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My experience with Holy Angels is a positive experience. They have helped me realize that the things you want in life aren't just given to you and that you can't slack off and expect great results.
There are many issues with admin to student connection and communication. Teachers tend to "lose" assignments. Many teachers really care about their job and their students and want to help them.
As an Alumni of the Academy of Holy Angels I can say that the institution lacks in the aspects of student freedom and choices when it comes to classes and how they personally would like to learn as the curriculum is extremely rigid and doesn't account for the different learning methods each student has. Although it does have a rigorous amount of workload that sets the pace of college as higher than the actual level which ensures the preparedness of all students. Most of teachers are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to support their struggling students and the college and career center is top of the line.
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Academy of Holy Angels has an absolutely beautiful building and is filled with rich history. However, there academics are not what I expected and I feel that all they care about is sports and money. The teachers do not have any control over their students whatsoever. In fact, yesterday in one of the classes the substitute that was hired allowed the students to flip their desks over and use them as imaginary boats while the rest of the students hollered and lounged around. The environment of the students is awful. Majority of them are conceited and unfriendly. The social life is just awful and I do not enjoy it here. The only things I comment on is the buliding itself, the history, and the arts department. I do mean to offend anyone, but this is my opinion. I do not reccomend this academy at all.
I've enjoyed my time at Holy Angel's. It is a very liberal school, and you are instantly shut down if you have opposite views. Teachers are just okay, for this much money the teachers could be a lot better.
Holy Angels a very athletic school while still maintaining many high rigor AP courses which push students towards their career, college, and future. The teachers are also behind them to help them if they need it. They are also extremely flexible on when to help you. Overall, it's a great school.
Fantastic teachers who open the minds of the students and work with them to be their best. The teachers are creative, forward-thinking and educate the students mind and spirit.
Variety of options and plenty of sports to choose
Unique community feel and high expectations
Teachers here are extremely helpful and friendly.
There are sooooo many Extracurriculars, and basically all students take part in some kind of club or group.
Overall Holy Angels is such a welcoming place. Everybody has a place at AHA. With a numerous number of clubs and teams, everyone can get involved. At Holy Angels it's cool to be smart, a football player, and be in the musical. We are a overall wonderful community and a great place to go to school.
The teachers at Holy Angels are engaging, kind, and very helpful. Most try their best to make the class interesting and relatable. Holy Angels does have a few bad apples, but the majority of teachers care about their students and will do a lot to help them.
By my senior year, I have grown to love the school and the community that surrounds it. Even though it may be religious, my views are always respected.
The teachers come in early and stay late to make sure that they are available to students. There is a range of teaching styles for all learners.
The school is very easy to navigate. The college prep is out of this world because of the College and Career Center.
The nurse is fabulous and the Students Assisting Students group helps with the mental health of the whole student population.
Review Academy of Holy Angels
Very lenient on uniforms and will inform you when you're breaking a rule instead of flat-out punishment.
I participated in so many extracurriculars and it was a great way to meet kids you normally wouldn't talk to during your normal school day.
They'll let pretty much anyone in if they have enough to pay for tuition.
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