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The school is absolutely amazing, it offers a new world to students that was completely out of reach before. All of the teachers are beyond recognition as they address every student at the level they need.
Great school, with fantastic staff. Students get to go outside each day and explore the schools backyard. I would definitely recommend going to this school!
Over all this school was a blast to be at because it was different from normal high schools. I like that there aren't many students that go there and you get to know everyone. We got to go on the river a lot also as well as the teachers knowing how to make teaching fun. The only thing that disappointed me was two of the teachers who are thankfully gone now.
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there aren't too many extra-curricular activities for the school. they have a fishing club. that is it. and a tutoring hour on tuesday and thursday
I would go to this school again because of the size of the school and how caring everyone is. Once you go there you become part of a big family at the academy. the class time is one the things that make this school unique and location.
The teachers in this school genuinely care about the students. we have two hours and forty five minutes to learn a chapter and to get our work done. the teachers teach the subject like it was a part of their life and then give the students around forty five minutes to get the homework done and the teachers help when there is a distressed student. by the end of the day we were almost experts on the subject we learned that day
The Academy of Environmental Science has given me the best education I could receive, as well as provided me with material I can use as I move on into the real world. The staff here are very dedicated to their jobs, and provide the students with the best of their abilities. The school focuses on the Environment, which is what this world truly needs, at this time. We all have been able to learn from personal experience, through the various hands on lessons that have been given to us. This school is great for preparing students for the real world, and the workforce.
At the Academy, you either bring your own lunch, or order a lunch from a nearby school, that is delivered every day. So whatever the nearest high school is serving, you will have the option to eat.
The Academy of Environmental Science is known for it's zero tolerance policy, and the lack of subordinate behavior in the school. Due to the small population, and the quality of the character of the students that attend here, there are little to no behavioral disturbances, and there has never been any fights. Because of this, there is no need for punishments like detention, and various suspensions. With that said, the policies provided from the school are equivalent to most, and are typically obeyed.
Considering this is a school dedicated to Environmental Science, the students here are much more focused on the environment, and academics. The population typically is involved with academic teams, fishing teams,kayaking, rowing and canoeing.
The few teachers that we do have, provide us with knowledge that is useful to us in the workforce, as well as in real life. The teachers care for each of the students, with kindness and respect. They provide us with the best of their abilities to teach, and are completely devoted to the subjects that they teach. They teach us with the best methods possible, which include various hands on activities, and they also try to incorporate technology as much as possible.
I believe my school offers the best in education, as well as academic extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities provided by the Academy of Environmental Science, go hand in hand with the material that we focus so much on, during class: Environmental and Outdoor Sciences.
There are good teachers and there are ok teachers.
There are many kids from all over the community that attend this school.
The school itself is very small, but it is located on the water and provides all the students with canoes to go out and do experiments during class.
They have a lot to work on. Since it's a small school of 90 students, they do not take it too seriously.
Because our school is a charter school we do not have any sport teams. Our school also has a ton of differing school system kids so we all route for different teams.
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although this school does not have your typical sports teams, what it does offer is so much better. Here the kids go boating and kayaking and take nature walks in outdoor ed class. the children have loads of fun while learning about the enviorment and ways to preserve and respect it.
The Academy of Environmental Science has a zero tolerance for bullying or fighting. While being at this school I have not seen or heard of any bullying in the school or from outside the school, nor have I seen or heard of a fight. Like any other school we practice drills on safety procedures and I am confident that I would know what to do in case of an emergency, were as in other schools it is not always apparent. We do have an offsite officer and nurse in case of emergencies but we do not have any on school campus.
The teachers at my school are all very kind and care for their students. The only stupid questions are the ones not asked. They all teach multiple subjects including the principle and all of them love their jobs. This school teaches you hand on ways of leaning. Many experiments and labs are done here. What better way to learn how Spanish bayonet looks then the feel the pick of it and the numbing feeling afterwards. The teachers go above and beyond what any normal teacher is expected to do and will give up their own lunch times to help a student in need. They are some of the best teachers I have ever had.
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