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Academy of Innovative Technology High School Reviews

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I met very unique individuals at this school. I had some of the best years of my life at this school. Some things that can change is the food and not sharing the library with the other schools.
The school offered education that suited my career path when I go college. Nothing should change about the school, going there is a truly refreshing environment.
My experience at this high school was one of a kind. I was new to the country and I thought I would have a difficult time fitting in amongst the kids but to my surprise, the school's teachers and students are diverse. The teachers are knowledgeable and caring toward students and always ready to help. The academy provides many opportunities to expand a grow as an individual. there are plenty of sports, art, music and computer activities that help to mold students minds. I was extremely grateful to be awarded the valedictorian position for my graduation year.
What I would change about the school however is that there needs to be more safety precautions around to disable students from skipping classes and from bringing in inappropriate beverages for school time. There is a security system in place but it could be improved.
Review Academy of Innovative Technology High School
Many people describe highschool as hell usually but thats not how I would describe my time at AoIT. The teachers made my four years there pretty fun, they're very understanding people and know how to teach their material given that you're giving them the respect and attention they deserve. AoIT is a small school with a strong sense of community where the students, teachers and staff all look out for each other for the most part.
It's good but can be imporved
The resources are very helpful to you.
The teachers always help and make things enjoyable.
Good timing, schedule and teachers for clubs.
Few flaws, but it's great.
Not enforced, but most people exorcise.
Very fair and challenges are provided.
Everyone hangs around each other.
Many opportunities to seek aid.
Any problems, programs are provided for students.
Nothing is really enforced, but it's not needed.
Many athletic and fitness opportunities at this school, multiple fun trips every year to help people learn outside the class.
The school safety officers to a great job in making sure everything is going well within the school.
Review Academy of Innovative Technology High School
I learn alot while inside the classroom.
There is alot to do outside the classroom. Always.
Its a really good High School
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