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Awesome teachers, classes, and community. I've been going here since my freshmen year and now I am about to graduate with three Associate's Degrees and almost all of my general education courses completed for the University of California system.
During my time at AOC, I was able to accomplish a lot more than I would have been given the opportunity to at other high schools because of the COC courses and other abilities offered exclusively to AOC and COC students. I was able to complete three Associates degrees by the end of my time at the school.
I transferred to Academy of the Canyons at the beginning of my junior year in high school, and it was one of the better decisions I ever made in high school. I have learned to push myself to extents I never knew I could reach and made so many new friends that made me feel proud of who I am and where I come from. I love the diversity found in the school and all the kind teachers that help the students through anything they ask. Another positive experience I gained from attending AOC is the opportunity to enroll in community college, since AOC is a Middle College High School. I have adapted to the college life extremely well and will be receiving my Associate's Degree in Psychology around the time I graduate high school! Overall, Academy of the Canyons has provided me with so many opportunities and lessons that I would not have learned elsewhere.
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Very intense, stressful, no drug problem, safe, great teachers and terrible teachers just like any other school.
The best part about AOC is that it is on the campus of a community college. This means that we are allowed to take up to 11 units of colleges classes tuition-free while in high school, letting us earn enough credit to equal approximately the first two years of college and an associate's degree before we leave high school. It is a small school, which allows teachers to work with individual students to meet their goals. The student body is very diverse and very accepting.
The opportunity and freedom this High School gives my is amazing. The teachers at AOC and at COC are amazing, and getting to explore different career opportunities at a college while still in high school is amazing.
My experience at Academy of the Canyons is a unique experience that cannot be found at any other high school. Being able to experience both high school and college course, it builds better time management and knowledge. In addition, being able to earn an associate degree shows how much dedication it takes to be a middle college student. There is a multitude of support network by utilizing both the resources at the high school and college. The only thing I would change is the workload I took, but having the ability to maximize my units at AOC, I have been able to prepare for more units at the university level.
Academy of the Canyons is a middle college high school, meaning that the students attending are dually enrolled in high school and college classes at the local community college, College of the Canyons. Depending on their major and what degrees they are aiming for, students can graduate with, sometimes multiple, associate degrees by the time they graduate high school. I'd like to think that AOC has its own little niche in the SCV and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this tiny school. With an close, family-like vibe in each grade, I was able to make friends, learn great qualities like independence, and embrace myself .
I really enjoy attending Academy of the Canyons. You get an opportunity to move ahead in regards to college. The teachers are nice and understanding. I am currently a junior there, and the teachers (both males) are nice but the workload is just...gah. I want to die, but it's for my own good:). The greatest part about AOC is getting college credit and knocking out all the GE classes required. You have a wonderful counselor to help guide you through this process. I just wish there were more clubs and sports.. but yeah, it's difficult to have clubs and sports in AOC because everyone's schedule is different. Don't expect to hang out with your BFF in school, especially if your track is different.
Academy of the Canyons is a diverse campus with teachers and administrators who truly care for the students.
AOC was a great school to attend as it really prepared you for college. Almost all of the classes are geared towards gettin gentlemen you ready for college, whether you are transferring or going direct. However, there are no sports!! It is a small school with a few clubs and some school activities. Regardless, it is a great school for non-athletes.
Academy of the Canyons was a wonderful experience because of the challenges, the location, and the people. Overall, I was very happy at the school and I have succeed so far. Although, I must say that one adjustment the school must make it over helping students deal with stress. This could be accomplished by having a counselor on campus for students to speak to about something other than their career path. Therefore, the high school is amazing, but it cannot be perfect until the students there learn stress management.
Academy of the Canyons is a nuturing and competitive environment that allows students many opportunities. Such as, the ability to go down to College of the Canyons -- where Academy of the Canyons is loacted -- and be given a chance to take classes towards a degree.
AOC is a great alternative for learning in the Santa Clarita Valley. It's students are all really close and supportive of one another. This school really prepares us for college life since we actually take multiple unit classes on a community college campus. AOC doesn't have any sports teams, but we make up for it by competing against each other in games of flag football and basketball. Overall, I am very glad I came to this school.
AOC is a great school that provides a professional learning environment for students looking to get ahead. Being located on the COC campus, students take college courses throughout high school and are given the opportunity to receive a number of degrees by the time of high school graduation. I will be getting three degrees myself which was only possible through going to AOC.
This school is very academic. The students are very motivated to do well and are very focused on their future. The teachers are overall great and really prepare you for your college classes. The scheduling process is extremely easy, although at times with COC registration it can be a little hectic and stressful because you want to get into the class with the best teacher. Usually, though, this is not a problem since AOC students have priority registration (yay!). The workload is a little heavy, but is definitely doable. There are peer tutors which can help you out with any subject; It is very resourceful. Everyone takes the same core and academic classes, but the most popular non-academic class is probably ASB and Contemporary American Problems.
There is a wide range of diversity at AOC. However, there are many Asians, especially Filipinos, so it can feel a little exclusive at times. Overall though, the school demonstrates great diversity. However, my friend, who came to the high school during junior year, felt excluded because many people had been at the high school since Freshman year. She felt that some people did not like her. Regarding sexual orientation, this school is an excellent school for the LGBTQ Community because many people are very open about their sexual orientation and no one seems to be harassed for that.
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There are not many extracurricular activities besides clubs during lunch. The Clubs include Student Task Force, Project Linus, AOC Media, Math Club, BioChem Club, Bible Club, ASL Club, LGBTQ/Gay/Straight Alliance, Key Club, and National Honors Society (NHS). The only sports team or club to join is Students Off And Running (SOAR), which I was a part of for three consecutive years. If anyone has the opportunity to join, I would highly recommend it because it is the closest thing to a sports team for this school. I really wish there were more elective classes, especially art and media (film/photography), but these can be taken at the college. However, the students are limited to eleven college units per semester, so that does not leave much room to be taking art classes at the college.
My overall experience at AOC has been a wonderful one. I have been there since Freshman Year and have grown to love the school. My favorite experiences have been during fun school events like school dances, school activities during school and provided by ASB, and overall learning and growing as an individual. This school is particularly unique because allows the students to experience the college life, as some would call it. These middle college high school students have the amazing opportunity to attend a local community college and earn actual college credit, rather than just AP credit. The students are actually immersed within the college and get the full college experience by being at a college campus with college students and college professors. I would definitely choose this school again because it has become a second home for me. I have met incredible people who I have become great friends with, and I have learned much from my teachers. Thank you, AOC!
The overall quality of the teachers is exceptional. They all have a passion for the subjects they teach and really want to see their students succeed. The teaching styles differ for each teacher. Their overall knowledge in their subjects is fantastic. They really seem to know what they are talking about and they try to find new and engaging ways to effectively communicate the material.
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