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Academy of St. Elizabeth is a wonderful educational environment. I am surrounded by girls who are as motivated as she is. There's definitely a lot of focus on achievement and learning but the girls are encouraged to also be involved in extracurricular activities as well. I love that the school focuses a lot on integrity, discipline and respect.
AoSE is a welcoming community of students and staff. When you walk through the doors of this institution, gone are the problems and issues of public school. The girls and staff are respectful, supportive and welcoming. Teachers are genuinely interested in the student's success and are willing to help. I was surprised that the academics were higher than that of the blue ribbon public school that my daughter transferred from. While you won't find a really broad range of class offerings, those that are offered provide the basis for good learning habits. I am delighted that my daughter made the switch to a classic, all girls, Catholic high school
An excellent school with excellent teachers. This is a close-knit school that provides quality education in a 21st century learning environment. The school has gone under a full revitalization recently and you can already see the improvements in course offerings, interdisciplinary assignments and electives. Truly a world-class education for student empowerment.
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I loved my time at St. E's! I made amazing friends, was a part of so many traditions, and was thoroughly prepared for college. I lost a lot of sleep (there is a lot of work assigned, trust me) but in the end it was worth it. It's a small, quirky school but I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else for high school.
I love this school. The teachers here really care about each and every student and go out of their way to offer extra help if a student needs it. The academics are rigorous but fair and the small class sizes make it easy to learn. For the most part the environment is positive and a lot better than a public school atmosphere.
Since the school is also on a college campus, there is a public safety patrol officer roaming around campus at all times. If at any time a student feels unsafe, she can press one of the blue light poles that are set up all over campus. In terms of health, there can't be much said for school nurses. They usually send kids home when they are not feeling that well, although they try not to send someone home if it seems like she will recuperate after taking a nap.
Due to the small number of students and lack of interest, there are not a lot of extracurriculars that are available after school. There are the basics, such as yearbook, student council, newspaper, choir, etc, but not a whole lot of selection, especially in the science or technology fields. But since the school is so small, it is very easy to be an active member of multiple clubs, even holding executive positions. They are also a great way to grow closer to the teachers since they moderate the clubs, as well as the student body.
I have never attended Catholic School before I came to St. E's and I do not regret choosing to go here. I never expected to make so many new friends who I still talk to after graduating, and not only those in my year. Due to the small number of students in the entire student body, it is not difficult at all to become close to everyone. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and the fact that it is all-girls does not cross your mind after a while of getting used to it.
Most of the teachers here are very friendly and want the students to succeed in their academic studies. They will offer any help that is necessary in order for a student to improve, often being free after classes or school to discuss any problems or questions. Many have been at the Academy for a while and have a lot of experience in teaching the subjects and how to approach student difficulties. Students usually have close relationships with the teachers, even after graduating.
There are several teachers that are amazing and I wish I would never leave, but some teachers don't care at all and don't even know your name in a grade size of 53.
Our school is from 1860 and therefore needs some fixing up. Our gymnasium has poles in it and is harder for us to play in. Our locker rooms are awful--most students believe we have identified a new species of bugs. There have also been cockroaches in the locker rooms. Guidance is not that helpful when you need to organize your classes and apply to schools. We offer peer tutoring which is very helpful. When sports have to go to a separate field, sometimes we take Sprinters, which are disgusting and are never cleaned.
When girls have been intoxicated by drugs or alcohol at social events at the school, they have been suspended and suffer consequences. However, many girls in the school stand up against bullying.
All the teachers know the code and will give detentions for girls not in proper uniform. If a girl does not have her sweater she could get detention, along with the answers above.
There were several opportunities to get involved in and most people chose to participate.
You must apply and pay a $100 deposit fee. After this they send you scholarships and you can try for financial aid, which was necessary for me. It was a painless process and everyone was very helpful.
The school having opened in 1860, the building is absolutely gorgeous! The library and hallways are stunning, after attending the school for a while it never gets old. There is a great amount of technology used at the school, especially because everyone uses laptops in class. The guidance department is small, but it gets things done. If a student is struggling there is also peer tutoring that can be a great help. Being a private school there is a lot of student and parent involvement.
Everyone at this school is so nice, being a small school there are cliques, but it is never mean. Health is average, but up to par with other schools I have attended in the past.
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This school does not specialize in sports, but the girls on the team are always super nice and there is a nice bond. There are plenty of extracurricular activities, and they try to make it not interfere with sports.
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