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I really like the all-girls aspect. The classes are very challenging and this is not a school for the weak minded. The overall experience was great and I'm so glad I went to this school
Though I have just attended for high school, Academy of the Holy Names is a great school and community that offers a sense of well-being and friendship. Very nurturing, but also prepares you well for life.
My experience here has been amazing. Its a wonderful and inclusive school filled with sisterhood and the responsibility that comes with it. I highly recommend this school because of the excellent academics and staff.
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Academy of the Holy Names is an extraordinary school. The high school is all girls which makes AHN very unique. Girls develop close bonds with each other and their teachers as the class sizes are small. The faculty of the school push students to excellence in not only academics but also in faith, culture, and world awareness. The school promotes diversity with many student-led seminars, small groups, and clubs. As a student of Academy, I love going to school every day and I really enjoy my classes.
I love my high school! I enjoyed my time there and believe they prepared me for college well. Academy is great for young women, and they offer a great education in a great city.
It is a great environment to be in especially being surrounded by love and support from your classmates and teachers. The education is very good but socially the level of diversity in the school is a bit of a challenge
I absolutely cannot stand this school. The administration is outrageous and I cannot believe that they treat their students this way. My daughter has been labeled as a troublemaker at the beginning of her start in this school and has been treated as such ever since. If my daughter accidentally wore off-white socks to school instead of regular white socks, it would call for a lunch detention and a call home. Insane!
Academy of the Holy Names is my home and it has truly shaped me into the woman I am today. The bonds I have made at Academy will last a lifetime. Academy's academics have made me feel very college ready. I will honestly miss this place after I graduate.
Sisterhood is a strong principle at the academy. All of the students bond during school activities and clubs. All of the teachers care about the students and are avaiible after school to help students.
Academy is like my second home. I have never experienced a much better education than what I get at AHN. I love going to school everyday and teachers really make school seem more fun than boring. Plus uniforms make it easier and faster for me to get ready in the morning. But overall Academy is the best school ever!!!!
They put too much pressure on the students to get good grades but it ends up paying off in the long run.
Attending an all girls school at first was scary and I was not really up for it, but after four years of attending the school I have never been so grateful. The education that I have received has been amazing and I can tell that it will be helping me as I move further into my academic career. I would only change scheduling. Other than the crazy schedules that occur occasionally, I have never been more happy in the high school that I am a part of.
Great school but I am not the biggest fan of the 2:1 system. Many girls sit online and shop instead of paying attention. Other than that, I have really enjoyed my time at this school
The academics are excellent and will surely prepare an individual fro college. However, all of the courses are very rigorous and overwhelming. My experiences with the teachers weren't awful but not the best either. Some teachers are really good, but few are really bad. I had to teach myself in some classes because the teachers would either not teach or would give the students busy work that had nothing to do with the class. However, I feel like that I have learned a lot at the school to prepare me for college.
Both of my daughters have had a great experience at AHN. I love that 90% of the girls are really focused on their academics. I would like to see more classes added for math selections.
Great school. I received a wonderful education and was very prepared for college. However, the school and it's administration can be very rude and judgmental. The school as a whole is not warm and welcoming.
Teachers are great at their jobs, very helpful and enjoyable people. Beautiful campus to walk on. Love the sense of unity in the all girls school. Not a lot of diversity. Sage (food cater) is pretty pricey.
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If I could give Academy 0 stars, I would. First, the teachers are terrible. If you want to go here, be ready to hire a bunch of tutors to help you do all your work. That is, on top of the 18k tuition. They give you loads of "busy work" that do not enhance your learning whatsoever. Another thing about the teaching is that this school hires alumni to teach classes. Some do not even have a degree in the class they are teaching. Everyone here has extremely low test scores in comparison to other schools. Another idea to consider: If you want your daughter to have a Catholic education, do not come here. Teachers promote anti-catholic ideas during class. This provokes students and often makes others uncomfortable. Teachers force students to form opinions in accordance to theirs. Many catholics are looked down upon here for even singing in mass. Administration is the worst. You can commit murder on campus and they will look the other way. They like to sweep problems under the rug. shallow!
A great education with a comfortable learning environment. All of the teachers and administration were welcoming and open all the way from freshman year to senior year.
Academy of the Holy Names teaches students all aspects of life! Helping them to grow into better individuals
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