college high school, AR offers a program in which high school students are able to earn their associate's degree by the time of their high school graduation, allowing us to interact with professors and college students as well as enter college as upperclassman undergraduates.
Over all, my personal experience has been extremely enriching and has exposed me to opportunities and ideas that I would not have found elsewhere. I am deeply thankful for the experience of being a college student before graduating high school; it has had its high and low points that have all challenged me in every aspect of my life, and I am sure that my fellow classmates can gladly say the same.
Going to Academy of the Redwoods was one of the most life changing experiences of my life. This school gave me the opportunity to challenge myself every semester to go good in all of my classes. By my second year of high school, the school encouraged me to take college classes and now in my senior year, I have nearly completed my general education with a bunch of other academic courses on top of that I will be able to use to transfer when I go to a 4 year. As a high school student, I can honestly say that I am excited and not scared to graduate and go to college as a full time student and continue in my studies. With all the tools this school has taught me to use so that I can succeed, I now feel independent and confident enough that I can graduate from a 4 year with my Masters or even a Doctorate degree.
The school is unique because it is an early college high school, but more importantly because the school focuses on time management. I'm not sure if I would go to this school again, but that's only because I have never gone any where else for my high school experience. But it is a good school.
The teachers are all pretty great. I've had some issues with one or two, but nothing major. The teachers teach in a manner that is open for discussion, but the other students don't always except other views, but they try. The teachers are interested in the welfare of the students, for the most part, and do well at communicating what they want.
Our school security wise is very good because we have an active police academy on campus. So there are always law enforcement offices driving around.
There are many clubs that the students have started, and there are always more being started through out the year. Not a lot of students are in clubs because most are very busy doing their work to join a club.
I had transferred to this school my sophomore year of high school, because this school offered to pay for me to take college classes while in high school. I would choose this school if I could do it over again just so that I could get a better start on the college classes. If this school didn't pay for my college classes I wouldn't have gone here in the first place.
All of the teachers here at AR are very nice and students can often talk to them about anything. The teaching and grading of this school is very good as well, the teachers work very hard to make sure that all of the students understand the material before they move on to the next lesson.
Academy of the Redwoods has provided me with an early start towards my college education by allowing students to enroll part-time in the community college that shares its campus with us, College of the Redwoods. This has allowed me to meet new people, encounter new ideas, and challenge myself academically. I would choose this school again in a heartbeat as it has given me valuable experience and prepared me for what is to come.
All of the teachers at Academy of the Redwoods go above and beyond when it comes to educating their students. They are available by phone and email at all hours and enjoy teaching their respective subjects. My History and English teachers were my favorite, but that stems from my personal interests in the subjects as opposed to the quality of the teaching. Every teacher there provides a safe and encouraging work and study environment and encourages students to ask questions as well as work together to problem solve. Their grades arrive in a timely fashion and I always received the grade that I deserved.
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Academy of the Redwoods is like a close knit family, you come in as a nervous first year and by your second year you have a very large second family. There aren't so many students that you get lost easily and the teachers all know you and are willing to help you.

You also get to take college classes which is great.

Unfortunately once you're no longer taking high school classes with the super supportive teachers it's very easy to feel like you've fallen under the radar and none of the staff would notice if you just disappeared.

Of course, having the principal bring you in just to tell you how much your teachers didn't like you and how awful you are to your face doesn't tend to encourage positive views of a school.

I'm a good kid, I don't get in trouble, I don't do anything bad. I love AR. I love the teachers. I just wish that they offered a little more support.
Going to Academy of the Redwoods provided me with a lot of knowledge and experience that I wouldn't have been able to receive at another high school. I have built strong relationships with many of the teachers. Attending this school has also given me opportunities that few other schools are able to provide, such as taking college courses and learning how to effectively manage my time. Our school community is also very tight and supportive.
Because Academy of the Redwoods is located on a junior college campus, we have access to their cafeteria. This provides lots of variety and excellent food.
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