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Holy Angels really prepares you for college. Not a great deal of diversity. Many positives - good food (though overpriced), good teachers (occasionally not the best). Wish a gay/straight alliance was allowed - school sponsor won't allow it
Before going to the school I was nervous because the school I previously attended was not very strong and I did not have good study habits. Although we receive a lot of work, the work load becomes easier because you get acclimated. The work becomes greater yet you don’t stress out as much because you prioritize time, go after school for help with teachers, go to a peer tutor, or meet with the dean of academics. The schools provides so much support if you are struggling in a class and allow you to read the fullness of your potentional. The sports at aha are also pretty good. Basketball won their division and were in the state finals, tennis won counties, soccer won a huge upset game in counties, bowling with Mr. Dunne is ALWAYS amazing, the track team is lit, and the dance team is AMAZING! The dance team is 1st in the nation two years in a row and they r the heart of the school and add so much energy at pep rally’s. I love aha and I’m so happy I go to such an amazing school
Very challenging but supportive environment; looking to push the student; at times very stressful but comforting that everyone is in it together
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AHA has a lot of up and downs, but there is much more good than bad. AHA's science department is great, and the fine arts department is also amazing for students who plan to pursue art seriously. I think that some of the other departments could use some work, but most of the teachers I have had are experienced individuals who take their jobs and their students seriously There are also a lot of clubs and extra curricular activities, so it's easy to find a group of friends. However it can be hard to balance studies, activities, and other aspects of life due to academic rigor. There were many days my only sleep for the night were on the bus rides to and from school. In the end I think they paid off though, as I feel very prepared for the new challenges that college will bring. While AHA has many flaws, it has an irreplaceable spot in my heart, and I am thankful for the deep sense of belonging I had during my time there, as well as the friendships I made and the knowledge I was given.
I loved my time at Holy Angels and would not have made it to an Ivy League university without my four years there. I had great teachers, especially in math and science, which really prepared me for college and AP exams - I got 5s on AP exams without even studying. The school community is pretty great and I some of my favorite memories come from spirit week and athletic events.
They have great discipline as well as an amazing education. They encourage students to never give up on their goals and help students achieve their dreams. Their education prepares the students for college which is very beneficially to the students mindset.
As a freshman, the school was hard for me to transition into because I was the only one to come from my old school. However, I made a lot of new friends and everyone is very kind and thoughtful. Workload depends on the teachers you get and the classes you are put into. My workload isn't too hard to handle for me most of the time but sometimes it overloads. I live a distance away from AHA which worried me but I ended up being able to have a bus to school which is extremely convenient. I'm glad I chose Holy Angels.
I would like the administration to change. I'd also like the school to become more culturally diverse.
AHA gave me the confidence to express my ideas without reservation and take on leadership roles throughout college and beyond. They know how to empower young women and give us a sense of worth and purpose. By far the best decision I made was to attend AHA.
The Academy of the Holy Angels has been a great experience both emotionally and academically. I would recommend any young female to consider attending the Holy Angels. Holy Angels will prepare you for the college experience.
I personally adore this school, it has helped me grow as not only a student but a person. No matter what you're like you will find someone exactly for you. Holy Angels is a place to make life-long friends.
Overall, I had an enjoyable experience at AHA. The food got significantly better with the new provider. There's a wide variety of clubs and activities to choose from, and there are opportunities to create your own clubs. Wish there were more options in terms of classes, especially APs. Rules are strict; would like a bit more student freedom. Welcoming to non-Catholics and religion classes can be interesting. Math program needs some more support, Science is pretty good. English and History are decent but undervalued with the STREAM program emphasis. Strong Spanish program, other world languages are a bit lacking. Overall, though, students do well and teachers care. Nice philosophy and tries to integrate Growth Mindset into teaching; not sure if it is completely successful, but I like the effort. Warm, supportive community.
Attending AHA was the best decision I have ever made. Not only did I leave with a multi-faceted education but I also made life-long bonds with friends that are still my closest, 12 years later. We had the most fun, unique, enriching high school experiences that we still talk about to this day. AHA does a great job in molding teenagers to become powerful and self-capable women.
I transferred to AHA my sophmore year and compared o my town's public high school, it is much better! I am actually learning things as well as growing in my faith and relationships with people. AHA has taught me to be more involved in my community and to take a stand for what I believe in
Wider variety of classes, especially in social sciences. More accessibility for students to study things relevant to their interests. A better suited teaching staff for classes as well.
Because of the academics and the instructors, I was able to graduate and enter college with ease. I became a physical therapist and am now pursuing a masters in higher educaiton administration.
Overall I had a great experience at Holy Angels. It was extremely challenging and competitive but they helped me get into great colleges. The school teaches you a lot about discipline but there are some rules that are unnecessary. Most of the teachers want to see you succeed and some are more challenging than others. It is extremely easy to get involved. I was part of all of school musicals and they are award winning.
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Great education. Decent teachers. Great lunch system. Could work on student freedom. Students are very restricted to what they can and cannot do and I also believe students should be able to choose classes and levels of classes (honors, high honors, AP, etc.) that they believe they can handle. Many girls feel that they are limited to the colleges they can apply to because they are not allowed to take the courses that some colleges would like for you to have before attending.
The school is in an extremely safe area with security such as scanning your school ID in order to enter the building. Bullying is not tolerated and is always addressed in classes such as Religion or Health. Health resources such as health teachers and the school nurse are always accessible and health class is a requirement to graduate.
There is a lot of emphasis on extracurriculars. All students are encouraged to join one club during Activity Period, where they meet with the club they chose or were assigned to. Students can also join as many clubs as they would like.
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