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The school provides top academics while also focusing on developing well rounded students. STEM is integrated at every grade level. Students develop strong public speaking skills through various projects ranging from presentations, speaking at church, or reading to younger students. There is also a strong emphasis in community service.
Academy of Our Lady awarded me the opportunity to receive a great education. The small classroom size gave me the chances to receive one help from my teachers. I feel like the years going to Academy of Our Lady gave me a lot of knowledge about other people culture. Many time we would have culture week, where students of different nationalities would teach something about their culture. I believe that going to a school where academics came first made me ready for colllege. I know that the education receive will door to bright future.
I am an 8th grader at AoOL as of the 2016-2017 school year, and my experience has been fantastic. The staff is friendly and qualified, and they explain the material well and thoroughly. All the students at the school are very nice and bullying never occurs. Academy integrates technology into our curriculum, and we have made leaps and bounds in our technology program as a whole in the past few years. Our school does very well on standardized tests and we lead the Archdiocese of Newark in academics. If you are looking for a Catholic school in this area, Academy of Our Lady is the right choice for you. I have seen numerous cases of kids who were bullied at other schools coming here and finding that everyone is kind and welcoming. I truly love this school, and I am thankful for everything it has done to prepare me for high school and beyond.
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Bullying is not tolerated. School nurse is very accessible to students. Front door has camera and locked at all times, must be let in by main office staff.
Chess club, track and field, volleyball. Basketball
I love this school! Challenging academics in a nurturing, faith based environment where values and kindness are taught.
The teachers are very devoted to the students. Warm, kind, firm when needed. Perfect balance.
I am very thankful for everything that it did for me
I had a lot of opportunities and exposure especially since it was a small Catholic school
When I was there it was great very fair, however there has been a switch in administration so I cannot attest to it
The facilities are always well maintained and I always felt very safe there
Some of the teachers try extremely hard to make each and every student understand the material, others do not. Similar to any other school, the teachers vary in their teaching ability and effort towards the students.
The policies themselves are very fair but the administration who implements the rules and regulations are extremely unfair; meaning that they will discipline certain people but not others about the same rules and regulations.
Other kids as well as the faculty were not accepting of me being adopted and no one knew my father was a doctor, they thought I came from a poor household which is false because I came from a very financially stable household. Because I acted differently than everyone else, the school as listed me into their less prioritized group.
Anything the school had was the minimum; it was anything to show that the school was moving ahead but in reality it just had those few objects. For example, there were two Mac computers used for the yearbook club where there should have been more but, again, the school received and got the minimum.
There is an after-school day car and few clubs. Hours were rough for the average working household so many kid were not able to do extracurricular activities.
Classrooms are kept clean as well as bathrooms. Everything was done to the minimum, nothing was really done above and beyond what it could have been.
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