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Challenging, but overall such a wonderful place to spend your four years of high school. I love all the opportunities that OLP has to offer. I have been involved in so many aspects of the school from varsity sports to clubs to leadership opportunities. OLP is an amazing place to grow in faith! I have loved my past three years here and look forward to my last year at the acdemy!!
I love the sisterhood it provides. It is a very welcoming community. We need better bathrooms that work. That would be nice. Otherwise I really love the woman it has made me become.
I loved the culture and the sisterhood. Everyone is there to support you and cheer you on in anything you choose to pursue, which makes it easier to achieve goals. The academic standard is excellent, and this school really prepares you for college.
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Being able to spend time with women who also shared a love for Social Justice helped me to become the person I am today. In addition, OLP gave me opportunities I probably couldn't have experienced at public school. Since the school is small, I feel like I am friends with nearly everyone in my class. The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable and the material learned in almost every subject is actually valuable.
This school help educate young women to become active human beings in the future and have confidence in themselves. They prepare you well for college and help throughout the entire process. The teachers here are amazing and know exactly what they are doing.
OLP really prepares you for college. Teachers are excellent as are the college counselors. The athletic program is expanding as are the clubs and activities offered. The focus on academics at time is a bit much but you leave very well prepared for college.
I love and appreciate the constant support I receive from my teachers and counselors at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace. They are willing to go out of their way to help me both in and outside of class time in order for me to be successful in high school and in life. The sisterhood of the girls in this school is amazing. I have met girls here who encourage me every day to work hard to become a better and involved member of my school and community.
The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is a great school if you want to be prepared for college and professional life! The coursework is very rigorous but gives students extensive knowledge of the world that is unmatched upon the arrival to college.
The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is overall a great school. They focus their mission on the idea of sisterhood, as it is an all girls Catholic school. The environment is always welcoming and the academic rigor is extremely high. Students at OLP are well- prepared to go on to college academically. The only criticism I have is that at the academy many students feel as though they are not able to get a healthy amount of sleep because of the intense homework load.
The Academy of Our Lady of Peace has prepared me for college and for the real world. The teachers are amazing, I have learned so much these last 4 years.
I love the Academy of Our Lady of Peace! It has prepared me for college and I know that I will always remember the amazing times I had at OLP. The teachers are excellent and they really care about their students. The campus is so beautiful!!
Academically, the school is great. It has challenging classes that prepare students for college, however, there is a lot of bullying that goes on with little intervention to it. They also did a great job of showing the importance of service and encouraged students to be involved in a variety of activities including sports and a variety of clubs.
DO NOT EVER SEND YOUR CHILD HERE. Teachers are bullies. Parents are nuts. I was told I would be a failure, I was told I had terrible hair, and I was consistently lied to. It sounds like typical bullying among women, but this was all from an administrative faculty member. I begged my parents to let me leave but they would not. I get anxiety attacks when I return. No one helped me when I struggled with mental illness. They wanted my money. A wicked place.
I loved the student atmosphere and the support we show towards each other throughout every aspect. there are many, many clubs and activities that students can be involved in therefore giving it an even better feeling and making it easier for girls to find what they like. However, OLP could improve on its communication skills as well as making sure that they listen to their students in some sort of way when they ask for opinions.
Overall the Academy of Our Lady of Peace is an excellent school. There were really supportive teachers who were there for you when you needed, safe campus, and I believe I received a great education. At the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, there were teachers who tried new learning techniques such as the "flipped classroom", where at first I did not think I would like it, but as the class progressed, I loved it. The Academy of Our Lady of Peace also prepared me for the transition to college. It made the process easy. It made its school similar in some ways as a college.
OLP prepared me extremely well for college. And while at any school there are going to be issues with the administration, the education that students receive there is worth it. I had some amazing teachers while at OLP and I made lasting connections with several of them.
I like that fact that it is a small school. The friendships the girls make and how caring they are to all people. The girls willingness to help anyone who needs it. And most of all how GREAT the school prepares the girls for COLLEGE. The academics is the best there is.
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Our Lady Of Peace is a high academic school and is challenging. The challenge is a nice push and feels like it will do the best to prepare its students for college. The homework load is a lot at some points but is well worth it. The demandin schedule was something to get used to but will definitely pay off in the end. All of the classes and teachers are wonderful and the students get along nicely within each grade as well as between the grades.
Overall, it is a great school but teachers give out too much homework and tests and they don't take into consideration that students have other classes, do sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities.
Great support here. If you need help they'll find a way to give it to you. Very understanding and the teachers know what they're doing. Teachers actually care here and there's something for everyone. Not too cliq-y.
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