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Academy of the Holy Family Reviews

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I enjoyed myself there. I belive that the faculty and staff hve prepared me for college and my life after college.
I was treated extremely badly by the “sisters.” As a former student (Fall 1985):

Documents from physicians, including an orthopedic surgeon were ignored. When I begged the so-called “nurse” for the braces she had been instructed to provide, she refused me the medical assistance I required.

The “food” was reminiscent of a production of Oliver Twist—and I possess MANY photographs to legally defend these and all charges. They made “stew” for the resident students from the leftovers and garbage reclaimed from the staff dining hall. The injury that was the eventual mechanism by which they did themselves of me afforded a precious view into their veiled world: I was forced to use the elevator. From the elevator, I could see directly into the kitchen. I saw what was being prepared, when and for whom. Having seen what was prepared for faculty and staff, I recognized their garbage when recovered and fed to us the next couple of days.
It’s really a great Catholic environment and the sisters are amazing. There are too few people so events may not be that big, but they do give you enough academic support. It’s great for international students to truly experience the cultural difference and to adapt. There is a high moral standard here so you really have to behave, which I think it’s great. Students and teachers have a good relationship here and you can create your own clubs too!
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Academy of the Holy Family definitely made me a better student. Coming to the Academy of the Holy Family from Nigeria was no joke but, the sisters were very understanding and helped me do my best in my studies. Academy of the Holy Family ids a place where friends really do become family.
Overall the academy of the Holy Family is a great school. With is small student body of 36 total kids there is plenty of room for one on one learning for students. It is an all girls school so there is no male competition saying that says "That's not a job for a woman." The teachers are very welcoming as are the schools and due to the boarding aspect of the school you get a very cultured education due to the girls from all over the world that come to study at the academy. It is a private catholic institution with affordable tuition.
there are some things id like to change but overall my expierence has been pretty good
The teachers at this school are well advanced with knowlage the outer world.
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