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The Academy of Mount Saint Ursula is extremely inviting and has a homey feel. The faculty is very nice and make amazing connections with their students. We are not strangers, but sisters, all united together.
The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is a home to many. It’s is a place that focuses on arts academics and service. The teachers are always willing to help their students succeed. The moment u walk through those doors you feel how strong the sisterly bond is. If you want a school for your daughter this is it, AMSU really lives by its slogan “Four years to last a lifetime”
Academy of mount St Ursula is all about caring for each other and supporting each other through everything. The school is very welcoming and you feel like it’s your second family. You can build amazing friendship and good connections with teachers and the staff.
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School communication there is horrible. First I'm verbally told my daughter is accepted and then at the last min told different. Now my daughter has no school to go to. Thanks for nothing.
I have attended the at the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula since the fall of 2014. I feel that the staff is connected to the students, and they try at all costs in order to make students feel comfortable and educated. There are several tutoring options available afterschool, as well many clubs and activities to partake in. The Academy of Mt. St. Ursula says, "Four years to last a lifetime," and I believe this to be true. I have met many wonderful people in my time at this school that I plan to keep in contact with and education that will carry me through life.
Attending the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula has truly changed my life. The teachers were personal and helpful to any student in need and the in class work is challenging. It is a college prep school and everything I learned, from writing essays to professionalism, has assisted me in college.
I attended this school from 2010 to 2014 and while I was prepared for college, the staff and teachers were rude, and the curriculum is mediocre.
In my experience of Ursula as a student & an alum there has been a steady decline. AMSU will do the bare minimum to stand by your daughters, make them feel safe and included, and ensure equal treatment across the board. There is a shortage of integrity in their leaders. You can read this as one person’s experience, but remember that I have experience. Research thoroughly. There are better choices in the Bronx at lesser rates.
Here at the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula, peers stand united as sisters and create an ambitious atmosphere. There is truly no excuse as not to come across amazing opportunities that lead to more. The teachers motivate students with goals that they continue to strive for more. The student life is full of fun, activities, bonds, and community involvement. I highly recommend my school for any high school bound student, as they are sure to achieve great things and set a path to success.
My school is one of the best in the Bronx. It's in a good location. We go out for lunch and it's easy to make friends.
I liked the family atmosphere and feeling of safety here. The teachers are caring and help you to do well in of your classes and tutoring is helpful as well. Not difficult to make friends due to the close community and that it's a small school.
As a former student, I enjoyed the level of academics and preparation for college. However, I wish more AP's had been offered and an increase in available sport teams and artistic endeavors
I attended Ursula after my freshman year at another High school. It was a weird transition because I had left all my friends behind and had to start all over again and it was an all girls school. Something that I really wasn't used to. However, I met some awesome girls, three of which became my best friends, we still keep in touch. The teachers were outstanding, I learned a lot and they continued to encourage me even when my grades were slipping. At times, I have nostalgia about that place. I do miss it. But I will never forget Ursula.
My four years at AMSU really did prepare me for the college academic experience. I was also given so many opportunities to be involved, which really helped me look impressive on paper for the Universities I applied to. The faculty I had truly cared about the students, and most, taught me to stand up for what I believe in and make sure I apply myself in everything I do.
The Academy of Mount Saint Ursula is a school full of great academics and great diversity. You will always find yourself doing something productive. The teachers and administration help to make sure that your day at school is the best. It is truly a great four years and it lasts a lifetime.
The motto for my school, The Academy of Mount St. Ursula, is "Four years to last a life time". I completely agree with our motto and I am happy to say that my school has fulfilled that promise and made my last four years at the school some of the best years in my life. One thing that I enjoy most is the girls that I've met. These girls have the most liveliest souls and I am glad to call them my sisters. The Academy of Mount St. Ursula has essentially, created a second place for me that I could call home. The teachers have helped me so much throughout the last four years, and I don't know what I would have done without such great teachers. The memories I have created with my sisters and teachers are some I would never forget.
I have attended the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula for my whole four years of attending high school. Freshman year it was kind of rocky because I was adjusting into a brand new school. However in Sophomore and Junior year I have developed in my grades,schoolwork and as young lady. Ursula has enhanced me into a better women inside and out. The environment is amazing although it is only a private school for females.
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I am a current Junior at the Acadmy of Mt. St. Ursula and so far for the past 2 years I have been in the school I like it. Ursula is not that bad of a school my friends are like my sisters and we are all a big family. There are many nice teachers and many opportunities you can get from other students. So far, being in Ursula has given me a few problems, but it is still a really good school. We have lots of clubs and service and there is always emphasis on doing service for others which also opens many other opportunities. Sports wise we are not that strong but there is a lot of sportsmanship and support for each other. Overall, it isn't that bad and I will be proud to be an alumni of the school.
The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is a college preparatory school, this was a big plus. I enjoyed the school's atmosphere and extracurricular activities. The ceremonies were very enjoyable and so were the events. The teachers actually show interest in each individual student, showing a lot of care and compassion. If I could change anything about this school I don't believe I would, simply because it's best the way it is! 161 years to last a lifetime.
I attended AMSU in 2009 and it has entirely shaped me into the ethnical, diplomatic, hard working and education enthusiast I and all my friends are. It encouraged the girls to pave their own way and find their niche through countless clubs, volunteer opportunities, helping around the campus, sports and cultural engagement. It was the most amazing experience of my life
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