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As a student walking the same halls for 4 years, I've experienced the many changes that this school has been through. It honestly has changed for the worse, but other than that my 4 years there have not been wasted.
I loved the fact that my college advisor gave me so many opportunities to receive scholarships and allowed me to get into the college of my dreams. I love allison scaglione and AOHT.
Academy of Hospitality and Tourism is one of the five schools in Erasmus Hall High School. Personally, I hated that school. I spent 4 years in that school, I couldn't wait to get up out of that school. The teachers there aren't that good especially one of my advisors. He was the worst . He caused me not to graduate with everyone else because of his silly mistake and caused me to go to summer school. But, eventually I didn't really have to go to summer school since I checked with the new principal about my transcript because I felt something was quite wrong. Eventually what I felt was true, I was suppose to graduate with my class because of his mistake he left me unhappy. But, the good news is I did get my diploma and I heard he got fired. Karma works everytime. Also, one thing I do like about my school is it have a lot of internships and job opportunities.
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Some teachers care and will go out of their way. While others just want you out of their way.
Here at Academy of Hospitality and Tourism we have a variety of career exploring experiences which helps us to gain interest in business and the hospitality industry. Also, there are culinary arts programs that allows you to learn how to cook and then you will be able to have a paid internship. These are great opportunities for students to identify their intersets and they are able to get ready for the future.
In this school I've had the best experiences when it come to sucess. All the teachers have encouraged me to continue doing well and to dream big. This is what makes this school unique because not every teacher puts so much effort into students education and sucess. Also, when I leave this school I would love to come back to tell others my sucess and how important my teachers effort was to me, because I believe that students sucess depends on teachers efforts.
The teachers at Academy of Hospitality and Tourism are constantly encouragin students to do better and become successful. Their grading depends on attendance, participation, quality of work, and how hard you try to improve. Their teaching style is a little flexible. They try as hard as possible to get new ideas to try to engage other students to advance. All the teacher in this school have a high interest on students behavior, on how to help them improv,e and how to build relationships with the students to be able to communicate and assimilate to the students perspectives about their schooling.
My experience at this school has been not bad so far , one of my achievement going at this school is passing all the state regents in my junior year , the reason why I wouldn't choose this school if I could do it all over again is because students doesn't get all the help they need to be successful .
The teachers at my school they don't give interesting classwork like work that will keep all the students engage.
I like this school, its very diverse in many ways, i love the atmosphere of certain teachers. My favorite experience would be the beautiful shows that this school outs on, theres always so much culture to watch. Its very different but also unique. I would choose his school again if i can start over, because i came feeling one way, which was why am i here, this school is known for being bad, and leaving out another way, which is this school was amazing and i learned alot from it.
This school is alright, its not all that of a good school
The most popular clubs are filled by students that are active in junior achievements programs, these clubs are: Food club, honor society and book club. Other clubs are present; art club, artery and table tennis. (Others are campus wide)
A staff as well as students are the foundations of a school. When each are obligated to work together to accomplish there desires they try there absolute best. Students take school trips as a way of getting a away from school work and activities, not knowing these trips is a learning experience , teachers may already say what it will be like, but when a child is already present and see how others look, seem, and present them selves, professional, they strive to be the same, or even better. A child/student who does better, feels better and makes a school much better, the best. This school builds character, and never pulls a child away from nothing less than education.
I was prepared for the real world in a way that I know what to expect, no the different challenges and changes I will encounter. I was prepared for all these critics through trips and Junior achievements programs, each taught me value, focus, and strategies to develop, and encourage me to make my voice be heard. I am prepared for college as my goals, wants and needs are no longer hard, but within reach.
Lunch is issued in an orderly fashion. Not everyone favour the lunch served, so 40% of the students go without. The food is healthy, but there is a small variety.
Students are well equipped in there school work as well as extra curricular activities. They are taught how to manage there time, and transition from one task to another. With learning they make it easier, giving the same work add other students but bringing it across in a fun way. Students are so much enrolled in what they are doing that they forget and some don't realize how much they have abolished, that they never taught they could. Learning is the best experience. Extra activities are also the same. Everything done is in team effort. What ever one person can do, a person can do it better, or at a paste that is equivalent to another. Everyone has a different way of doing things and each is welcomed. Fun, talent and fitness helps build each student present.
My school is Best known for its high competitive sportsmanship, and winning the 2013 PSAL Football Championship. Due to the great level of support each and every student provides for our athletes, they are able to have that great confidence, knowing we are by their side for all games.
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Within my school we have a lot of extracurricular activities where students learn, have fun, and work in harmony. From Student Government to all sorts of sports and New York care community service we had it all. But one particular Organization we loved about our school was the National Honor Society. This organization helped young folks like me, understand the importance of responsibility and leadership. Another great thing about NHS was that we were able to provide help to the Erasmus Church, and celebrate Christmas together like a family.
The deans make sure everyone gets to class on time and don't skip them for any reasons. If any form of physical or sexual contact is seen, there are very bad consequences such as suspension or sent to a transfer school. There isn't a dress code for the school, students wear casuals but the girls skirts or shorts can not be to short and the boys cant wear hats, hoodies, or bandanas.
I felt great after graduation and i felt very prepared for college because my guidance counselor told me about free college courses that were being held at New York City College of Technology and i filled out my application to do English and i got accepted to the course. It was a great experience and gave me a taste of how college courses would feel like. It helped and prepared me a lot.
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