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Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School Reviews

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My experience at the Academy of The Pacific Rim was overall pretty good. I enjoyed building connections with my teachers and took advantage of some resources that they provided for students and I. For example, I got into a program called Summer Search, which basically made sure students in High School were successful and prepared for College. Although Academy of the Pacific Rim was a really good experience for me academically, I wished they had more sport clubs such as football, swimming, fencing, and squash.
Teachers and academics were great, but social life and extra curriculars were not up to par. The school focused too much on academics and not building a well rounded student.
I got bullied everyday by kids in my grade to the point where I felt suicidal and developed anxiety. My self esteem was horrible and I didn’t even wanna go out in public. But even so, I made some friends who stood by me through this horrible experience and cared about me so much and I’m glad I got to meet these rare gems. My teachers have tried but these kids are just horrible cold hearted people... there needs to be more emphasis on bullying because I feel like these kids are event being punished enough for their actions. The way they treat people is actually horrible and sad. There have been teachers who quit bc the kids are so damn mean and I’ve had friends who have told me that this school is the reason they are so messed up today.. it’s sad.
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The things I love about Academy of the Pacific Rim is how much the school prepares students for college. The school is really small which makes it easier for one on one help with a teacher.
Great experience, dedicated teachers. Teachers in this school take a personal interest in the learning of the students. Students often develop emotional attachment to the material making it likely that they get an in depth understanding of it, often having conversations about it outside of school. Curriculum is unlike any other school, as the teachers have a hand in creating it so students often get fresh new outlooks on subjects like algebra, English, and history, learning things other students don't learn for several years ahead, allowing students to deeply comprehend and process the world around them.
I went to APR from grades 6-12. In the beginning, I did not like the school but it became better. Over the years, many teachers have pushed me, even when I didn't want to be pushed, in order to reach my full potential. I learned confidence and how to hold my self accountable for my actions. I learned how to be a team member, a citizen and a friend. There's already a community in APR but I often found myself disconnected from the courses I was in. I think mixing current events with the interests of the students while maintaining the requirements for each grade level would be a great addition to APR. I think there should be more clubs offered at APR, such as language clubs or coding clubs. It would certainly unlock the potential of many and bring them out of their comfort zones. My experience at APR wasn't always pleasant but I learned so much about myself and about the world. Success is what you make it, but it takes a village.
One of the best schools any parent can send their child to! Teachers provide students with the help they need constantly. Expose their students to other cultures, as well as, teaching students discipline and character.
The school needs to be teaching more about the American History. Overall the school is good and very challenging for the students.
I feel like I may be based to certain teachers due to the fact that I like some of my teachers more than others. Overall however it is safe to say that my teachers have taught me a lot and I would not be where I am to day without all the teachers in my life who've helped up to this point in my life.
Favorite experience is being in an english seminar class. My school is unique because it provides hands on help and they help guide you through it all. I wouldnt choose another school because I wouldnt succeed anywhere else
All the experiences whether they were good or bad help shape me as a person and I think its important to learn from the bad situations that are encountered.
Guidance counselors are great, along with the teachers.
I feel that going off to get higher education can really get people to the careers that they want to have. I feel this high school had prepared me for that.
If someone is sick than the nurse would do what that person thought is right and does helps students, but is not a doctor can only do so much. Security was okay, there was no real threat to the safety of us students, but times have changed since I left. There may or may not be a need for higher security.
The academics can be challenging at times, but the teachers there are very resourceful and help when a student needs it. The curriculum is more difficult than that of other high schools and it puts the students at a high advantage.
I feel the classes at the academy were intense and they have helped me better prepare for the classes at my university. We were taught a sense of professionalism and I feel I have carried that demeanor with me.
I got in to the university that I wished to be in and I do feel over all my high school experience has helped me get to ware i am today.
The academy is a college prep school and what they have to offer the students in order to get there is very good. There is a tutoring opportunity that is very assessable to the students. The staff is very willing to help students if they need it.
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Involvement with staff seems to be effective, if a student can connect with someone they are more likely willing to do what they need to do as a student. If a child is acting up and simply can adhere to the polices on a great level than that student should no longer be attending that school.
There were regular school lunches that had some nutritional value, but not the best.
Overall, this school is pretty good. You might not have heard of us, we're a pretty small school, but we're really into community. I love how everyone roots for each other academically, because at the end of the day we all have the same goal: College. I would mostly likely choose to go to this school again. most definitely.
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