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The academy is a great institution for young girls. It has given me an opportunity to explore my interests and be involved in my community through leadership.
The elementary and middle school are a disaster. Bullying is rampant and the principal here is worse than useless. The academics here aren’t even as good as in Lowell public schools and discipline here is a joke. Kids cheat, steal and curse. Teachers don’t discipline. Administration doesn’t discipline. It’s all about fun field trips and fun activity days. Kids leaving here are not prepared for any area high school. People are leaving this school in busloads. Run. Do not go here. You can go to any public school for free and do better. You can go to any catholic school in Lowell for much less and do much better.
Overall Academy of Notre Dame was an amazing school and I attended this school since I was in kindergarten. Because of this, the Academy has always had a special place in my heart. Most of the teachers were amazing and they really care about all of their students being successful in their classes not just in terms of grades but in terms of overall knowledge gain. There were wonderful resources in each of the classrooms in order to aid the teachers into teaching concepts in innovative ways, which really helped me to learn. The only problem I had in this school is the food. I’m a vegetarian by birth. Therefore, on days where I couldn’t bring lunch, the only option was to eat at school. The lack of the school’s vegetarian options made me have to starve till I got home. The one thing that the academy could change is adding more diverse foods in the menu so it can cater to all students nutritional needs.
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The Academy of Notre Dame has taught me a lot of important life lessons. Although the academics are very challenging at times, the teachers, staff, faculty and other students have always been very generous and kind. Going to a smaller school has benefited me because it has allowed me to work closer with my peers and teachers. My teachers have pushed me and challenged me a lot, but in the end it has all paid off because it has prepared me for college very well.
I'm a student here at NDA and I want the expose how bad the clubs and extracurricular activities are here. Wait! There aren't extracurricular activities. Well, there are "some" but it's not like we students here have any time to do anything outside of school. My homework load on the weekend is a lot, so I don't have time to hang out with my friends and family. Even if I want to hang out with them on the weekends, I would have to stay up until 1am on Sunday trying to finish my homework. Another thing is that the clubs here are so unorganized. They would send us emails telling us that there is a meeting the day it's on. Some clubs overlap with one another, since it's only at lunch, so we can't even join many clubs, not like there are any choices anyway.
Some teachers at this high school are great, but some don’t care at all. One in particular doesn’t just not care—she actively works to torture her students. Recently, my child experienced an extremely concerning discussion with one of her teachers. As she was frequently stressed about a class, she asked for advice on how to better succeed in the class. What the teacher replied was shocking: That the teacher, as she and others were stressed, would purposely make quizzes/tests even MORE stressful and that she would continue doing this; everything would only get worse and worse. Another student, as she was sick on the day of a presentation of a project, got an automatic 80. Yet another student was forced to take a quiz in a room surrounded by noisy students despite having the flu and getting a nosebleed during the quiz. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE. The teachers simply don’t care.
As a student at the Academy of Notre Dame, I can say that there is nothing more I could have asked for in a high school. The Academy has provided me not only with an amazing education, but also the confidence to to put myself out there and an not be afraid to share my knowledge.
I attended both the elementary and high school for a total of 12 years. I couldn't have been placed in a better environment to thrive. The teachers, the staff, and the entire community is amazing. The small class sizes and the quality of the faculty make NDA what it is. When I went off to college I could see the difference and the edge that NDA gave me academically. Now, with my Ph.D. and a job in higher education I appreciate even more fully the exemplary education I received. The physical location also complements the curriculum, giving students a wonderful location to learn, play and grow. Take a visit and see NDA for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Overall, wonderful school. The academics are great and the work load prepares you for college. There is, however, room for improvement in the sports and club activity department.
This is the worst school you could send your children too! My kids were miserable while they attended here. The teachers do not know how to teach, and the students are always made to feel worse about themselves. Some of the teachers do not even have degrees in the field they are teaching. I have had to deal with crying children time after time do to the excessive homework. Also my children were not prepared when it came to knowing the material they needed to know for the SAT, the only way they would be is if they doubled up in math!The stress environment is ridiculous! I would not recommend sending your children here.
The environment here is horribly toxic for the young children and the teenage girls who go here. Bullying is left unaddressed and the behavior isn't limited to the kids.

For example: As a student at the high school, I was given a crack pipe (yes, a CRACK PIPE) by one of the teachers as a "gift" for my graduation. It was her way of telling me that in her opinion, I'd never make anything of myself, so "take this because you'll be using it eventually."

Someone who thinks that is an appropriate statement to make to a teenager has no business teaching children, yet these are the kind of teachers that tend to stay there the longest. The few good and supportive teachers that were there got very visibly forced out.

My time here left me with a lifetime battle against PTSD. Don't inflict this place on your kids. Country Day School, BG or Lawrence Academy are much better options for local private schools.
I love it here it is extremely competitive and pushes you to be a good student. The students are very diverse which I like a lot because I learn so much about different cultures.
I have gone to Academy of Notre Dame for four years now and I have loved it. There are so many opportunities at this school. The teachers are always willinging to help, and even come in early and stay after school to be available for the students. I have been able to take six science courses over my four years, two of them being AP courses. This school really does prepare you for college and the application process.
Level of commitment was good only because we were expected to be in multiple clubs, however, they were very biased in who was involved.
I really hated being there, however, I did end up going to a well known college so it did pay off.
Some of the teachers were great, however, many of them were intolerant and did the bare minimum.
There is usually very little bullying, however we have had issues with it as of late. The nurse is very nice and helpful, and the police station is right next door. The doors have security cameras, and people can only get in with the permission of reception.
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Extracurricular activities are so much fun, though they require a good deal of commitment and effort. It is worthwhile, however, as you gain close friends and accomplish great things. For example, the school's DI team (which I am on) is about to compete in a global competition, and we have already placed first at every competition we have been part of.
I learned so much, and I got a say in what I learned. The teachers were always so great about helping out, and I knew it was always okay to ask questions. I gained so many close friends, and I learned valuable skills, including time management and leadership skills.
Although it may be difficult at times, I have learned a great deal of useful and applicable information at this school, and I have made great friends.
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