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I graduated in 2017, and I deeply hated my experience at AOL. The teachers are not great, and the religion teachers will completely lie to push catholicism on you. The art program is a joke, although the art teacher Ms. Bird is the best the school has to offer. The school is ridiculously strict which led to me not enjoying my high school experience at all. It is ridiculously expensive including $6 socks you must wear. Overall, send your child anywhere else.
I learned a lot about myself, my faith, and my academics. If it were not for this school, I would not be the person I am today.
This school definitely helped me build up my character and figure out what I wanted to do in life. Its definitely what you make of it. The courses aren't too hard and your grades reflect your effort.
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All of the teachers were very ice and they had really cared about you. Being at this place really bought me joy and during the summer i just can not wait to go back.
It’s a sister school—we may sometimes argue like sisters, but in the end, we love each other like family. The teachers and staff want to see you succeed and help you in many ways, such as tutoring, providing college advisors, and many amazing programs to help. I️ would like to see a little less cliques in the school, but there is really nothing else I️ would want to change.
i love how close everyone is. the teachers share a close bond and interact with all the students. the friends you make in this high school will forever be in your life. they’re bonds that will never be broken!
Overall, the Academy of Our Lady has helped me narrow down what I want to do in life through their classes and outside world involvement
I have been attending the Academy of Our Lady for 3 years. Although I have my ups and downs, I can honestly say that this school upholds and abides by their mission of turning young girls into young women. Before coming to AOL, I did have an immature mindset and was not thinking about college as much as I did when I first set foot into this school. Because the Academy of Our Lady pushes me to become a better person academically, I have been accepted into three colleges (one of them being out of state). Also in my being here, I have been pushed to strengthen my relationship with God by participating in giving back to my community by working in places such as Second Harvest, Crossroads, ARC, etc. I would highly recommend this school to any girl with the willingness to push herself to become a better person academically and spiritually.
I like Academy of our Lady because of its majors. There are several different fields of careers to obtain your goals. They consist of Culinary Art, Health Science, Law, and Mass Media. Being a part of this environment helped me to set and a goal and take me all the way to the top.
My overall experience at Academy of Our Lady was great! I have made so many close friends and memories that will last me a lifetime! The faculty stayed the same overall throughout my 4 years which makes it easier.
I have been in attendance for the past four years and we have amazing culinary, theater, art and music programs! There are countless clubs and ways to be involved. I have enjoyed my time here.
My daughter has been going to AOL SINCE 8th grade. I see the difference in her. The structure they give these young ladies. Help them threw life and be on. Thank you.
AOL’s great. While people may have problems with some of the staff and some of the rules, I still think the school is good overall. Nice new building, lots of activities, amazing teachers, and good education.
I would highly recommend Academy of Our Lady. The school is very welcoming and has many opportunities for everyone. We have different programs that help you get started for college.
It has not provided me with a good education for the amount of tuition I am paying. It needs to better prepare us for the ACT and college.
I like all the different clubs the school has. The experience I had so far at Academy of Our Lady was pretty good. I would like the school to have different lunches.
Academy of Our Lady is a great high school. It provides many teachings and challenges so that you can learn how to overcome on your own. The best thing of the school is that it has good medical program for those who seeks to be in medical field and good law studies for those who seeks to be a lawyer.
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I like the overall classes and atmosphere. I like that they try to make things fun through spirit points and many pep rallies and court yard games. But I feel like sometimes we get too much homework or too many things all due the same day. The teachers seem to forget that the students' lives don't revolve around school.
What I like about Academy of our lady is amount of opportunities the school has, the sports and the health program. What I would change about it is the amount of diversity and more preparation for college.
Academy of OUr lady is a private Catholic high-school in New Orleans. I am an alumnus and attended AOL two years ago. I am grateful for the education the school taught me and the values instilled.I love how Academy of our Lady is education-focused, but I feel individualism should be enhanced. Therefore, being that its school's mission is based on Catholic values, one may not see eye to eye with certain rules. However, it will satify a kid's learning needs
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