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Great community and wonderful teachers! College prep school with many extra curricular activities to get involved.
Very kind, helpful teachers who go out of their way to work with students. Wonderful sense of community among students and faculty. Hardworking and diligent students. Food is great! Beautiful building.
I really like how the Academy of Holy Angels is a very inclusive community that strives to help students prepare for their future. I felt as though I have become a better student through the vigorous classes and have developed many important life skills.
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It prepared me for college, I was able to go to college and not be overwhelmed with a work load. While the academics are great, the diversity of the school is terrible and needs to get better.
I loved attending this school. The staff is super helpful to everyone and prepares you for college alot.
I go here now and I love it. Just not as diverse as many other schools and the culture can sometimes become toxic.
I could not be more happy about my choice to go to Holy Angels. I came from a public school, and was a bit nervous about the transition to a private school. It didn't end up being a problem at all as every one is super nice!
Academy of Holy Angels is a very academic-oriented school. They offer a variety of classes and prepare the students for college by offering multiple AP classes. The staff varies from involved to somewhat involved.
Very good academics, if you are in an advanced course. The arts are ok. Ceramics is taught by Mr. Nelson; a teacher that can truly teach, he manages to get an art piece or two out of even the least creative students. Good religious education.
Our daughter is very happy here. We all felt welcome and comfortable on each visit. Our daughter is a junior now and thriving in this safe, yet compelling environment. They work the kids very hard, but that is why the emerge prepared. We have a younger daughter that also plans to attend in another 16 months. I think the area of the school that convinced me, was the college and career center, that will insure that your child has the tools and the credentials to get into the school that they want to attend.
It was a solid high school, made great friends and had a good time. As someone who attended this catholic high school as a non-catholic, I would not recommend this school to someone who is not at least interested in Catholicism. These are the main focused views of the school and in my opinion are a pushed on students a little to hard
I think this school is a good school for your kids to go to. The community is welcoming, and the teachers really care about each student succeeding in life. The class work is not overwhelming, but it pushes you to be better than you have ever been before.
The community at Holy Angels is incredibly welcoming to students of all backgrounds. It is a college preparatory school and each class provides the tools a student would need in a college atmosphere. My experience has been academically enriching and I believe the teachers truly care for their students at Holy Angels.
Teachers are caring, helpful, available, dedicated and passionate.
Holy Angels has a very strong sense of community. The AHA Way lives true: Help others and yourself to succeed, honor the absent, communicate you matter and be part of the solution.
As far as what could be better, I would say offer more levels of classes, for example honors in addition to AP.
My experience with Holy Angels is a positive experience. They have helped me realize that the things you want in life aren't just given to you and that you can't slack off and expect great results.
There are many issues with admin to student connection and communication. Teachers tend to "lose" assignments. Many teachers really care about their job and their students and want to help them.
As an Alumni of the Academy of Holy Angels I can say that the institution lacks in the aspects of student freedom and choices when it comes to classes and how they personally would like to learn as the curriculum is extremely rigid and doesn't account for the different learning methods each student has. Although it does have a rigorous amount of workload that sets the pace of college as higher than the actual level which ensures the preparedness of all students. Most of teachers are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to support their struggling students and the college and career center is top of the line.
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Academy of Holy Angels has an absolutely beautiful building and is filled with rich history. However, there academics are not what I expected and I feel that all they care about is sports and money. The teachers do not have any control over their students whatsoever. In fact, yesterday in one of the classes the substitute that was hired allowed the students to flip their desks over and use them as imaginary boats while the rest of the students hollered and lounged around. The environment of the students is awful. Majority of them are conceited and unfriendly. The social life is just awful and I do not enjoy it here. The only things I comment on is the buliding itself, the history, and the arts department. I do mean to offend anyone, but this is my opinion. I do not reccomend this academy at all.
I've enjoyed my time at Holy Angel's. It is a very liberal school, and you are instantly shut down if you have opposite views. Teachers are just okay, for this much money the teachers could be a lot better.
Holy Angels a very athletic school while still maintaining many high rigor AP courses which push students towards their career, college, and future. The teachers are also behind them to help them if they need it. They are also extremely flexible on when to help you. Overall, it's a great school.
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