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The experience overall was great, there were a lot of opportunities to challenge yourself as a student as well as get some work experience before being considered a real professional.
It's a small school and has at least 600 students located on the fourth floor. Teachers here are amazing and offer many opportunities bigger schools can't offer like 1 on 1 time with work or help with college applications.
I am very pleased with the academics, the teachers and the administration is making effort to keep the kids safe. The only problem seems to be that there is no neutral facility.
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The Academy of Finance does an amazing job making sure that it's students are college ready. The administration is full of loving and caring staff who truly care about the students. The only negative about AOFE is the lack of clubs, there may be only 4 clubs.
I am currently a senior at AOFE. My freshman year, I greatly despised being a student there. However, over the years my feelings have greatly changed. It is a small, close knit, family-type community that I look forward to going to every school day. In a few months I'm graduating, moving forward from the place I least expected to help in the development of my character. I am very grateful to be apart of the AOFE family.
I liked it because it was a small school in just one floor, so everybody knew each other. The teachers knew the students and were able to give specific feedback to each students. The food in the other hand was awful. It was always pizza with or burger which is unhealthy, even though I was happy at that time with lunch but it not healthy for teenagers.
After Hurricane María hit PR I had to travel to NY and I transferred to AOFE. It was one of the greatest experiences, the staff was very understanding and helpful in every way. This school is one of the best in my opinion.
I would like to see an addition of more fun clubs such as dance, home ec, or drama. However, I like how positive we are on college preparation in order to secure our futures.
My experience at Academy of Finance and Enterprise has been great , I am able communicate with many teachers and students to learn new things that will prepare me for college and for test that I have taken. I have also had the chance communicate with teacher about how I'm doing in classes and they help me to get more prepared. A thing I would change is being more organized with students schedule and letting students be involved with classes that help them get to where the career want to go into after college.
I would give it a 5 star because the teachers are very dedicated to their students. Also , the students have many opportunities going to this school learning in business and getting internships.
Academy of Finance and Enterprise is a great school for students who are interested in business and communication. They help with college readiness and improving on presentation & networking skills.
what I like about this school is that they prepare everyone for college and they make sure that everybody stays on track. Also, they encourage the students to be well- oriented and excel in presentations. What I wish to be changed in this school is that I hope they add more clubs for students so that they can use their skills further and explore themselves.
Academy of finance and enterprise is a very involved school they want to make sure you know what will happen in the future they want to prepare you for whatever it is to come they explain all processes needed in order to be successful in the future
The past 4 years as student of AOFE truly changed my life. I got into the school not knowing how it will changed my perspective of the world. They had so man opportunities that helped me make decisions regarding the college I want to go and potential careers. They had several programs to help me understand what I want with the future. They provided me with travel experience where I visited several other states due to the work I provided for them. It is a school where you will surely be rewarded if you work hard and motivate you to do even better in the future.
The Academy of Finance & Enterprise is a very small school that is expanding more throughout the years. What I like about this school is it provides business classes that help to prepare you for the future and gain knowledge of different aspects in the business world. Since there isn’t much space to provide extracurricular activities, it is hard to get into the clubs and sports that are provided. Overall, this school has helped me gain all the credits I need to graduate, pass all my exams, and have people to trust and talk to if anything ever occurs.
Best high school I ever entered. Gets you ready for college. If you wanna pursued business as a career in future. Then this high school is your fit and is right for you.
Very helpful staff! The teachers, staff and counselors care a lot about the students well-being. College readiness and academical success is widely encouraged. Counselors and teachers work very hard to inform the students of academical opportunities. The environment is very safe. The school community is very understanding and helpful.
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This school is very diverse and you can tell that all the staff really cares about you. The teachers are also very passionate about teaching and use many resources to make teaching more efficient. Additionally, since the school is very small, everyone knows each other and the classes are very small. Chances are you'll get the same teacher twice of three times. Lastly, the school is very clean.
Honestly it’s an average school unfortunately doesn’t provide much support for average students only for students above excellence. Fails in providing mental health support by the guidance counselors, as well as motivating others to do better. Since it is a uniform school days when there is a dress down (no uniform) they charge from 5-10 dollars so financially they’re constantly asking for money. I think the leading administrators should improve their connection with the students not what’s best in just making the school look good .
It was a one floor school which in the beginning was a downside but eventually it became not so bad. Teachers had a good attention on you and you felt safe as well. Classes were not over crowded.
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