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Academy of Medical Technology - A College Board School Reviews

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There was a wide variety of clubs and organizations to get students involved outside of the classroom.
I've been in academy of medical technology since middle school. They have became family the new teachers and old one also the new principle at first it was getting us to the fact we getting a new principle but he has made us felt like his children and that goes for everyone else its really a great school.
My experience in this school was very good, I got to meet many people, was involved in different clubs, for example, the Guitar Club, Dance Club, and Muay Thai Club. It was a very fun a new experience. My academics were good, I was able to learn a lot and my teachers helped me improve as an individual.
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My experience at Academy of Medical Technology was something I never expected. I came from a strict middle school so in my mind I thought high school was going to be like that. But over the years I found out you can do anything that interests you at Academy of Medical Technology. For me I joined a lot of sports teams. I made a lot of friends on the soccer , softball and cheerleading team . The teachers there like to motivate and challenge you . There are a lot of advanced placement courses you can take . One thing they can change about the school is offer more medical classes because some students applied for this school thinking it was based on the medical field.
Attending this school prepared me to understand how hard college will be . I hope to see more math and science teachers .
I am a former student from AMT. I graduated in 2015. This school was good and it had some great opportunities like classes with college credit, volunteering at a nearby hospital and an amazing program called HOSA which stands for Health Occupations Students of America. Students can do all kinds of health related competitions nationwide through this program. The teachers were amazing. I visit every now and then and there have been improvements to the school for the better.
Students are respectful to each others. Teacher try their best to help students. Students are also creative and capable to have a bright future and having a big family.
The teachers at this school play favorites and push kids who actually need help to the side. There are very few people here who make your four years here worth while and it is sad to say I had discovered these people in my last few months here.
This is a very nice school that will help you learn and grow from it. There’s many opportunities at this school which can help prepare you for college and life. The teachers at this school are so interested in helping the students better themselves and educate them while doing it in a way that is entertaining.
Its like any other high school. Some faculty is more into there jobs than others. College advisor is decent.
As a high school junior, I know that there are a lot of teachers in this school that want to help you. I like that there are many programs and classes that help prepare for our future, no matter what the direction we want to go in. It is a good school, but not great. There are such issues involving organization and cleanliness, but the security is exceptional.
I liked most of the teachers and I made a lot of friends since I started in 6th grade and when I graduated 12th grade in June 2017 I made life long friends. I also had a chance to work there this summer and I'm looking forward to working there again next summer.
My experience at Academy of Medical Technology was good for the most part, because the teachers and staff were always helpful but the kids there were often rude and judgmental. I wish that the restrooms, cafeteria, and classrooms were more clean and I wish that there were more programs to keep students active.
the schools have metal detectors. they also have school safety everywhere
the school offers a few things. They offer HOSA, St. Johns internship. National Honor Society, SADD, etc...
Im really enjoying this school. Im getting along with everyone and everyone is friendly.
The teachers are great. They will do what ever to help you understand and pass.
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It's a typical high school.. it ain't the greatest but I learned to deal with it.. it's actually not a bad school
They do offer a few opportunities in the medical program but only a very few students are accepted . the teachers are okay but what we are taught and college readiness could be better .
theses policies are made to contain order , so they are very active and very reasonable.
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