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ND has already impressed both me and my family ever since coming this year. I came from a school that had limited academic option, and ND had been the opposite! The new STEM building and programs that are being implemented are quite impressive, and it shows how much they want to invest in STEM! They also put an emphasis on the arts. The laptops each student get are also extraordinarily helpful or keeping up to date. Freshmen have the most limited options in courses for their first years, but there are still many different courses you can take in language and math. All other classes have honors options, which you must test into or be recommended for. Coming to ND was the best choice of my life because it is a place where academics are extremely valued but are never put onto a student in a way that harms them. I have already grown so much and I am already dreading graduation!
Going to the Academy of Notre Dame has been one of the best experiences of my life! While the food may not be as great as it was five years ago, the community is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. My classmates are like sisters to me, and I can’t imagine leaving this amazing place!
Notre Dame has been a great place that has tailored to my learning and allows girls to do what they thrive best in. The teachers really go that extra mile to help their student!
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In the past three years, ND has gone through a lot of changes, some good some not. Sometimes it can feel more like a business than a school. It doesn't seem like the admin are making decisions with students in mind, they are only thinking about their wallets. Diversity is also something lacking at the school. The academics/teachers, however, are great! You'll like some teachers and classes more than others, but that is the same everywhere. What is different about ND is that you get the chance to build a strong connection with your teachers. They really want to see you succeed and will do everything they can to help you. The sports at ND are a lot of fun (I'm in 3) and I have always had a good time. Competitiveness and intensity varies depending on which sports you are interested in. For example, the field hockey team is a lot more intense and "clique-y" than the sailing team. There is also a major divide between the athletes (sometimes the whole school) and the arts students. 1/2
Incredible teachers who really care about their students. My time at Notre Dame has been incredible, my teachers challenged me to advocate for myself and work hard inside and outside of class. The entire student body is eager to learn and are happy to come to school each day since it is such a positive work environment.
a great school. the teachers are amazing and really care about your academic and personal life. and you'll care about the teachers too-I just want to get lunch with my religion teacher because she is the smartest person I know. they're all so accomplished and intellectual.
The kids seem happy and friendly. The curriculum is ho-hum. There’s no cutting edge thinking happening (particularly not in the science and technology classes). Many of the teachers are very nice. Grades are over-emphasized. The sports coaches are hit or miss. The new principal seems disengaged, she does not greet families or meet the students. You’ll never see her. The administration’s strong point is cashing tuition checks. It’s not a student focused administration. There is zero positive interaction with that part of the organization. There’s lots of fund raisers. The parents are welcoming. Anyone looking here should take a very detailed look at the actual curriculum and academic policies. It’s not like most other schools, and it’s not at all progressive in education.
The teachers are very caring. The curriculum is rigid and comprehensive. The campus is beautiful. The school setting is very much like a college campus. Love the school.
I like the diversity at my school. It is a smaller private university and they thrive on making sure that every student is successful. The athletic department works closely with the students to make sure they stay on top of their studies while actively participating in their sports activities.
The new administration has made the school go down hill. It had decreased in quality in my last few years attending ND. I really hoped that the school would improve with the new admin, but all that they care about is money, and not the quality of education and the wellbeing of students. I would think twice before sending your child here.
I thought the school was great!. All the student were very friendly and helpful when getting around campus.
I had the privilege to participate at a reception program on behalf of the students accepted at Notre Dame as freshmen. I was very impressed by professionalism shown by everyone. The current students were part of the welcome steam. They made you feel at home. They were so knowledgeable about every aspect of the school and they were genuinely friendly. The teachers and other department heads were very enthusiastic and made you feel so comfortable. I am so elated and feel privileged that my daughter will be part of this family, and I cannot wait to get her started.
A school with an infectious spirit and passionate student body with teachers willing to challenge and guide the students.
I love this school so much. The school spirit is infectious and my fellow classmates are so incredible. I look forward to coming to school every day! There are so many clubs and sports options for the students. The teachers are amazing and the classes are definitely preparing me for college. Essay writing is a piece of cake and math is super easy to understand thanks to the great teachers that we have. The environment is wonderful and I know that I'm 100% ready for college because of this school. The college, as well as the guidance counselors, are super helpful all throughout the college application process. This is the best high school in this area and I would definitely recommend this school to other families that I know.
There is a club for everyone at this school. Hard to find a club that you won't fit in with.
ND shaped me into the women I am today. Notre Dame has become a defining part of me that I will never let go. I have formed many special bonds with my ND sisters. This school is unlike any other. Everyone is so kind and school-spirited. I don't know where or who I would be if I did not come here.
The teachers at ND genuinely care for every one of their students and want to see them succeed. All teachers are available to meet after school without hesitation. Most of them even encourage coming in for extra help! All are friendly and knowledgeable. The teachers are friendly and like learning about their students and creating a bond between them.

Overall, the teachers at ND are A+ :)
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I love Notre Dame. I have the best friends and learn so much. The perfect balance of school work and fun!
My teachers are all pretty great. I get the sense that most of them care about their students and want them all to succeed. There's very few teachers I have issues with!
Notre Dame has a state of the art security system
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