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Going to this school is the best thing that has happened to me. I have had personal relationships with all of my teachers and they all know me by name. The school is so small that I am friends with everyone in my grade. The counselor knows who I am and has put in a lot of work for me. The administration is wonderful and friendly and there are several clubs offered. There is also a lot of diversity among the students. I truly feel more prepared than ever to go to a four-year university because of AOC.
Academy of the Canyons is an excellent high school for those students who prefer the academic route. This school prepares you for your college career.
Academy of the Canyons is a middle college high school that rewards students who are willing to work hard during high school. Personally, I left AOC with two Associate Degrees and about 100 units of UC equivalent coursework completed. The high school staff is tremendous and you get a good sense of how college life and academics work down at the community college.
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Academy of the Canyons is an amazing school that really stands by their motto, "Your Future, Today". From my experience in this school, the staff, teachers, and supporters truly care about their students, investing their time to really connect with them and ensure that they are comfortable in their goals in life they want to achieve. The teachers are spectacular, they allow the students to explore new theories in school that go beyond the norms. There are many clubs including Debate Club, Anime Club, Bioengineers, and Performing Arts Club that cater to anyone's passions. Overall, Academy of the Canyons is an amazing school that impacts students throughout their whole lives through the education and school culture.
Academy of the Canyons offers excellent teachers who care about your learning experience. They want you to succeed at the coursework, and Academy of the Canyons offers plenty of help, both from the teachers and the peer tutors. Academy of the Canyons also has very nice and understanding faculty that always greet you with a smile. In general Academy of the Canyons is a very good school.
Academy of the Canyons is an amazing school where you can do anything and people will support you no matter what. However, the school is filled with over achieving students, so there will be times when everyone is stressed out.
Academy of the Canyons is a place where I have grown tremendously as a person, and where they have helped facilitate that growth. I have made numerous amazing friends, and the teachers and faculty are all welcoming and great.
I entered Academy of the Canyons (AOC) as a freshman and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made. While I believe that I would have been perfectly happy at a regular high school, I believe that AOC has given me the best experience. I am able to take college classes at College of the Canyons and will be earning two Associate degrees by the time I graduate from high school. But I think that the best aspects of Academy of the Canyons are the teachers and the students. Every teacher that I have had at AOC have been so wonderful and caring, in addition to teaching me so much. I truly do not have the words to express how important they all have been in my high school career. I have also made the most amazing friends at AOC and I would not change this experience for the world.
I started sophmore year and I struggled to adjust at first but eventually found my way. It's a great start on college and despite senior year being competetive with what colleges you get accepted to, there's no being put down for continuing community college.
It’s a middle-college high school... so expect a different experience in comparison to other schools. However, is that good or bad? Good, in the best way. There are 100 students in your grade, everyone knows everyone. You progress as a unit and grow as individuals. In addition, the faculty is there to assist you in your strife for academic and professional success. If you want to get ahead in college credits, attend this school! You won’t regret it.
I transferred into Academy of the Canyons as a Junior and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The coursework was rigorous, and involved a lot of hard work, but it was worth it in the end. I made much closer friends here then I ever did at my previous high school. I got to save money and as well as get a head start on my college career while my peers from my old high school struggled to make the transition into college. The counselor at Academy of the Canyons is a rockstar and puts way more time and attention into each student then my old high school counselor ever did. However, A.O.C. is not for everyone. It will require more out of you then any other traditional high schools. Your stress levels will reach to new heights and you will be challenged. You will miss out on a traditional high school experience, but post graduation you will be 10 times more prepared to succeed in university.
Academy of the Canyons is a good school to get you prepared for college. It is a unique opportunity to get ahead, but not miss out too much on the regular high school experience. There were times where I sensed a bit of favoritism by the teachers, but if you can get past that you will enjoy your time there.
Academy of the Canyons is a very academic focused school. While attending you will take highschool classes while taking college courses at College of the Canyons. Overall this school is where I met my best friend, and I got a head start on college as I will graduate with all of my general education completed.
Awesome teachers, classes, and community. I've been going here since my freshmen year and now I am about to graduate with three Associate's Degrees and almost all of my general education courses completed for the University of California system.
During my time at AOC, I was able to accomplish a lot more than I would have been given the opportunity to at other high schools because of the COC courses and other abilities offered exclusively to AOC and COC students. I was able to complete three Associates degrees by the end of my time at the school.
I transferred to Academy of the Canyons at the beginning of my junior year in high school, and it was one of the better decisions I ever made in high school. I have learned to push myself to extents I never knew I could reach and made so many new friends that made me feel proud of who I am and where I come from. I love the diversity found in the school and all the kind teachers that help the students through anything they ask. Another positive experience I gained from attending AOC is the opportunity to enroll in community college, since AOC is a Middle College High School. I have adapted to the college life extremely well and will be receiving my Associate's Degree in Psychology around the time I graduate high school! Overall, Academy of the Canyons has provided me with so many opportunities and lessons that I would not have learned elsewhere.
Very intense, stressful, no drug problem, safe, great teachers and terrible teachers just like any other school.
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The best part about AOC is that it is on the campus of a community college. This means that we are allowed to take up to 11 units of colleges classes tuition-free while in high school, letting us earn enough credit to equal approximately the first two years of college and an associate's degree before we leave high school. It is a small school, which allows teachers to work with individual students to meet their goals. The student body is very diverse and very accepting.
The opportunity and freedom this High School gives my is amazing. The teachers at AOC and at COC are amazing, and getting to explore different career opportunities at a college while still in high school is amazing.
My experience at Academy of the Canyons is a unique experience that cannot be found at any other high school. Being able to experience both high school and college course, it builds better time management and knowledge. In addition, being able to earn an associate degree shows how much dedication it takes to be a middle college student. There is a multitude of support network by utilizing both the resources at the high school and college. The only thing I would change is the workload I took, but having the ability to maximize my units at AOC, I have been able to prepare for more units at the university level.
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