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Academy of Environmental & Social Policy at Roosevelt High Reviews

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I loved this school so much. Everyone here is so understanding and helps you go to college. The school had a family like enviroment where everyone was being helped and loved. The teachers were extremely helpful and provided classes for us to understand what we needed to learn.
ESP Magent High School is a small school located inside Lincoln High School. Teachers and students know each other's names due to having a small environment. And students get enough attention from teachers because classes are small.
Great high school! The teachers are very welcoming, kind, and caring. ESP feels like a second home, it also feels like a big family.
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My experience at the Academy of Environmental and Social Policy high school has been overall a great experience. Although I wasn't a student for 4 years, my experience here, my senior year, has made me feel as if I was here the whole time. My last school was sadly shut down, because of that I was given the opportunity to choose any school and with that I am entirely sure that I made the right decision. Yes, this school is small like mine, but everyone here has made me feel at home, I felt as if I was part of a family again which is something I really looked forward too. I obtain so much support not only from teachers but from my peers as well, I definitely don't regret my decision.
ESP offers a variety of clubs for example: Roots and shoots, GSA, student empowerment, engineering club, music club and art club. Each club allows students to used their creativity and are encourages them to use their ideas to help the community.
What makes this school unique is the teachers, they create a safe environment for the students and one that is family like. ESP doesn't have many students and teachers are able to give that one on one attention on students. The teachers and the students are able to have close relations that are form through the activities we have in school.
The teachers in ESP are teachers who want to see their students succeed and feel accomplished by the time they graduate. If a teacher encounters a student struggling in class they try their best to understand why the student isn't succeeding in class. They taking in consideration Personal problems and psychological reasons like depression.
This school has taught me how to grow into an independent women. It has given me the support from my teachers and peers. We are a family here, this small school is amazing. only private schools can offer this small space. I'm glad to stay that there is still one public school making a difference of the everyday life in young teens life's. This school has given me a second opportunity when no one else believed in me. ESP is my home, i can trust the teachers with about anything. If i would redo high school, I'd never go to any other high school here in Boyle Heights. My last four years here have been the best, along with my friends
The best group of teachers that I have ever been taught by.
As a magnet we recieve many resources, from the district,that we utilize.
We are a small school inside a big school which means that if we want to do a sport we must do sports within the big school we are in.
All the teachers help you, if you need after school tutoring they are there for you and your friends. if there is some thing that is affecting a student the teachers get together to help that one student succeed.
Several extra curricular activities are offered in our school. A good handful of students participate in these events.
Teachers are have a good knowledge and have flexible hours for students. The work is relatively easy and doable, although it can get difficult for some classes.
Students that are late are immediately sent to detention the same day. Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
The food is mostly tasteless and unappealing. There are no alternatives to choose from.
Student participation is great, students are eager to join in school held activities. We do have a variety of athletics to choose from, however, the school spirit isn't that great.
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There is few to no bullying at my school. We do have 2-3 securities around the campus. I think the school is safe, there has rarely been a fight
Students are involved and participate in activities. Sexual orientation has not been an issue. Some teachers and some students are gay/bi abd are not treated unfairly.
The food is unappealing and i choose not to eat it. It feels to me as if it's the cheapest food from the menu as a whole. There aren't options to choose from. Most of the time, we are not given juice.
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