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As a high school junior, I know that there are a lot of teachers in this school that want to help you. I like that there are many programs and classes that help prepare for our future, no matter what the direction we want to go in. It is a good school, but not great. There are such issues involving organization and cleanliness, but the security is exceptional.
I liked most of the teachers and I made a lot of friends since I started in 6th grade and when I graduated 12th grade in June 2017 I made life long friends. I also had a chance to work there this summer and I'm looking forward to working there again next summer.
My experience at Academy of Medical Technology was good for the most part, because the teachers and staff were always helpful but the kids there were often rude and judgmental. I wish that the restrooms, cafeteria, and classrooms were more clean and I wish that there were more programs to keep students active.
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the schools have metal detectors. they also have school safety everywhere
the school offers a few things. They offer HOSA, St. Johns internship. National Honor Society, SADD, etc...
Im really enjoying this school. Im getting along with everyone and everyone is friendly.
The teachers are great. They will do what ever to help you understand and pass.
It's a typical high school.. it ain't the greatest but I learned to deal with it.. it's actually not a bad school
They do offer a few opportunities in the medical program but only a very few students are accepted . the teachers are okay but what we are taught and college readiness could be better .
theses policies are made to contain order , so they are very active and very reasonable.
from what I seen in this district , its a fine environment to learn and grow up together as family at school.
my overall experiences at the Academy of medical technology is that they really go by no child left behind. they focus on every student because they believe everyone has dream to become successful. it all starts as a goal and then making it into a reality by working hard for it.
This school is full sports that the students can participate in. The teams are very supportive towards each other.
The school is full of diverse cultures which make the school more interesting.
the teachers are very respectable adults and well civilized human beings.
I have participated in theses clubs and organizations for the fun of it and to know more people. its so much fun to be part of theses activities.
well from what I experienced , I been taken care of every time I payed a visit to the nurse.
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We have many diverse clubs and after school activities, from guitar classes to health clubs, and everything in between. Commitment to these clubs is high. Most of them are very beneficial for the student outside of school, such as the guitar classes. It teaches classical and Latin guitar and exposes kids to other forms of guitar playing as well. Every club is supported and approved by administration.
The teachers are great. They're knowledgeable, great leaders, and great friends. Outside of school they always lend helping hands. In school it's no different. Grading consistency is what they're known for. Sometimes it may seem unforgiving. We earn our grades, and rarely get the chance for extra credit. That's only if we're completely struggling. The overall quality and culture of the teachers is high.
The school offers many AP classes. The workload is a lot, but it prepares students for college and its intense workload. The teachers for the most part are very well versed in their subjects. Scheduling is based off of previously earned credits in middle school.
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