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The academics are excellent and will surely prepare an individual fro college. However, all of the courses are very rigorous and overwhelming. My experiences with the teachers weren't awful but not the best either. Some teachers are really good, but few are really bad. I had to teach myself in some classes because the teachers would either not teach or would give the students busy work that had nothing to do with the class. However, I feel like that I have learned a lot at the school to prepare me for college.
Both of my daughters have had a great experience at AHN. I love that 90% of the girls are really focused on their academics. I would like to see more classes added for math selections.
Great school. I received a wonderful education and was very prepared for college. However, the school and it's administration can be very rude and judgmental. The school as a whole is not warm and welcoming.
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Teachers are great at their jobs, very helpful and enjoyable people. Beautiful campus to walk on. Love the sense of unity in the all girls school. Not a lot of diversity. Sage (food cater) is pretty pricey.
If I could give Academy 0 stars, I would. First, the teachers are terrible. If you want to go here, be ready to hire a bunch of tutors to help you do all your work. That is, on top of the 18k tuition. They give you loads of "busy work" that do not enhance your learning whatsoever. Another thing about the teaching is that this school hires alumni to teach classes. Some do not even have a degree in the class they are teaching. Everyone here has extremely low test scores in comparison to other schools. Another idea to consider: If you want your daughter to have a Catholic education, do not come here. Teachers promote anti-catholic ideas during class. This provokes students and often makes others uncomfortable. Teachers force students to form opinions in accordance to theirs. Many catholics are looked down upon here for even singing in mass. Administration is the worst. You can commit murder on campus and they will look the other way. They like to sweep problems under the rug. shallow!
A great education with a comfortable learning environment. All of the teachers and administration were welcoming and open all the way from freshman year to senior year.
Academy of the Holy Names teaches students all aspects of life! Helping them to grow into better individuals
AHN has been absolutely fantastic for my daughter. We moved here from an excellent CO public school, but my daughter knew she wanted a smaller, more intimate HS experience w/ rigorous academics and an opportunity to participate in sports and clubs. She has been challenged in class, she has had opportunity to participate all four years (two seasons/year) in sports, and she's been in two clubs. Most importantly, her teachers, counselors, and friends have been incredibly supportive every step of the way. She respects her teachers, has trusting relationships with her counselors, and has made incredible, life-long friends. It's demanding, but it's been great.
My daughter is in high school at Academy of the Holy Names and has loved all it has to offer. From the highly rigorous courses they offer to the friendships she has made, it has all been a good experience. However, some of the teachers in the arts department are a bit out of control. Specifically, the dance team coach rarely comes to the girls practices and misses some of their performances. For such a steep tuition, I expect a dance teacher who has knowledge of dance and is dedicated to those girls.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Academy of the Holy names and I am very sad to go. The teachers at Academy genuinely care about the students' success and well-being. The administration makes an effort to know your name and takes an interest in the changes you wish to make. If I had to go back and re-do my high school experience it would most definitely be at Academy of the Holy Names.
No other place I'd rather go for high school. You get so many opportunities to learn both in and out of the classroom and experience the world outside of school. The teachers and faculty are caring and make sure you are prepped and ready for college before you graduate.
I like the small classes and student teacher ratios. The school offers a large number of clubs and activities. I would like to more interaction with other grade levels and less comptivness among the students. Students should have a positive experience and be more well rounded in communicating with others.
Academy of the Holy Names is by far the best private school in Tampa. It provides an outstanding education and allows students numerous ways to get involved around campus. Every student's experience is unique and amazing. They foster growth, support and love to each student while also preparing them for the real world.
Academy is a school that provides an education to set students up for life in its friendly environment.
Within my senior year, the school hired a number of security guards in order to take more drastic measures to ensure the safety of students and faculty alike.
Anything you want to join is out there! I also had a classmate that started a new club, so there's availability to do that as well
In an all girls environment, there's bound to be mean girls. However, I think navigating through such things is important in learning effective communication skills for the future.
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My AP Calculus teacher was only 6 years older than me
Everything in there is nice except the boys and girls bathrooms I went in the restroom for a coffee and donut Christmas l

Party and the floor was sticky and the soap smelled like puke, and the toilet paper was the cheap kind, we pay 18 grand for a good education and heat a terrible bathroom
The teachers there are okay they give out iPads and MacBooks but have very bad strict rules. They try but they just can't handle them. My son came home one day and told me dad I got my technology taken away from me because he was on a document where you can share it with other people and he shared it with a girl that he likes and asked for her number. And then a teacher came on and showed it to the principle and he got it taken away and the principle said it is mine during summer . I paid for the technology I should be able to get my technology that I paid for. Nope they don't care.
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