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My daughter is attending AOC...This is one Amazing High School... The Best College prep school in California.
Academy of the Canyons is one of the best high schools ever! I have been there since freshman year and they do everything in their hands to make sure everyone easily fits in. Classes are not hard but they do require students to put in some effort just like any other school. AOC students are allowed to take classes down at College of the Canyons for less than half the price of just a regular student at College of the Canyons in order to get a head start on their general ed courses.
Coming into Academy of the Canyons, I was nervous and skeptical. I had heard such great things (high prospects, amazing teachers, high achievers), but also many negative things (no sports, no social lives, too much work) about this school. Overall, I can say that although the classes are hard, they are doable. As for the teachers, they are amazing! They care so much for the students, and do everything they can to help. I have found that I am not really missing social events as I can attend the events at any of the other schools in my districts, and have found a very close knit niche of friends to spend my days with. Overall, I feel as though this is a great school for anyone looking to get more out of high school, and enrich their minds and academic experience. Be warned though, you need to be motivated and stay on top of your work, or you will drown.
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i like the small close-knit environment (but sometimes that can be a bad thing...) and honestly, the workload is not that much as long as you pace yourself. the best part of aoc is the amount of freedom you have!
As a current student, I believe that the atmosphere is extremely welcoming and the people there are always ready to assist one another. We have fostered an family-like environment with our friends and the small population per grade helps us to grow closer to one another. Furthermore, the curriculum is put together very well and the teachers work very hard.
Academy of the Canyons is a public middle college high school where students take additional classes at College of the Canyons to receive college credit. It is a community different than other normal high schools it being a campus with only 100 students per grade.
Invest in therapy from the get go, terrible on your mental health but a good peer environment and the teachers are great
AOC works closely with the adjacent community college to provide students with the opportunity to become IGETC and CSUGE (UC and CSU general ed requirements) by the time they graduate.
Excellent program! Great teachers who really care about the students. The college-high school dynamic is unique in a sense that it effectively prepares students for the college scene.
AOC is a great, diverse community with students and staff all willing to help one another. Don't underestimate the small, one hallway school because it's full of school spirit, even though we don't have any sports. Our school event themes are trendy from Marvel to Area 51, and you'll meet the most interest varied students in this community. Our teachers are also the best at expanding the students' view by applying each lesson in learning beyond the classroom and into the real world.
It was an incredible experience to be treated as a college student immediately as a freshman in high school. However that comes with a lot of responsibility so if one isn't willing to commit fully to the coursework, then the school will not be a good fit. The school lacks any sports teams (but COC offers plenty of great KPEA courses that make an excellent supplement) as well as many of the other social events other high schools offer. However students can still attend any social or sporting events at any other high school, so the ties with old friends can easily be maintained. Overall a good experience
My daughter goes to AOC. This is the best school what the public school can offer. It is shame that the state limits the number of student to less than 100 students in each grade. Most of kids graduated with some college credits or completes 2 or 3 AA degrees and the AOC has the best counselors to prepare your university career while you are in High School.
AOC is the best school to prepare students for college. In addition to taking actual college courses for college credit, there is an abundance of resources, along with a great counselor, to help students in the college readying process.
Like: College Classes and competitiveness for College
Dislike: High stress and some aspects of academic philosophy and school culture
I like the dual-enrollment program but I would like to see more emphasis on individual academic achievements
An academic forward middle college high school with a close knit community amongst staff and other peers.
I really like the environment that the staff and students have created. They are very supportive and helpful to get you where you want to be.
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Going to this school is the best thing that has happened to me. I have had personal relationships with all of my teachers and they all know me by name. The school is so small that I am friends with everyone in my grade. The counselor knows who I am and has put in a lot of work for me. The administration is wonderful and friendly and there are several clubs offered. There is also a lot of diversity among the students. I truly feel more prepared than ever to go to a four-year university because of AOC.
Academy of the Canyons is an excellent high school for those students who prefer the academic route. This school prepares you for your college career.
Academy of the Canyons is a middle college high school that rewards students who are willing to work hard during high school. Personally, I left AOC with two Associate Degrees and about 100 units of UC equivalent coursework completed. The high school staff is tremendous and you get a good sense of how college life and academics work down at the community college.
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