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Graduated in 2016. Not the best guidance department...mostly clueless and did not emphasize the important of standardized testing. Told all the girls to apply to the same, basic, Northeastern Catholic schools which effected the lower percentile of the students applying. Teachers were not amazing/very up to speed. Lots of busy work and APs were a disaster because some teachers felt they were "too good" to teach to the test. Math and sciences need a lot of work...physics was the only subject I felt fully prepared for in college as a Mechanical Engineer. Dumb rules and emphasized many of the wrong things. Female empowerment was a dumb tagline when all the teachers were basically moms turned teacher. Not worth the money for the academics, but a solid sense of friendship and camaraderie among the girls.
The environment of Lauralton Hall is fantastic, all the students and most of the teachers are nothing but encouraging and helpful.
My memories of Lauralton Hall are filled with happy but also frustrating moments. While I feel their curriculum is superb, the school and faculty struggled to let students express different or creative ideas and opinions. Most paper and project assignments were based on a thesis or idea the teacher proposed to their students. When I begin my collegiate career I found it surprising that most of my assignments welcomed creative and taboo ideas. Additionally, the school has a clique problem. The majority of the students are white and live in upper-class families. This created a lot of issues and tension amongst minority students. In sum, I enjoyed my overall experience at Lauralton-- having been a swim captain and winning a state championship, while also making friends that shaped who I am today.
Review Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Hall
I am a sophomore and I think that Lauralton Hall is a great school. It has many programs ready to help you prepare for your college experience. Although academically it is rich with fundamental programs, it lacks diversity. Few people of color are enrolled here including me. They fail at making diversity known and educating their priveleged commmunity. Overall Lauralton Hall is a great shcool to go to, to prepare for college but not a diverse one.
The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy has grown me into a woman with tremendous leadership qualities. It has excellent teachers, a rigorous course selection, a multitude of extracurriculars, and a good sports program. There is truly something for everyone at the hall.
Lauralton was very challenging but I was able to get involved and make memories that will last a life time, with my best friends, actually my sisters, who will be with me at my wedding someday. Being apart of something so much bigger than yourself, a magical and inspirational sisterhood, has really helped me grow into who I am supposed to be. I could go on and on praising the academics, but the testimonies of friendship can truly only come from personal stories. At Lauralton, we rise together, and we fall together. You and your friends create a support system to help each other survive the rigorous academic experience. And when we graduated, there was nothing more rewarding than doing it besides the people who helped me get there. I am so proud to say I attended Lauralton, and that is why I am so passionate about advocating for it as an environment to spend four amazing years of your life. Empowering women for life, go LH.
Lauralton is a place where girls can be themselves and earn an amazing education. The staff is focused and driven on preparing their students for success. They prepare you to conquer the world, they allow you to explore your academic and extracurricular interests, and give you the tools you need to shine. I absolutely loved it and it prepared me for everything after I graduated!
Lauralton Hall has helped me thrive in many academic courses as well as prepared me for life out of High School. I have many great memories that I will always cherish throughout my life and would highly recommend this school. The teachers always encourage you to do your best and are always there to help you when needed.
I love transportation at Lauralton Hall. You can take the train there. It is so much fun taking the train to Lauralton
There are many clubs and activities to choose from at Lauralton Hall
I loved going to Lauralton Hall. I would choose the school again if I had to do it all over again.
I love all the teachers at Lauralton Hall. Keep up the great work
All the staff and students are great but the building is old and feels like something might break. A few students were burned our freshman year because of a faulty heater in one of the bathrooms.
A lot of the clubs dont't meet very frequently or fall apart but we have a club fair every september that promotes students joining clubs.
I am not religious so being forced to act Catholic was a little annoying. I enjoyed learning more about their beliefs but I would prefer a less religious school. When it comes to the academics, I wish there was more variety for the classes one can take, but I am happy with my experience.
Some of the teachers aren't that great but a select few are amazing. Two in particular really shaped me into the woman I am today.
The health and safety at this school are very good. There has been no type of bullying seen at this school as all of the students are very friendly. The nurse is always available to help assist in any situation. Across the campus are emergency buttons that you can press if at any time you feel unsafe. Overall, the health and safety at this school is outstanding.
Review Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Hall
There are many extracurricular opportunities at this school. There are a variety of clubs and organizations that students can join. Being apart of a club and or organization is a commitment however if you have another commitment you have to attend they are very understanding. The most popular clubs include Environmental, Art, Youth and Government, Spanish, French, and many more!
Overall, I had a great experience at Lauralton Hall and would definitely choose this school again if I could do it all over. Lauralton Hall is a college prep school that challenges their students to the highest academic state. The faculty and staff do everything they can to make sure each student succeeds. The students are friendly and always there when you need them the most. Also, the sports and school spirit is outstanding and full of so much energy. So many people come out and support one another and cheer each other on. All in all, I wouldn't choose any other school than Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall.
The teachers at Lauralton Hall are hard working and devote all of their time and effort to make sure all their students succeed. After school they will take the time even if they are not available to make sure their students understand the material.
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