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What I like about my school is that everyone is well connected and moves together smoothly. We all know and care about each other, we’ve all got each other’s backs. We’re very close like a family and that’s what makes me so comfortable attending that school.
It is a small school with exceptional teachers, teachers know and understand each student personally. They always encourage students to take part in various extra curricular activities to build our resumes. Most students have at least 2 internships before they graduate.
Teachers are always trying to help you with homework and essays to send to college. One thing i would like academy of finance to do is charge less on the events that take place.
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The Academy of Finance and Enterprises is a very good Highschool. This school prepares you for college and is great for anyone pursuing a degree in the business field. Mos and Nocti certificates are available to you, as well as, college now classes. These are very good factors for college.
The teachers in this school are great. They help you understand everything and learn your learning styles to make sure they are able to teach each and every student throughout the year.
I love this Highschool because it has prepared me for college and I feel like I am a professional.
The Academy of Finance and Enterprise stresses College Readiness. As a one floor school there is a great sense of community.
The place is very good the staff and teachers are friendly they will always help you and used a lot of materials the teachers get themselves in order to try and make sure you learn. If I could change anything it would be that the school is rather small, the facilities are often a bit broken for example water fountains, lockers, certain items and computers don't work sometimes.
I am a senior at this High School and I can say I have had the most amazing experience. The teaching staff is very professional and do really care about my success. I could count on any teacher for help if I needed it. The supporting administration staff is equally attentive and available for any information or help you may need. I received step by step support in preparing and applying for colleges. They made the process go smoothly and I could have done it without the help of my college advisor.
Best time of your life if you do not sweat the small things. It is a relatively small school with around 400 students. This means that everyone knows everyone, the teachers remember you and treat you differently based on how they know you. This is great as when the time for college recommendations come about, they know your best skill sets and how to make them stand out. The administration takes bullying or ill behaviors towards students very seriously. Likewise, if a teacher is wrong and is in an argument with a teacher, sides are not picked and what is right, is right. Overall, it is a smooth sail if you don't cause any trouble and will have fun while receiving an education.
I really appreciate the amount of time and effort teachers devote to students. It's incredible! In addition, it's very challenging and staff pushes students to their greatest potential.
I like the fact that my high school offers a wide variety of Business and AP courses to prepare us for college and the real world environment. For example, Entrepreneurship taught me how to create my own business, and Computer Applications made me MOS certified.
Academy of Finance and Enterprise includes a wide range of courses that give students the opportunity participate how the business world may be like. To experience at a college level, as well as the real-world, while connecting with some of the biggest firms which educates students what business may be like.
My experience from 9th grade thought 12th grade has been amazing. AOFE is a great school that has all kinds of opportunities and activities that keeps all the students active. Also the teachers are very helpful and supportive. They are always ready to help you in whatever matter you need help in.
I enjoy very much this school. It is a small school but yet a relationship is created with every student in some type of way. Friends are kept, you become friends with teachers very easily and a vivid environment surrounds every student. personally I wouldn't change the school because the way the school is, has turned me into the young lady I am today.
Before I graduated I knew I made the right decision in to transferring from my old school to Academy of Finance and Enterprise.
The teachers in AOFE is really good and supportable.
It is best to meet and make friends in AOFE. Also, it is normal if you have a crush on someone and having a crush is fun! As you get older a bit, you might get your first bf/gf...So better ask them out ASAP!
This school is one of the safest high schools in Queens and if you have a problem, you should/must report it immediately to discuss the conflict/problem you are having.
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This school provides very little extracurricular activities and I wish there is more.
It was a great to interact with my friends, peers and teachers.
I really enjoyed this high school since I was a Freshman in AOFE. I love to interact with my friends, peers and teachers. I had experienced having a crush for about 3 and a half years and I really had great time with everybody in AOFE!
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