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I've been at AHN since grade 7. I was shy and nervous because it was an All-Girl school, but in reality, it was way better than I expected! The sense of community is incredible, and are all like family- we are so tight knit. I went to AHN after spending my childhood in a big public school. Going to Holy Names has helped me grow into a young, independent woman. They help you gain the confidence you need to succeed, and prepare you immensely for college. AHN has changed my life forever, and I am eternally grateful for all that it has done for me. I know my future is bright, and it's because of the faculty and staff at Holy names who have helped me achieve.
As a parent, I am very happy with Holy Names. The school addresses all aspects of the student's education. The teachers are great, the administration cares, and the students all are well prepared for college and life. We are very glad we found AHN!
This school has shaped me into a better student and person. Before attending I was very behind in all of the core classes. This school preps their students by giving them a college workload and structures. I feel more confident in the maths and sciences. Overall, I am grateful that I have learned as much as I have before stepping off to college.
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Holy Names provides a wonderful education to girls ages 6-12 and allows girls to find their passion and voice. As an alumnae, I personally experienced this when I attended Holy Names for grades 9-12 and I truly believe Holy Names shaped me into the person I am today. I was able to build strong relationships with faculty, staff, and peers across all grade levels, many of which continue today. At Holy Names, there is a true sense of community that carries when you leave the school. I have made lifelong friends through Holy Names and am forever grateful to the faculty and staff for setting me up for success and helping me find my passion.
I attended Holy Names for 14 years. Growing up in an all-girl, private, Catholic, college-preparatory school had its challenges but has shaped me into the intelligent, conscientious, confident young woman I am today. During my years there, I did not always appreciate its small and comforting atmosphere- it was not until I was in a new world on my own at college that I realized how fortunate I was to attend such a school and receive the education I did. I became more aware of how prepared I was for college and the real world until I conversed with other students at my university about school. Holy Names was an incredible place to grow and learn, and I am extremely proud to be an alum.
Being an all girls school, you would think the school would have more feminist ideals, but instead, it has very traditional values and gender norms. Either way, the school prepared me very well for college -- and beyond. In fact, college seemed easy after going to Holy Names.
The administration is just okay -- very traditional, but the teachers are the best part of Holy Names -- they are funny, empathetic, intelligent, and loving. I think about them often and will always keep them in my heart. But overall, I am so grateful to have had the privilege to go to Holy Names, it is a really great school with great academics.
The community is like no other, everyone is family here. I love that I know everyone's name, and everyone smiles when you pass in the hallway, no one looks down at their feet awkwardly. This school is service-oriented. Everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand. The teachers offer a nurturing environment, students are pushed because the teachers see our potential.
Academy of the Holy Names was a great high school for me. I would not have wanted to spend my 4 years in any other place. It brought me to meet the friends I will have for a lifetime and also gave me a great education at the same time. Most of the teachers are very knowledgable and help you when ever you need the help. Most of them also understand how busy everyone is outside of school.
I had such a wonderful time at Holy Names. The teachers were always willing to help. Some great renovations have been made since I graduated.
I liked the reputation of the school, helps you to get into good colleges, good help with the college application process. Do not like how strict it is, does not teach life skills, and teachers can be rude.
I have never had any problems with the health and safety of the school. I've never felt unsafe, and the nurse is fantastic.
Pretty good for the most part. Teachers usually run them though so at times they are spread thin and the meetings are unorganized.
Overall, I'm happy with the academics of the school and how it pushed me to be the student I am today. I know that wherever I go to college I will be ready and prepared to succeed.
Certain teachers take pride in what they teach and care for their students. Those however are mostly teachers who teach small AP classes. Teachers who teach large, mandatory classes just don't seem to care about what they're teaching or who they are extending that knowledge to.
The school is safe and the nurse is generally around.
I have always loved all the activities my school does. They help my class come together and they are always very fun.
I have always had good relationships with my teachers. They are very support and kind when it comes to school work and are always wiling to help when you need it.
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Like any other school, the health and safety regualtions are never going to be perfect, but we have never had any incidents
I wish we had an option for swimming, but I understand that we would be better off putting the money towards academics.
I've gone to this school for my entire learning career and I don't regret a single day of it
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