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Academy of Richmond County High School Reviews

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ARC is a really good school! Nice teachers, fun activities, big school with good spirit, it's really fun!
Greatest high school experience ever! It's a family, a place where pride strengthens the bonds of all students.
My experience at the Academy of Richmond County was very interesting. We were a diverse school filled with different races, personalities, and backgrounds. Overall the experience was life changing because I've become friends with people I never thought I would before. The Faculty and staff are all respectful and always ready to help any student out with any issues. I'm proud to be an Alumni at the Academy of Richmond County.
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My time at the Academy of Richmond County was pretty good. I have no major complaints. The main thing that I would change about the school is the bathrooms, get them all fixed up.
what i like about Academy Richmond County Hight school is that i don't have to wear school uniform.I don't eat school lunch but everyone who want here say they have good food.
Teachers really take the time to work with students. Many students have many challenges upon the school environment
The Academy of Richmond has a variety of pathways for careers and college preparation which allows us, the students, to be able to see what we want to do in the future and also show us that there is no limit in what we can do.
I like the fact that the teachers are there and very helpful when we need them, I like how we have encouragement and counselors and people on staff to help guide us in the right direction, when we are lost. I don't like how many students we have, or the tardy policy because our school is very large, and full of tons of children everywhere, making It very difficult to get to where we need to go.
The Academy of Richmond is beautiful, although not very stable. Sports are our main focus, along with academics. Teachers are pretty straight-forward and look to helping you if needed. The floors at this school are starting to cave in, but they can create two new baseball fields and provide us with new textbooks. Food tastes bland, and is never fully cooked, or is burnt. Although our teachers are concerned for our best interests, like passing, they tend to explain things once. If help is needed they are willing to give it out. They have tutoring hours and specific days. They are always open to emails. Many students, however, will not speak up about how they do not understand. This can result in failure.
Richmond has a diversity of core classes. The teachers are all for our education. ARC needs to improve in book quality.
At The Academy of Richmond County we are respectful, accountable, and committed. We are willing to learn, and we are able to learn because of our environment. I love that this school has an IB program that in which I am involved in. The program has helped me overcome a lot of learning differences. It places me with students that are on my level. Although there are good things at this school, something’s could change. I would like to see better food for students. A lot of kids don’t eat at school or at home. At school they force you to enter your lunch number just so they can see that kids get the ford. If they were to better their food children would actually eat it. Richmond isn’t the best but no school is.
The Academy of Richmond County provides you with all the tools and knowledge you need to be successful in life.
At the Academy of Richmond County High School I learned so much about what it means to have spirit . I am a cheerleader , dancer, JROTC leader and i am apart of the Academy of Richmond County High School Choir . When you attend a great school with so much diversity and ethnicity you learn how to adapt and meet new people. The educators are willing to teach and make sure you move on to the next step in your educational level. Everyone is willing to help you succeed and challenge you and push you to be a better student. At the Academy of Richmond County we are Accountable , Respectful and Commited!
The experience is a once in a lifetime because they always teach you life lessons and you learn from a lot by the studies. The field trips are amazing and the teachers make sure you feel like a family to them while your a member of the school.
A.R.C is a great school that teach you a lot of great things they have a rich history of being a the fifth oldest school in the U.S.A if our basketball fan they have a great program that goes to the playoff every season. The only thing I would change is the food it's all right I'll rather have something better.
The school is huge in comparison to the others in the area. There are a lot of restaurants in the immediate area, but the academics could use some work.
I am currently a senior at the Academy of Richmond County. The past three and a half years have allowed me to grow as an individual in ways I never saw coming. I have made wonderful memories at my high school that I will cherish for many years to come. Also, there have been situations that have pushed me out of my comfort zone both socially and academically. I believe that I made the best out of my four years, and would encourage any prospective students to do the same!
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I love the direction Richmond is moving, as a Senior, that's been here all four years each year gets better and better. Student involvement is getting better, Sports are returning to the level it used to be, Old teachers are being replaced by new teachers, and the only thing I would change is IB Prep but with the new connection with Langford, students should be really prepared.
I attended the Academy of Richmond County from 2009, 9th grade, to 2013, 12th grade. Overall, I had an excellent high school experience. The school spirit is awesome and the Purple pride is nothing that can be compared. Although I had limited access to resources and tutors, it did not affect my overall GPA. There are many available clubs and sports students can connect with at ARC. If I could change three things at Richmond Academy it would be the diversity, school lunch, and better choice of course electives.
I am a Junior at the Academy of Richmond County High School and I think that the food has improved since I've been there, but it could be better. I also think that the way that parents are involved with their students academics is outstanding, and also the way that the school is trying to prepare the students for what's to come for them and preparing them for college is outstanding as well.
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