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my experience in this school as a senior has been very fulfilling and rewarding. The school's IB program is very rigorous and has challenged me to do my best work. I think the school's culture is very diverse and includes a lot of smart students from all around.
I liked some of the teachers. The food wasn't terrible. I had lunch with people I'm friends with. However, the school is too crowded and out of order. The majority of the students have no respect. In the lunch lines you always get cut in front of. There is a lot of bullying and crime going on in the school. I never felt at ease or safe when I went there. It's terrible.
Im an upcoming IB Senior for 2017-2018 year and my past 3 years of being at Richmond has been quite enjoyable for the most part. Academically wise I am challenged with the rigor of the IB classes, but being in this program taught me a lot of things and is preparing for college life. Also everybody in IB is basically family cause you share the same experiences and been in the same classes ever since freshman year. IB at Richmond Academy will always share a special place in my heart.
Review Academy of Richmond County High School
The teachers that work there are friendly and always worried about the students education and their future. The school education is high ranking, but fast paced too. It offers programs that'll help you graduate early and move at your own pace. The school decor itself is outdated, but who cares ... your going their for education and not looks.
I liked the atmosphere when I was a student. The teachers were cool. The classes were decent. It was overall a nice experience.
My experience here was average I suppose for high school. Kids were okay, most of the teachers were cool, I did have three different principals though so I hope they stick to just one. I like that they are fixing the building up though. Overall it was a good experience. Guidance does need to fix itself though, and the whole schedule thing, they need to get that on track.
My experience was very unique and different every time I walked on campus. Some days I had good times and sometimes I did not. I always did my work and made expectional grades. Most of my teachers were very nice and taught really well. I would like to see better organized teachers and staff of the school. There is not really anything needed to be changed.
This is an okay school with good teachers. The facilities are slowly being updated. These last couple of years have had a lot of changes for the better. The students could be better but there is nothing to change that. Overall, Academy of Richmond County High School is a good school. I am proud to be graduating from here.
Its a great place to send your children. The teachers are very supportive and dedicated. They motivate the kids to do their best in school.
My experience with the Academy of Richmond County is great. I'm currently a senior and have been enjoying my years with the Academy of Richmond County. The Academy of Richmond is a great school and has a great environment. There are some things that the academy should work on. This consist of the organization of things. Some things aren't well organized. However, the Academy of Richmond County has been a good school thus far. They have great teachers and administration. The classes are difficult but are preparing me for college. The sports and clubs are great things to be a part of. Also, the IB Program is a great program to be a apart, which I am currently in.
my experience at Richmond was alright they have a good i.b program and teachers that care but the school is old and need renovation
I love this school so much. I've had the best four years here. The teachers are very hands on and very supportive. They all make sure I understand the current education being taught to me. I feel like my school is very important, because it's one of the oldest schools in the US. This school has a lot of history behind it. I hope everyone has the same experience that I had here at this wonderful school.
I love Academy of Richmond County, it helped me grow as a person. The personalities are really diverse and I'm going to miss it when I graduated.
The scholarship opportunities are easy to find and easy to apply for and it shows you the requirements of the scholarship.
The extracurricular opportunities are ok , but they do not let you know when they have meetings and do not make an announcement about the opportunity.
My overall experience in this school was amazing because of all the support I had from my teachers and friends. Coming from Arizona and not be able to make friends, it was hard to focus on school. This school was not like that because of the support you get from the teachers and the friends you make. Overall, I had a great experience, but it could of been a little better. The academic side was kind of hard because the school could not receive updated books and did not have the money for new editions and the teachers had to explain many of the new material. I had a great experience in this school.
The teachers are great and they help out with the students that are struggling, but they do not keep up with their grading because they do not have enough time and sometimes they can not get the grades in because the technology is not up to date and the computer always crashes. Many teachers are respectful to the students, but they can not get the same respect from many students because they are always disrespectful to the teachers. The teachers are the best, but they sometimes need help and a little more time.
Review Academy of Richmond County High School
Richmond Academy is very family oriented. Everyone loves each other and we give each other a helping hand .
Some of the teachers act as if they care and have their best interest at heart. Others don't and just come to work because they are getting paid. They don't have the heart to teach at all. While others treat you as if you are their own and give you the proper help needed .
The teachers belonging to Richmond County are some of the most underappreciated, overworked people I have ever encountered.

I myself am a student, who on a daily basis, watches my fellow classmates disrespect the very people taking time out of their day to give us an education, and continue to let ignorance fill their lives instead of knowledge.

On a daily basis , grown men and women come to work to be taunted by students less than half their age.

The district is on a very low budget : our text books are far from up to date, the desks are stained, the walls have holes, there are roaches and rats crawling around our classrooms , and this make the student body reluctant to learn in thee conditions. We ,as a whole, lash out at those who are trying their best to take care of us.

Despite their own attempts, the district cannot fully take care of our teachers. There have been numbers of times when faculty members have been "let go" for paying their lockers late, there have been instances where there has been months with no pay... they do all that they can.
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