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I felt that I was not challenged. I would go home feeling like I had not gone to school. I lost a lot of my academic moral there. I had no motivation to do anything. That is why I have had a tough time transitioning to college.
Overall, this school which is no longer in service made me appreciate and work with what we have in life. Although it was not the greatest school and it did not prepare me for college, I learned about the world of networking. I got I evolved with a few people and programs that reaches out to this little school and those people helped me become the young outgoing individual I am and is a valuable part that I will need to carry with me for the rest of my life.
When I first heard about the school and spoke with one of the administrators there I was very impressed with what the school had to offer. But not even two months after my child begin attending there was news of the school closing down. At this point teachers were quitting left and right, my child was never receiving any homework, there was not a principle assigned to the school for weeks after the first was fired, people from the school board came to inform parents that the school may be closing down and did not disclose all of the information that we should have been informed about and when a situation occurred at the school with my son no one informed me. Overall I am very displeased with my experience and my sons as well from The Academy of Science and Engineering.
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It was a really touching expirence to be a part of this school. It got me more than ready for college and the students and teachers were more like a family than anything else.
I love Mrs.Waihman such a great teacher. Mrs. Blomgren Taught me many things that I will use in my everyday routine same as Mr.casey and Mr.Anderson.
My experience at my school was a vary busy one. Great staff, helpful and kind when needed. It cold be a little more organised when it comes to school activities and plans. Small campus, only a few classrooms have windows, would like some sunlight in most of my classes.
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