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Academy of the New Church - Girls School Reviews

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I loved the atmosphere and how everyone is accepting. It is a church school though so the rules are crazy intense. Overall an amazing experience.
With small class sizes you get a personal learning experience. The staff is fun and makes learning easy. There is a tight bond in the community, so there are always activities and different events.
I hate this school so much , I feel as if I am not learning what so ever and everything's is about sweden borg! the school is cult like and very very tiny ... bryn athyn bubble is real!! The rules are horrible and very useless . The dresses must be at the knees which in reality is very hard to fine as well as the fact that almost every other private school doesn't even have a dress code for dances. You must be very covered for all events which is very vey sexist. The skirt rule drives everybody crazy when the skirts have to be crazy long . Don't recommend this school and would look into it a lot more than online reasearch and shadowing.
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This school is usually pretty good with health and safety! It's had a couple falling outs lately but when I was there it was pretty good!
I didn't really participate in the clubs other than the musicals and plays. That wasn't really a club but I thought I should mention it just in case!
The academy definitely got me out of my rut. Florida schools are apparently the worst in the country and I had never written an essay before I went there. I was shy before I went there and now I am outgoing. This school did more good than bad when it came to my overall experience.
The teachers are always smiling and genuinely want to help the students. However, sometimes you wonder if sometimes they treat the boys better than the girls...
This school is located in a very safe community and area in general. The doors are locked and students and faculty enter the building by swiping their ID cards. The students have limited access hours to the school. If a visitor does enter the school they have to sign in with the front desk and get a name tag, state there destination and reason for visiting. The town security office in the lower level of the school and a police and fire department are right across the street if need be.

We have had very few problems with bullying which is a blessing. This year the whole student body participated in a program called Values in Action, which at other schools would be likened to a bully prevention program. We met as a whole school a few times to discuss the school's values, and how we can apply them to our lives. Then we met in smaller groups with counselors to talk about leadership, work management, social skills etc. These groups were half of each grades male or female students so there were about ten students in each group. There is counseling available after school that is confidential and you can freely go to the counselor's office when they are there. There is a nurse and health clinic on campus. Occasionally we have guest speakers or outside of school classes on nutrition and fitness. At ANC, I feel extremely safe which makes for the best learning environment.
ANC is a small school with a total student population of around 300. It is based off the core values of New Church teachings and these are woven into every course. Some students may find this frustrating at times but in the end, the religious and spiritual aspects have brung our education to a deeper level, learning how to apply the concepts we learn to this life and the next.

ANC is a private boarding school and this creates a very unique atmosphere. Approximately half the students commute and half live on campus. The commuter students are able to spend time in the dormitories or the school property any time. I would compare our school to a liberal arts college. You are getting a taste of everything: science, math, art, literature, languages etc. There are also other ways to get involved with academic or other extracurricular activities outside the classroom. We have a community service club; two fraternities and two sororities that focus on building relationships, service and are another way to spend time with your fellow students.

The arts and athletics are also a huge part of the school. I would not be surprised if everyone in the school has at least done one sport in their high school career. Our teams have won countless championships and gone to national tournaments. It is more than winning though. We all want to support each other and going to sports games are one of the most entertaining ways to do that! Another way is through the performing arts. We have a play and a musical every year. I have participated in these for most of my years at ANC and they have given me memories I will never forget.

Of course every school has its downsides. There is the occasional annoying teacher. We do have a uniform and a social dresscode we must follow when we go to any school event. These have posed some conflicts evidently. However, Each and everyday I feel welcome and at home in my school and I have made many memories that I will cherish for years to come.
The majority of the teachers at the Academy have been teaching for 10+ years. This gives them years of experience and practice. Any time a student needs help, a teacher is there to help them. This could be the teacher of the course they are struggling in, a support teacher or another faculty member all together. Ever since my freshman year, all the teachers have gone out of their way to get to know each individual student and how they learn best. I have formed many close bonds with my teachers and know I can trust them with anything.

I am a member of our student government. Once a month the student government as a whole meets with the principal to discuss present issues, ways to improve the school and anything else. Our faculty truly cares about making our school the best it can be. The principles door is always open and she loves to have visitors. All teachers are different in their teaching styles but they all understand how to work with teenagers and have impacted so many young adults lives.
The teachers at this school are genuine in their care for their students. Not all teachers are as easy or reasonable as others, but this is expected at any school.
This school has made me a much happier and more motivated person. I have made new friends easily because the majority of people are very involved and welcoming.
There are students of every ethnicity attending the school and students of all grades spend time together.
The majority of students are very conscientious of their habits.
Pretty much everything a student could need is available.
The girls' dormitory is beautiful and the staff is caring and helpful.
A lot of students are involved in sports or dance, but P.E. is not a lot of real excersise.
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Coming from a prep school in Phoenix the curriculum seems easy, but for the majority of students it is very challenging.
There are so many extracurricular activities at my school that most people are busy constantly. Everyone is involved.
The food is decent but sometimes repetitive.
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