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Academy of Medical Arts at Carson High School Reviews

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I liked the difficult workload and how that contributed to managing time wisely with extra curricular activities. I would have wanted to see a change in AP courses, for them to be much more rigorous and to have been given proper preparation for the exams.
AMA has helped me get ready for college. The work load is extensive because they are training us for the real world. The teachers and faculty are very caring and they are passionate about their job. The activities they have are unique and it is a small school so it's easy for someone to feel at home.
The teachers and staff are nice and are always helpful. The school is small so everybody in each grade level gets to know each other.
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The work is very challenging but there are many great teachers who strive to help students get better.
I went here for all 4 years of my high school career. Overall I liked the teachers and the time spent here. The teachers made an effort to expose us to unique opportunities , however the principal at the school failed to settle in for more than a year a lot of the time. Overall very enjoyable experiences
At the academy of medical arts they challenge us to be the best students around. Our academy has the best test scores on our campus. Although we are a little low on funds and resources, they make sure we get the best education possible. The faculty and staff are caring and spend extra time before and after school to make sure we get the extra help and support we need. They are all so caring and determined. At my school, we are know for our professionalism and wherever we go we leave an impact and everyone knows that we are there.
The Academy of Medical Arts at Carson High School is a very college academically focused school/academy. The classes are well focused academically and I believe that the teachers can help a student prepare for college very well. What I like to see changed is the resources used as some textbooks for different subjects/classes are outdated.
The Academy of Medical Arts at Carson High is a very diverse community that helps individuals to see their strengths and weaknesses. Lots of collaboration is involved as well as learning to apply ethics to academics.
The Academy of Medical Arts at Carson High School is known for its academics and volunteer opportunities. To do well, you must be diligent. High school was definitely a challenge for me because my personal life affected me turning in assignments, in-turn lowering my grades. The teachers taught courses well, offered tutoring often, and focused on preparing their students for college. The clubs and activities offered at the academy were organized, purposeful, and even enjoyable. Students and staff were almost always friendly and obtained good spirit. If I could do it all over again, I would in order to bring my grades and tell myself not to give up. I would like to change how much homework we are given. Students do have personal lives, are involved in sports/clubs/activities, and taking honors and AP courses at this academy. The teachers can sometimes overload us with work, possibly not realizing that we have homework from other classes as well.
I really enjoyed AMA with the variety of classes such as Sports medicine, AP classes, and Biotechnology. One thing I would like to change the fact that all events and projects are not organized and feels as if it was a last minute decision. But if you are there for four years then you are use to it.
My school is currently on probation for unknown reasons. We have teachers who are not qualified to teach AP level classes and there are plenty of budget deficits that are preventing students from learning to their full potential. In my period 2 Ceramics class, there are little to no resources for my class and a donation fund is being held but no one is donating. Parent involvement is not seen at the school.
Completely got us prepared for college! All academic levels lay on a Honors level and it helps with what we need to do with college. All students require to do a bunch of great academic work to help prepare for any exams that are coming up.
This is my third year attending The Academy of Medical Arts and it's been a good experience. The teachers at my school really push their students to do their best in everything they do and always set high expectations. Our school is a medial based school and what they can improve on is find more teachers to do more science based classes. But overall my experience is great and I really appreciate it.
My experience at this school has been more than I expected. This school has prepared and molded me as an individual. I would not be who I am today if it were not for my school and everything that I have learned from it. It has taught me to be confident in myself when I speak in front of others through many class presentations and projects. It has taught me to ask questions when I don't understand something. They have provided after school tutoring, even so that the teachers have a schedule for tutoring hours, which allowed me to ask questions when I was too shy to ask during class. It has taught me to become a responsible young women who knows what her priorities are. It has provided me with good company and friends who have the same interests and goals in life. I would choose this school again in a heartbeat if I could do it all over. In my opinion, I attend the best school.
The teachers at my school all have a different style in teaching but all get the job done effectively. I appreciate all my teachers and everything they have done for us so far in the beginning of this school year. Many of our really great teachers retired this year, but our teachers and our school staff have been putting in all their efforts to make this school year another memorable year.
AMA itself is okay but once the whole complex gets involved... That's when it gets bad.
Tutoring is available in their school and both lunch and nutrition and most people, if they need it, could get help from the teachers, as long as they made an appointment. Our school is rooted in couple of clubs such as HOSA and Facing History (Student Task Force ; Human's Rights Watch) and students are very actively involved with anything it requires.
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I probably will not choose to attend AMA again because it is a small school and you do not get the option to choose a schedule you really want ( because we don't have that many available classes and you are put under the pool the one and only counsellor made). There are three schools in carson complex and we do get rivalry with other schools and that's fun. Downside of 1complex is that the fire alarm goes off way too often because of pot smokers.
Academy of Medical Arts' (AMA) teachers are great. They care about their students and always tried to bring the best out of the students.
It's alright the only problem is that dome students sometimes smoke weed in the bathrooms without any security doing anything about most of the time.
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