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I didn’t fit in at all the schools I’ve been to here, had some minor grades drops. Then I found APL, and my life changed. They picked me up and helped me through the rough times and I couldn’t be happier attending this school!
My experience here was tremendous! I enjoyed the students there very much, because most of them were friendly and welcoming. However, I would like to see this school include sports for the students that attend that school. Also, to possibly have hot lunches for the students that can't afford to go to the grocery store to buy food for their homemade lunches.
The technology is okay at this school.

I don't believe we have a guidance counselor.
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The teachers at this school are fantastic. My personalized learning teacher has done me great wonders. She believes that I can accomplish anything if I set my mind to it.
Most of the student don't abide by the dress code.bullying is not an issue the majority of the time.
I would choose this school all over again. This school is a place where all different kinds of people can come together as one student body and be treated equally.
There are vendors that the school helps pay for to do sports.
They have several vendors a bunch of thing such as music, art, sports, etc. They help party for it too. It's a fantastic program.
There was a time when I was being harassed and the director didn't really do anything about it other than tell him to stay away from me. There was also a time the same guy threatened to kill me, she took up for him and said that it could have been anyone.

We don't have a school nurse.

Other than the director doing that, I think this school is a very safe environment for children.
New building, wonderful teachers and staff.
My teacher was very knowledgeable and she helped alot with my scholarships for college.
I was bullied at my other high school so I transferred to this school my junior year. Academy Of Personalized Learning does not have Honor Roll classes like the ones I was taking at my other high school. They however allow you to attend the junior college while attending their school. I I do not know what I would of done without Academy Of Personalized Learning. They made it possible for me to continue taking Honor Roll equivalent college level courses. I know I would not of been accepted to UC Davis without attending the junior college.
The staff at school are great. They are always accessible and willing to help with whatever a student should need.
I loved going to this school because I got to take the classes I wanted, while learning the way I learn best and working at a faster pace than in public schools.
This school has many classes to choose from. It helps you learn responsibility, while doing your schoolwork at your pace and the way you learn best.
There are no sports at this school. Although they do not have them, they can help you get into and pay for gyms, dance, and some sports.
I really enjoyed going to school here; I had the opportunity to personalize my learning and move quickly through high school with little to no hardships. It is a relatively small school but since it is partial home school program, it gives the students the freedom to choose how they learn.
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I gave an A+ because you can take various classes and you can also take advanced classes, you can work at your own pace, you can be treated like an adult, and you are always encouraged to do your best.
They have many venders that they will actually help pay for. They have everything from art to music to sports.
My high school has prepared me for the real world nicely. My school has taught me various life skills, how to achieve goals, and how to prosper in life. My school has many classes to choose from and makes sure that if they do not have the class you need they will find a way for you to take it. Also, they let you work at a pace that you can help set and you can help choose the way you want to. This is very helpful especially for people like me who want to graduate early. This school helped me to graduate in one semester and before my class. Overall, this is an amazing school that anyone would fit perfectly in.
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