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Academy of International Studies is a great school that truly helps their students out. Having all the teachers be bi-lingual is a plus in this neighborhood. Being part of this school is amazing because over the past four years we have seen some changes that are for the better. Everyone's top priority is the students. No matter what. Many of the teachers stay long hours to help their students when needed. There are times when a teacher has a full class after school.
The thing I like the most about AIS is that teachers are very supportive of their students, they do whatever they can to help the students and make them improve. Overall, it has a safe environment. It provides great college readiness. One thing I would like to change about AIS is the amount of opportunities to get involved, for students and parents.
As a student in the Academy of International Studies, I have the enormous opportunity to get involved in my future after high school. I really like how this academy reaches out to the students when they forget about certain significant events or deadlines concerning college, applications, FAFSA and so on so forth. Having bilingual teachers is very helpful especially in a very hispanic community. This is an advantage many students have due to their parents who are only able to speak and understand Spanish. I also really like how all the teachers have a very close relationship with their students and not just as students but as friends and individuals who seek help whether it is academic or personal life. I am grateful I am attending to this academy for many other reasons and through this interesting experience I was more motivated to take action in my future career and college life.
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This school is very different from other school. We focus more about Culture and have more diversity from Anglo, Hispanic & Russian. We are a trilingual school. Teachers can work with students and help them become successful, they are very understandable when it comes to family obstacles and things like that. My favorite sport is tennis and well it's a good sport to take away all your stress. We are known for being one of the best Soccer teams in our league we are considered to be ranked #1 our league.
There's about only 6 different types of foods, usually people get tired after a while of eating the same food. The fruit is very delicious, it's something that everyone enjoys eating and there's enough for everyone.
My school is as strict as any other school. We take bullying seriously and ore he types of harassment. There's council inch available for those who need it and when someone brakes any of the rules the consequences are by the book.
There are many students who participate in school sports but there's a lack of support from fans, meaning that when there are games, there's not as much school fans present as expected. But overall there equal opportunity and the coaches are great!
There are many sports to choose from, all the way from soccer to tennis. I was made to Varsity Tennis in my sophomore year and it was great! Our athletic teacher always encorage us in being part of a sport to represent our proud school. In addition there's many clubs which specify in different fields, some are tutoring programs, mentoring programs & other clubs that help those who are in need.
Teachers in this High School really care and motivate you. If a student has hardships, they tend to help anyway they can so that the student can be successful in school. There are many resources that they offer and programs for those who aren't yet 100% fluent in English. Overall the atmosphere is great. That's to all the teachers and staff I was able to accomplish my goal which was to graduate with an advance diploma (IB Diploma) and I became the valedictorian for my class of 2014.
The sports are really fun, like tennis, basketball, soccer and many others. The coaches are really nice and encourage players to do their best.
If a student is dressed inappropriately, they go to the office and their parents have a talk with the student and the principal.
Most of the teachers at Academy of International Studies, are willing to stay after school if they think a student needs help one on one.
The taste of the food, after being thawed, isn't that good. But there are always healthy alternative for everyone's need. From vegetarians, to meat lovers. The salad bar is filled with great goodies like salads, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes gelatin, ice cream and sweets. Cafeteria is big enough for two schools to be having linch at the same time. Lunch ladies are kind and generous.
With the addition of Windows 8 tablets, more students have the access to a device in which you can type a document, and surf the web for information. In my opinion, this is better because the laptops are slow, and lacking up-to-date features the tablets have. School building quality is great, clean and organized. No signs of damage, except the main school building, cause by a fire a couple of years ago.
In my school, there are Hispanic-Latinos, Whites, African Americans, Asians, and also a large amount of Russian Orthodox students. So far, everyone gets along with everyone. But the Woodburn High School is divided up into 4 smaller school, which limits interactions with the rest of the students at the campus.
The high school I am in has zero tolerance for people who bully, or do bad things to other students. As with personal safety, the school gets a 5/5. It's very good. According to other students based on the school nurse, she can handle even the worst scenarios. Currently there is a police in the campus, and so far he has done good things like taking care of the reckless student drives.
Throughout the school year, there is sports going on all around. From spring sports like Tennis, to Basketball, there is always something to be involved in. As with clubs, students from all the grades are eligible to be part of band or choir groups, with helpful instructors. There is also the Sierra Outings Club, that specializes with taking students out of town, and out to explore nature by doing a hike or a camping trip. If there is a club that specializes in helping the freshmen throughout their year, the Link Crew leaders are there to help them throughout. Clubs that aren't part of the school, but that are local on national are also welcomed at the school. Such clubs are the 4-H club and YAB. National Honor Society also has a group at the school, which is good to have.
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There is one nurse, but I've never had to visit.
I feel that many teachers want their students to excel.
Principal is highly involved and the small community makes sure that everyone knows everyone
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